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Sunday. 8.21.05 9:21 am
Yesterday was the company picnic for the San Diego County Department of Child Support Services. My mom, dad and myself all are employed by the county, so we were all pretty much invited to go. This year it was staged at Rohr park off of Sweetwater Road behind the Bonita Golf Course. There were loads of people present. My parents and I didn't actually show up until past 12, but the actual picnic started at 11. Parking was a pain, and it was hot. I was hungry the entire time I was there, but I didn't want to munch on junk food, especially after reading Fast Food Nation.

I eventually had a hamburger with absolutely no condiments, then I walked around a small proximity of the park just to make time go by faster. While I was walking, I hadn't realized that my car keys must have fell off, and by the time I got back to the picnic, I was worried. When my family did leave, I asked if we could go back to the house before heading out anywhere else to see if I had just forgotten them inside the house or in one of the cars.

No such luck.

So after much debate, we all went back to the park, hoping someone had found them and turned them in. As luck would have it, they had found my keys and even announced it 5 times. Whew. That was most def. a relief.

Afterwards, we went to Plaza Bonita, my parents ate, I just sat by myself in the corner next to American Eagle playing Prince of Persia on my mobile, then, when I couldn't take it anymore, called up Michael and asked him to pick me up. I was severely irritated at the weather, and how my parents do not turn on their mobile phones. I mean really, what's the purpose of having one if you don't even turn it on?

Eventually, Michael and I met up with two other friends to eat at Soup Plantation in Mira Mesa. I wish they had one closer to where I live, because what they serve over there is too good. Yum.

After eating, we went over to Toys R' Us to kill some more time and then after getting kicked out we loitered in front of a place called American General. I don't know, so don't ask.

It was a real interesting day. Really.

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Friday. 8.19.05 10:43 am
I just stuffed myself silly with salad. I've been doing my best to make healthy choices for healthy living since I weighed myself at one of those GNC scales and saw the results. It made my heart hurt. So since then [which was around April or May, I'm not sure] I've been making wiser choices when it came to what I ate, drank and whatnot. I've been supplementing myself with Animal Cuts, NO2 [as of late last week], and Muscle Milk before working out/going to bed. I think that stack works out very very well. On another note, college resumes again come Monday. Reduced hours at work, but at least I'm getting my learn on. 15.5 units to be exact. And what's even better is that one of the classes don't resume until November. So that gives me plenty of time to focus on my other classes. San Diego weather has been pretty comfortable for the most part. A little chilly in the morning, then the sun and heat starts to pick up by early afternoon. It's actually quite refreshing. Now it's time to get back to work.

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