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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Friday. 10.13.06 3:23 pm
ALL I wanna do is add 'what i'm reading' on here. That's it!!

I'm beyond confused but won't rest until this is accomplished.
It's giving me a migrane.

*frustrated face*

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Online Journal Whore
Friday. 10.13.06 9:31 am
5. This little journal right here - makes 5 journals that I now currently have in my possesion. 4 online and 1 written one (though it's almost full and I need another one soon~ish). My life is really boring - how I manage to fill up 5 journals with stuff about me is inconcievable. Honestly. Anyway, It's a few minuets before class - I should be fine to write a little bit more. So this is nutang huh? hmmmm, I've heard about it. We'll see how it goes.


So last night at work I cut myself. I don't know how, I just all of a sudden realized my arm really hurt and when I looked down I was bleeding. I asked a manager for a band-aid (because heaven forbid I get salt in it) and went along my merry. I took off the band-aid this morning. Apperently they're not to be worn overnight. Clearly when you wear them for extended periods of time they attach themselves violently to the hair on your arm. Now, I like to imagine that I don't have a alot of arm hair - but I'll admit that what I do have is dark. So, (this is where it gets funny) I pulled off the band-aid, looked down and now (I swear...) I have 2 little bald spots surrounding my cut (which I think is infected) and it just looks retarded. Ah, the joys of my life.

So on the one hand the weather has been absolutely LOVELY. For me, it's perfect fall. Of course I've grown up in South Texas and am used to triple digit weather. Today for the first time this year I'm going to wear a sweater. It makes me all shades of happy. Honestly.

Alright. Now for the usual 'school' paragraph - I mean why not? Right? Right.
Argh, I'm doing ~ish in school when I need to be doing 'kickass'. No, really. Things aren't going well. I'm on probation and if I don't kick it into high gear NOW, then that's it. Mom and Dad will want me to move home and in all honesty that is a)NOT going to happen b) will cause HUGE drama c)It's gonna be rough. *sigh* I guess it could be worse. I mean it is my own little hole that i've dug, so If it comes down to it i'll lie in it. But the semester is only halfway over and there's still time to make up for any mistakes I've made.

Alright, Gotta go to class - yay for Shakespeare! Boo for it at 9 am! :)

Love and Laughter Always.

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Friday. 10.13.06 2:01 am
so....here I am.

What now?

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