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What a day...
Friday. 6.15.07 11:26 pm
First of all, I couldn't get into the 'Tang ALL DAY! TT.TT I was lonely...
**Yeah, no smartass comments about that, a'ite? No 'wow, i should get a life.' or whatnot. **

I want to make it a rule, or at least consider this: NuTang down=pay a visit to NuChat! That way we're still in contact somehow... PArtay!

Mmm...just had dinner. Got tired and too hungry to wait so I grabbed my keys, jacket, ipod, and phone. Ran down to the supermarket (seriously, it's not around the corner--right under my building!) and grabbed a pack of tortellini outta the freezer. Made a nice sauce of tomato, soy sauce, and garlic (simple, not bad--all I had in the fridge anyway XD). Scooped half into porcelain bowl and poured the little sauce over it. Feeling nice 'n full now. ^-^

*sigh* I've got a crick in my neck. Ouch. Oh, and dress rehearsal is tomorrow. Then, performance on Sunday. Whoppee.

<---the devil angel. yeah, that's me.

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Thursday. 6.14.07 3:29 pm
--First off: Yes, I know, it's hard to read. Deal with it. Hah! XD It's because the 'Tang doesn't allow one entries per page. Haven't figured out that hack yet. ;D So put up with it until I find a solution or...whatever.

I have a Kinko's card now. ;) I haven't used my printer in...ay, it's been years. I finally hooked it up again and tried it out again last year, but it's still wasn't working. *shurg* So I've gone without for quite a while. Anyways, why are all the Kinko's cards so run down? I want a nice and new card! Instead the machine said "out of cards" and the guy gave me this scratched up old thang. *blowfish cheeks*

But! I now have a place to print things whenever I want. ^-^ though I'm not happy about the $.30/min price...>.> Grr.

I had called the guy over the phone last minute before I went over to make sure of the prices/the card, whatever. [Black&White= $.49 and Color=$.99] You know what? When I printed it out, everything was black 'n white. Including my picture. 0.o Ah, too bad.

So...I'm thirsty. Anybody got a nice recipe for a nice drink? NO alcohol! NO margaritas, vodka, eh. Shirley Temple? I wish. But I don't got the ingredients...*sigh* I'm thiiiiirsty! >.<

Yleeeck. *cough* Later.

p.s. Should I make a new layout? Hmm...what about...

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Rain, rain, go away~
Tuesday. 6.12.07 3:09 pm
Whoo. It's raining like crazy outside--out of nowhere, too! It was all nice and sunny a while ago. >.> Grrr. Now I have to call my mom and make sure she has an umbrella or tell her to borrow one, whatever. *sigh* I'm hungry! >.<

---Lang Lang---

For those of you wondering who he is, here are a few articles about him:
The New Yorker --this is the better article

NPR --you can listen to his a few of his pieces here

According to the program of Sunday's concert, he records exclusively for Deutsche Grammophon--the same company of The Beatle's first album, Polydor Records, as well as work by Helene Grimaud and Elvis.

Here's another piece about him being a UNICEF ambassador:
Not much new in there, though, just saying he's an ambassador.

See if I can get tickets at Lincoln Center...if I ever have time or permission...I mean, it's right next door! Bah. >.>

He's really funny. XD

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A normal Sunday...
Sunday. 6.10.07 11:14 pm
NOT! I'll bet you saw that coming. It's is NOT a normal Sunday, because I saw my aunts today + a cousin.

We went to eat: Japanese BBQ! Whoo! But before that, my aunt and I went to LangLang's concert in Times Square. Then, we went shopping in the little time we had left before the reservation at the resturant. The plans for the day had been lunch, shopping, dinner (a first for me, a day in that order I mean=whole day for shopping), but it changed for LangLang. ^-^

He's nice guy. A wonderful pianist who's charming and has a sense of humor. THe guy's funny. ;D

Anyway, we bought two pairs of shoes. a grey/red pair of sneaks and a black cloth shoe-pair--it has crossbones on the side. XD Not exactly the most inventive, creative, I'll admit. But you can still do things to it, spruce it up, make it bet-tah. Don't really know what I'll do with it yet, but I do know it's my fav. so far. ;) My first pair of printed shoes. XD Hahahahaha!

