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[Oh Happy Day!]
10/08/2006 20:14
mood: Happy!
listening to: My parents laughing at what's on TV
watching: My laptop to see if Norton has *FINALLY* finished installing...

Ah! Today is a happy day indeed!!!

Today, I have finally finished translating Help!! Chapter 1! Yes!!! =DDD It's finally done with =D and I'm pretty certain the SnS Scanlation group are pretty relieved of that too ^_^;; Ah, it was 40 something pages... -died- I spent a good 5 hours on it I expect =3 but at least I've finally finished translating it!

Now I can get to work on Prime Minister chapter 6 and Konbini chapter 3. To be honest, I'm trying to slack off PM for as long as possible x_x

<-- doesn't want to translate 4 pages of author babble at the end >_<

I was pleasantly surprised when the author panel in Help!! chapter 1 was not only rather short, but also quite interesting and very easy to translate =D (well, apart from when the writing was absolutely microscopic and I couldn't see it ¬_¬)

Another reason why today is a happy day indeedy, is because today is Tanya's 16th birthday!!! Yay! =D Happy birthday, Tantan!!! =D

<-- going to celebrate with her tomorrow ^_^

Yet another reason why today is a such a happy day, is because Killie-Poohs proposed to me on SnS (Not sure if he'd like this hidden or what =3) <333333 Yay!!!! XDDDDDDD I'm still wondering the original reason he rejected me though o_O

*Another* reason today is such a happy day is because I'm getting broadband on my lappy!!! YAY!!!!! <33333 I'm installing Norton AntiVirus software right now, but it's heck annoying cos it's so bleeding slow ;_; I've already waited an hour for it to finish scanning, and guess what, it finished scanning at half-six-seven-ish or so, and it is now 8:44 pm and it *still* hasn't finished x_x;

Anyways, that aside, I have just joined a bunch of fanlistings! =D Yay!
->Takano Kyouhei fan!
->IchiRuki fan!
->MakotoIto fan!

and of course, I am also a YTTLJ (Yi Tian Tu Long Ji) fan!!! <3333 Zhang Wu Ji x Zhao Min all the way!!! XDDD

So all in all, Kuri is in a very, very good mood today! ^_^ Yay! =D



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[Kuri wa Baka desu...]
09/08/2006 22:40
-Sigh- Now that I have calmed down a little from my uber-weird mood, I realise how sulky and childish I sound in my previous entry. =/

Alright, I've decided, I won't come online tomorrow until I've finished Help!! chapter 1, since Sylphie's already finished chapter two, I feel rather bad for holding them up from continuing because I haven't finished it yet. >_<

Well, that gives me an opportunity to get it out of the way anyways.

Then straight after that, I'm going on to Konbini translations all the way.

Oh! And it's Tanya's 16th tomorrow too! YAY! A joyous occasion it shall be, when I get Help!! over and done with (and maybe Konbini chp 3), and Tanya's bday too ^_^

And hopefully, Teddy will make me a sub-domain on twilight-melody.org at last, too ^_^

Omw... Tealy-Kun has just told me to check my chatbox (on my personal site)... o_O;; omw... did Killie-Poohs really write that or did someone pretend to be him?!?!?!?!?!!

<-- Now in a majorly happy mood *_*

And a pretty picture of the beautiful Sakura Kinomoto to end upon:



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09/08/2006 15:34
mood: Annoyed
listening to: Host Club ep
watching: Ouran Host Club

You know, I checked yesterday at the scanlations group "staff" lists. Even though I work for In2K2 and SnS Scanlations and... well, supposedly Maboroshi (or something... whichever's doing Sugar Pot), and I'm not on the staff list of any one of them.

The only list I'm on, is MFY. That's quite disappointing, actually, since MFY is the last group I joined, and yet it's the first and only group that has put me on their staff list.

That's why I've now decided: I will not drop Konbini. Nope, no way. In fact, Konbini is now my priority project. Cos fact is, I work for a group, I expect to be given credit.

The other groups might say "but we haven't released a chapter of anything you've translated yet". Well, neither have MFY, but they were kind enough to put my name up.

