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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
@ el dorado park
Sunday. 8.13.06 4:43 pm
the usual sunday... going to church and all that. I wanted to ask though...is it ok for a catholic to attend a christian service? i'm still really weirded out about this whole thing since being new here in this weird land, we have no idea where to go atend catholic mass so we had to go to church with the people we're living with. And they're not catholics. so there. is it some kind of sin or something?

So anyway, during the service i knew the whole name of the "love of my life" hehehe *check private entry hehe...i am so hoping he doesn't have a Nutang account! whoooooooo :sweating:

He's still shorter than me. Bullfrogs.

In the afternoon, we went to El Dorado Park...someone was having a bday...idk who...forgot...ate food...got sand in bum... saw ******* ==>>the 11-yr-old cutie...hahaha

SHET. Mom's such an asshole. Friggin killjoy. Telling me to stop blogging. Hell. Ever since i taught you how to use YM, u never stopped using the computer. To hell witcha. NOw, i remember why i wanted os much to take a job. To get my mind off ya and ur stupid big friggin mouth.

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Keeping It Real: The Movie
Saturday. 8.12.06 8:00 pm

had fun with flickr toys...hehe

and discovered a site ==>> MINORCRISIS
+can upload images and music (wma capable)

+am now a technorati newbie :D Technorati Profile

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sentimental, Sandman, the love of my life
Saturday. 8.12.06 10:42 am
mood: sentimental

damn... i'm missin my friends again... kinda lonely here in canada, u know... with me being new and having "little kids" as friends... *sigh*

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missin u sooo much guyz... come back to me! huhuhuhu

yeah today got no work. muscles are crying for mercy. heart's beating for new cellphone. "new cellphone! new cellphone!". *sigh*

shit, i need my daily dose of cocaine.

heya! been upd8ing my website @ tripod. it's a free acount since i'm not really such a hardcore webbie person. just want something of my own. hehe check it out and tell me whatchu think. if it stinks, pls tell me. hehe then um ah my sandman page isn't done yet. so there. ;p



Spent the last 30 mins in the toilet. Groaning and contorting my facial muscles in a hundred ways unimaginable, as i try to (*^#*$^@^@ [this part suddenly cut off due to reasons unknown to man]. Then as i flush the T, i found myself singing, "Itsy bitsy spider came out the water spout..."

For lack of better things to do, I blog. Like crazy.


the afternoon:

Today i met the love of my life + matthew + but he's shorter than me. like an inch.

Wtf. bad luck or karma for hitting on an 11-yr-old? Another boy, another story...:)

yeah...omg he's so gwapo! as in uber hott with a double T! ;p :drool: I have no idea how old he is. but i don't friggin care! especisally since he looks like a cross between tom cruise and cogie domingo! hahahaha ;p

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work and yaoi and everything in between
Friday. 8.11.06 6:53 pm
<mood: uber-weirded out, DYING, and a bit elated at the thought of money and kissing boys
b>watching: kissing jrockers

sooo today. my 2nd day. is the most tiring day i;ve had! and this is just like the 2nd day! awwww... my poor hands and knees...my poor body... *groan* if my fukkin sis hadn't somehow "destroyed" my phone usb i could've inserted a pic of me groaning here. but no. she had to go destroy it. grr. get back to it later. anweiz... good news for today though! UNigistix raised my salary to $9.50/hr! wheee at least something good happened. fart. and i had to be touching all those beautiful samsung a640's and lg3300's. shyet. and do i get a free phone? no. so there.

sooo nweiz as i was surfin the net for stuff for my blog (nutang) and my webbie. I came across this ==>> Miyavi and Daigo Stardust: supposedly famous jrock people. Not really a fan of Jrock coz i couldn't understand it. But i'm a fan of yaoi! wheeeee and this is defnitely yaoi. Okay fine. Something milder than yaoi. For those who don't understand what the hell yaoi means, it's japanese for boy-to-boy action!

And if you don't like BOYxBOY action, i suggest u leave this part unread before u screw me for polluting ur oh-so-pure mind. Now, shoo!

And for those who stayed...

and this one's of miyavi and his guitarist...

and this one's daigo and his guitarist with a little of the kiss he shared w/ miyavi...


will i get kicked out for posting this entry? please don't. FREEDOM!!!

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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