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Tuesday. 10.10.06 11:33 pm
Wow...tonight, I feel beat. I wonder if it's because it's so cold outside...or maybe it's this baby. All I really want to do is bundle up in a blanket and be warm. I think I might just do that in front of the TV and watch some news or something.

Tonight was $.35 wings night again...so we went to eat more wings. My friend had a beer (oh how I envy her...but my turn will be soon) and I ate some wings this time. The UFC fight was on (Ken Shamrock vs. Something Ortiz...I honestly don't remember his name) and Ken Shamrock got his ass handed to him. I think the whole fight lasted about 2 minutes or something...big waste of time. The hockey was on...and the baseball game...so it was boring after that.

But anyway...rather than drag this on any longer than it has to be...I'll leave you with this interesting news story I found:

Will Adhesive Bandages Become a Thing of the Past?

Researchers at MIT and Hong Kong University have developed a biodegradable liquid that could eventually replace adhesive bandages as treatment for wounds. When the liquid, composed of protein fragments called peptides, is applied to an open wound, the peptides self-assemble into a gel that seals the wound and stops bleeding. Eventually, the gel breaks down into amino acids that can be used by surrounding cells for tissue repair.

To be honest...this would be so awesome! I hate bandaids...and I wouldn't mind using this :) Might as well see all of the wound rather than covering it up...hehe

Oh, check this link out...it's not for the weak at heart (it's body modification)...ONCE AGAIN, if you do not like gross things, I wouldn't look because there is a really icky picture...


Don't say I didn't warn you about it...the finished product was sort of cool, but I wouldn't do that to get the final product.

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Tuesday. 10.10.06 7:34 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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It's Tuesday!
Tuesday. 10.10.06 9:36 am
I have my weekly count down going. Only 4 more days (including today) of suffering and I'll have a wonderful weekend :)

They kept telling us snow for the Bronco game last night...well, there was no snow. Then they changed it snow down along the front range this morning...said it could be 2 to 3 inches on our lawns...whatever. I woke up, and it was still raining like it was last night. Big surprise! We'll see what they have to say tonight about the "snow" we're going to get. They said that yesterday was the anniversary of the first snow last year and that it was a coincidence that it was snowing again on the same day...to be honest, I don't remember it snowing last year this early...lol...we can just see how observant I am.

Oh well...it's my semi-slow day at work, but that doesn't mean I don't have TONS to do here, unfortunately. At lunch, I should go get a tank of gas. I'm so happy that gas prices are slowly falling...I'm gonna say in the next month or so, I hope the gas prices to be down around $2.00 :) At this point in time, they're around $2.25 a gallon, so I know it's coming!

I've got this week to sit through...and then parts of next week and I'm off to Seattle! Yay! I leave Thursday the 19th and I don't get back until the 23rd. I'm looking forward to seeing my family again...I miss them lots, so I think my anticipation for this trip is a lot more than it would be for any other kind of trip. It'll just be nice to be around people who support the fact that I'm pregnant and are willing to be there for me :) Not that I don't have people who are glad that I'm pregnant out here in Denver, it's just that my family is more supportive about it...and all of them know about it, so it's like I don't have to try and hide it or be embarassed about like I feel I have to be out here sometimes.

Well, I suppose it's time I go get my morning cup of hot cocoa and start my day. I have to finish my healthy breakfast of Runts though...hehe...I hope my baby does not have a sweet tooth :(

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Monday, October 9, 2006
I went to freakin' Target at lunch today to get a fan to put on my desk (because it's a blazing inferno in this office building...and I know it's just because I'm pregnant)...and I bought an mp3 CD player (because I have an mp3 CD that I want to play and I can't do it in my computer)...well, the damn thing doesn't work!

I tried it 4 of 5 times and the stupid piece of shit doesn't work...grr...

I spent $30.00 on something that doesn't work!!!! That pisses me off big time...I'm gonna go return it at some point and get my damn money back, but honest to God...WTF is up with that?