So yeah, MFY all the way <333 ^_^

It's a shame they don't have a forum... =/

Anyways, now that I'm not dropping Konbini, well, since I technically haven't started Sugar Pot yet, then I'm still only doing 3 projects (Konbini, which I should be finishing soon cos it's only 1 volume, BwN and Prime Minister) after I finish Help!!, which works for me ^_^

Ah, to Sylphie: yeah... I'm being a bad, bad translator right now, but Help!! isn't my priority project anymore. I was busy before, but now that I can translate a little more, I'll only be working on Help!! after I finish Konbini chp 3, cos I actually care about those deadlines now, so there's no use bringing out that whip on me...

Also, I really don't see what's wrong with doing a tagged thing. It bothers me that Sylphie, who I was actually counting on to do the tag thing cos I thought "Hey, she's my twin, she'll do it, right?" actually turned around on me and went and joined a 'gangsta boycott' against it, and then has the nerve to tell me to hurry up on translating.

I'm not exactly gonnna do it if I'm not exactly happy, am I?

Eeled, I don't think has seen the tag yet, and I half-figured Killua wouldn't do it anyways, but I knew Airi wouldn't so I didn't even bother, but then they decided to be gangsta rebels together ¬_¬

Wait, I just checked Eeled's site... Looks like the nuddle saw it after all, and is just refusing to do it too cos it's lazy.

Fine, whatever.

I'll know who not to count on next time.



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[Private Entry 01]
08/08/06 18:32
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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["Ideal Bishie"]
08/08/2006 17:39
I went to town today, twas rather fun... we went to buy Tanya her birthday present. =3

Anyways, that only took about 30 mins, so we decided to just sit on a bench and chat. I told her today that I would most likely be lonely for a long, long time. She didn't believe me...

...until she heard the list of qualities expected of him XD

Entered for Killua's "Ideal Bishie Contest". I didn't win, but I did draw a potential ideal bishie, with the qualities expected... or, at least, a few of the qualities:

Yes, indeed, I will be lonely for a looooong time X3



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07/08/2006 14:38
After realising that there is no way to set the date and time to GMT and the format to how I would personally write it, I have deicded to manually change the date and time heh. Oh well I guess it only takes a while =P

Hm, I've been wondering if there's a way I could edit this thing to make just pure writing, and link the blog to my site, so that I'll instantly have more visits whenever someone visits my site (which is obviously more popular than this one since this one's so new =3

<-- doesn't want to give it out much until it's done properly, which may take a while =3) and I realised I couldn't, not with the banners up there and all. Also, it'd look boring if some NuTang person somehow randomly found this place, so nevermind =3

Anyways, I made an interesting discovery today: the "founder" of NuTang, Dave, is Chinese too. Haha shocking, no? XD Heh I told my Daddy I'd found a way of making money online, he was like "yes, whatever, when you get the money, then you can brag about it." (Yes I was bragging, but he was going on about how I spend so much time on the internet--if I was getting paid for it then he wouldn't mind.)

I'll show him! ...Eventually >_>;;

I wonder how many other Chinese people there are using this thing =3 maybe I'll check later... <-- can't be bothered right now =P

Ah my arm aches x_x; I blame ironing earlier on. Oh my word. Why does my Daddy have such hard-to-iron sleeves on his shirts?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!? URRRRG. They have *random* creases in that are *supposed* to be there that are *practically impossible* to iron properly!!! >_<

Right, that's it. When I get married, I am either getting a maid, or buying my husband easy-to-iron shirts. ¬_¬;

Bleh, we're having a party here later on. House will once again be infested with random people from Chinese Church who I barely know >_>; joy. I mean, if it were people I know and get along with, then I wouldn't mind as much, but fact is, they're not. To me, they're random people, so bleh to them.

I was *so ticked off* at our last party. Seriously, there were even more random people who I'd never seen before in my life. Granted, it was a baptism session earlier, but they just *volunteered* our house to have the party at! Just cos we have a larger house than them! URG. It's like we owe it to them or something!!!

I don't know who on earth invited them to our house, but it certainly wasn't my parents. I'm sorry, but they came to our house, ate our food, watched our tv, and ignored us when we said hi, and at the end of the day, they didn't even have the common courtesy or politeness to say a freaking "thank you".

