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the beatles.
Wednesday. 9.9.09 9:53 am
so the beatles rock band game comes out today. we are going to james' house (i think that's the right usage of the apostrophe) so we can rock out all night. i'm pumped.

if your haven't checked out the game, visit their website, here.

it's not really a link, i tricked your ass.

if you care enough, you'll google it. more on the game tomorrow, perhaps.

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Thursday. 9.3.09 12:43 pm
so i have a four day weekend coming up. who knew, people get off on labor day. i decided to take an extra day because i'm going to visit the atlantic ocean, and hopefully not dislocate my shoulder again. did i ever tell any of you about that?

last year while body surfing i accidentally tumbled in a wave, which is normally fine, but i happened to smack my arm into the ground with my elbow locked, which made my shoulder yell "shit!"

i went to the ambulance, where they couldn't give me pain meds because they couldn't find a vein for an i.v. line. great. i also got charged nearly 200 dollars for a 7 mile ambulance ride, and another 300 dollars for the doctor to pop my shoulder back into place.

so if you could that along with my skiing accident, then you would know i have two bad shoulders now. did i ever tell any of you about that?

a few years ago i was skiing with my dad, and for whatever reason we decided it be best if we go down a steep intermediate course. now, i suck at skiing as it is, so this was obviously not a good idea. i accidentally went over a small ramp of snow, hopped into the air, got turned sideways, and bent my arm behind my back the wrong way. yeah. i moved a little bit because i was scared, and my arm popped out of the socket. i also (for whatever reason) decided it be best to move again, and it popped back in. mel gibson lethal weapon style, but not as cool.

i also fell on some ice the year before last, and redislocated that same one.

so anyways, i have two bad shoulders. what was i talking about again? (scrolls up)

oh yeah, so i'm going to take a trip to the beach this weekend, and hopefully it will be the sweetest.

also, the beatles rock band game comes out on wednesday, so i will be busy playing that game the rest of my life. cheers.

currently listening to: one last kiss by madina lake

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Wednesday. 9.2.09 10:05 am
is it wrong if i just want to take the rest of the day off, go home, and play hours of assassin's creed?

yes, i'm a few years late on that game. but it's awesome. i heard mixed reviews, so i didn't end up getting it until it was available on xbox live's games on demand.

if you want to know what i'll be doing right after i get off work, i'll be on my couch, killing templars during the crusades.

peace homies.

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Sunday. 8.30.09 11:43 pm
virgin mobile free fest.

first of all, it's an entirely free admission concert. you have to either be lucky as hell to get the tickets, or do some community service. i was lucky as hell. my friend got two tickets, and i was the one that got to go with her!

band line-up (at least the ones i knew): taking back sunday, jet, the bravery, weezer, blink 182.

i was a bit disappointed with taking back sunday, as they were playing a bunch of new songs, and i wasn't even aware they came out with a cd that was newer than louder now. we left about halfway through.

i didn't see jet. i instead walked around. i regret nothing.

the bravery was surprisingly righteous. i am definitely investing in their cd, and i will invest in their new one when it comes out in november.

weezer was unbelievable. they are just so good live. they played some classics (my name is jonas, say it ain't so, buddy holly, sweater song) as well as some newbies that i barely cared for, but their performance was not on a chain. in fact it was off the chain. they even opened with war pigs, and closed with should i stay or should i go.

blink 182 goes without saying. they were hilarious, and fantastic. it's as if they never split up. they played more songs from their self-titled album than i would've liked, but it's their choice. plus, they still played some good'ns (dammit, all the small things feelin' this) and topped it off with some really awesome ones (anthem part 2, reckless abandon, josie, carousel, not now, stay together for the kids).

needless to say, it was an exciting day. my love for blink has returned, and it's here to stay. huzzah!

currently listening to: jack-o-lantern man by the bravery

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Thursday. 8.27.09 9:30 am
anyone else watch dexter? if you don't, then you are severely missing out.

...no, not dexter's laboratory. dexter is a show about a forensic scientist that works for the miami police department. he is also a serial killer. but, he kills bad guys.

season 3 just came out on dvd, and i believe season 4 starts next month. if you haven't watched the show, immediately go out and buy the first three seasons, blindly. or, if you have netflix, the first two seasons are in the instant queue.

do it. DO it.

i haven't seen all of season 3 yet, but i am in the process of watching it. so far, so f'in' good.

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Tuesday. 8.25.09 2:20 pm
so today one of my coworkers asked me to get them some soup from the hot food bar at the grocery store across the street. they gave me three dollars. so i went and got the soup, and when i got to the cashier, it was interesting that the container of soup totaled exactly three dollars. that was pretty strange.

for the first time, my bank has requested that every branch in every region in every state fill a quota for checking accounts. it's all part of this big promo where you can get some cash for opening an account. we normally open 17 checking accounts a month, and we are the busiest branch in the whole company. now, we are being asked to open 31 a month. are they NUTS?

people these days hate bankers, and think that they are getting all of their money. well let's get something straight: i'm not a high roller. i'm not one of those dumbass CEOs that decides that they will take a bajillion dollar bonus this year because they are special. if people are already skewed about banks, and bankers, then how do they expect us to double productivity?

a tumbleweed might as well waltz by my office door. this place has been dead for months. we're screwed.

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