I suppose I could just find my stupid cable to my iPod or make Brian put all that stuff on my iPod, but I was too lazy...and I ended up wasting money in the meantime.


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Monday Monday
Monday. 10.9.06 9:52 am
It was a wonderful start off to a probably crappy week (I don't know yet...nothing's happened)...It was all rainy and crappy this morning. We gets weeks of no precipitation and then it starts to be all misty and whatnot this morning. They're talking about snow flurries today, but I don't think it's gonna get that cold. My friend Melissa was like "Woo...snow for the Bronco game tonight" but I honestly don't think it's gonna get that cold. I bundled up expecting my hands to be freezing off this morning and I didn't even need to put them in my pockets. Said it was 37 degrees...but it sure didn't feel like it.

I went and bought $20 worth of candy yesterday for a variety for everyone and I was like, well...yum...I'll get to eat a lot of it too, BUT, the one candy I sort of wanted to eat (the Butterfinger Crisps), I ate one this morning and it didn't taste very good to me. Damn baby making my food taste bad!!! SO, I dumped that entire bag into the goody bucket...I got some sour and tropical things too, so maybe those will be better...and, of course, Hershey's Hugs (my all time favorite)...I don't think those will ever taste bad. Sadly, I also brought a bag of red seedless grapes and those sound more apetizing than the 10 pounds of candy I brought to work...haha

But, after work...gonna sit around for about an hour (I would imagine) and wait for my friend to get home from work (it's her first day at her big Interior Design firm job as an actual Interior Designer) and then I'm gonna go over to her house and we're going to watch the Bronco's game. Hopefully with it being all drizzly and crap (and cold like she says), we'll have a good chance. I mean, they're playing at Invesco Field at Mile High, so it's our home turf...

After that, I'll be home...hehe...doing the whole lot of nothing that I usually do in the evening.

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Sunday. 10.8.06 11:34 pm
I like to peruse websites with strange things on them, and I came across this news article:

SALEM, N.H. — A dog trying to get a box of doughnuts is being blamed for starting a New Hampshire house fire.

Fire officials believe the black lab was home alone and trying to grab the box from atop a toaster oven, accidentally turning the oven on. That set the box on fire, and the flames spread through the kitchen and the front of the home.

The dog died, but no one else was hurt.

Aww...that's sort of sad. Would that dog have been considered smart, or dumb?

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if you're afraid of heights...
Sunday. 10.8.06 12:38 am
this elevator is NOT FOR YOU!


This would creep me out if I saw it in person...lol

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Saturday Morning
Saturday. 10.7.06 10:51 am
It would have been nice to sleep in this morning, but things didn't work out that way. Oh well...just lots of things on my mind that even when I got up, I still could not resolve...lol (don't you hate that).

Anyway, I snapped this lovely picture on the way out the door yesterday before work. I loved how the sky looked and all that:

It's like you can never catch the sky looking like that unless it's in the morning...when the sun is setting, it's out behind the mountains and you don't get as many cool colors in the sky (in my opinion).

Today, I have to run to target and make some halloween goodie bags for 2 random people at work. Someone made one for me, so I get to return the favor to 2 different people. If only they did something that didn't cost any money...do they not know that I'm a poor person barely making enough money for food? I guess not...but yeah...while we're at Target, I wanted to make Brian look at some of the stuff that I put on the baby registry and see if there's anything else that we might be able to add that's in the store that I didn't put on my list from doing it online. I'm not too worried about getting clothes because I guess my aunt got 2 big garbage bags full of clothes from my cousin...so I think I'll probably have a lot of clothes. I guess she says that they're not all things I would be able to use right away, but anything is still better than nothing, in my opinion.

Then, at some point today, I have to go meet the lady from my work at her house. She's giving me all sorts of baby furniture (i.e. crib, playpen, jumper, etc.) that I don't have that I could really use...lol...I love having friends/family that has had babies...less stuff for me to bust my butt on!

Other than that...it shall be boring today. Brian's leaving at like 3 to do something with his friend, so I'll be alone in the evening...alone with my thoughts. Haha...that's every night...are you kidding me.

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