Ah, gotta go. As always, yours very truely,

p.s. My skin problem-thingy is still here. >.> Yleck. *air-spit* XP

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Saturday. 6.9.07 10:43 pm
*sigh* I've had a long day. *stretch* Crack! Crack! Hear that? My neck. *nod* And my toes. ^-^

Anyway, next Sat? Dress rehearsal. Sun.? Performance! Gah. Eh, I'll see what I can do to show you guys some...Mm, who knows?

Not in the mood for more. Too tired.
Later! *wave*

p.s. Re-watched some bits of Phantom. Didn't really want to at first cuz I didn't like the ending. Wanna read the book--by Loroeux, right? Something like that. Christine is a wuss. Phantom all the way! Eh...>.> Night.

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Funny thing about the body...
Wednesday. 6.6.07 11:00 pm
Anyone know what kind of bodily mechanism turns your own skin...bitter and absolutely repulsive, taste-wise? I think it's a self-defense in a sort of way against dehydration, because everytime my tongue touches it--my lips, for example--my mouth fills with saliva. To rid my tongue of the taste, of course, and I wondered if that was a way to keep my mouth wet.

I haven't been drinking enough liquid lately so my mouth has been quite dry. WHich in return left my lips chapped and peeling. So that brings me to my involuntary move to lick my lips, thus, me finding out that I was revolted by my own skin.

Eleeeack! Ptoooi! At least that's what I wanted to do, to gag, but I didn't because I knew, I had realized immediately that it may just be in my own head, 'the taste just in my own mouth'. And it is, because I tried it out on other areas of my own skin, such as my knuckle, finger, palm, and back fo the hand. Same taste, same quick swallow to make it disappear.

Well, well. I wonder when it'll go away...Ta-ta!

p.s. Oh, I forgot to mention. I just finished watching The Phantom of the Opera. ^-^ DVD. Awesome, I love this stuff.

Plugs: Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

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Monday. 6.4.07 11:22 pm
"Omg, I'm seventeen. OMG, I'M SEVENTEEN! I'm getting old!" Yes, that last sentence was a joke. But seriously...

OMG, I'm friggin' seventeen! I can't wait to watch a good movie...>.> For the first time in who knows how long. =P

Wasn't a good day though.
1. The day started dim and wet. Rain pitter-pattering everywhere
2. The bathroom I went to had a broken toilet seat.

...I hurt. You know what my mom said? 'Everyone hurts!' Not true, CZ doesn't hurt. 'It's not that bad at all!' She said it during our family dinner tonight. My oldest cousin (they're all over ten years older than me) and I exchanged looks. Yeah, right!

Anyway, that was pretty much my day. Oh, wait! My friend called me about an hour or two ago to wish me a happy birthday. ^-^ Only friend to remember so far, but whatever! It made me happy. ;)

Night-night, all!

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ACS: Starvation!
Sunday. 6.3.07 10:29 am
My birthday's tomorrow. 0.0 Whoa.

Anyway! I woke up this morning and my mom wasn't home. Hmm. What a rare occurence. I thought she'd maybe gone for breakfast or something. I finally called her about 15 min. ago and guess what? She's all the way downtown at a park in Chinatown--learning gung-fu from an old man. ^-^ How wonderful. She didn't even think to call me up and bring me, too. What am I, chopped liver?

Me: Bring some food home, too.
She: No.
Me: What? I don't need to eat?
She: Nope.
Me: >.>

I look forward to starving my days. You have fun!

--BIrthday Countdown!
1. kKaMa67
2. Kuri-chan!
3. Dad...
4. CZ
5. Aunt #6!

Mother? Zero. =P

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