They are a let down to the Chinese community.

Didn't their parents teach them manners or something?!?!?!?! And what's worse, they were Mandarin-Chinese!!!!!!! I'm not sure what the situation for Chinese people are in the rest of the world, but here, our standards do not sink below A+ in any category.


Okay, ranting aside, today was rather uneventful. Oh, I translated a little more manga, on the plus side!

<-- has been procrastinating x_x;

Urg I just wanna finish this chapter of Konbini and Help then I can drop them... =/ I realised I'd much rather read manga than translate it, but that depends on the manga. Boku Wa Ne is so fun to translate though! =D And I <333 Prime Minister, although I've been slacking translating chapter 6 cos I don't want to do the massive author note at the end >_<

I use simplified!!! I can't be stuffed to read that much traditional Chinese, let alone translate it x_X; Plus it's in "Taiwanese". Some of the language they use, I don't get o_O; and my parent's don't get it either, so I'm rather stuck there >_>;

Anyways, I was actually thinking, why would anyone like to pay people to blog...? I mean, the ones who do would probably have rather boring blogs anyways cos if they spend all their time updating then what much can they say in a blog? "I spent the day blogging"? >_>; They must be rather computer-nerdy to sit here and type a blog and fix up their site and all... =/

So why would anyone be interested in reading the blog? o_O

Hm, if I were to read one, I'd probably choose one that wasn't so "fixed up", cos then they probably have a better life and have more to talk about with interesting entires =3 Well, unless they're complete newbies and know absolutely no html >_>;

Ah, no offense to those who keep blogs, I can't talk cos I'm one of those computer-nerdy people and I keep... well, keep about 2, have about 5... =3 I was just thinking, is all...

Hm, my sister (6 yr old) just came in and blatantly told me the amount of money she has in a less-blatant way... if that made any sense. She has 70p. Wow, go her... =3

<-- is expecting her to give me that money soon though XD

Muahahahaha my sister always gives me her money. She's given me about £10 in total so far XDDDDDDD Don't you all wish you had sisters like mine? XD

But then again, -cough- she's an annoying brat most of the time -cough-. >_>

This is turning into one WAAAAY long entry, and I haven't even finished writing yet. Well, tell you what, if you actually finish reading the whole of my entry, I will give you a virtual cookie, and uhm... make a graphic saying how much patience you have! XDDD (I have photoshop, so it won't be too badly made =3)

Anyways, continuing in my discoveries of today, I realised that you actually need a *code* and an *invite* to join NuTang o_O... And I got here via a tiny advert on top of Sacred Tear's chatbox =3 It's gone now... (Muahaha all you SnS people! Don't you envy Kuri now? XDDD -cough-) I had no idea how lucky I was...? o_O; =3

Okay, so, after about an hour (or two... or three o_O)'s struggle yesterday, I gave up on changing my avatar. Urg I got so ticked off cos no matter what I tried to upload, it was like "sorry this image cannot be uploaded" or something like that. It was 50x50, it was .jpg, and it was 2Kb, so I didn't get what on earth was wrong >_< Then I tried again this morning and it's working haha so all's good =P

Although that doesn't change the fact that my avatar picture won't change no matter what I do to it! >_< It's annoying me so badly ¬_¬

<-- was trying to upload the Fallen avatar you see at the top of this page, directly linked from photobuckete, .gif... I don't get why it won't work =/ I joined the forum and posted a note about it in someone else's thread cos I see no point in starting a new one about it when there is one already. Hopefully it'll get answered =3

Right, my sister just came in again... turns out she has £1.97. How on earth did she manage to get that??? She came to me with £5 last time! ¬_¬ I must learn the powers of nicking money off my parents...

But then again, cos I never ask for money usually and I have so few clothes and shoes etc, my parents just give me money anyways when I need it XDDDDD

<-- Mummy has actually told me to go buy myself some more shoes before. =3 I have uhm... let me list my shoes:
->School shoes which I'll never need to wear again, so don't really count
->Converse look-alikes

So... about 3 pairs of shoes? But then I went back to So'ton and got myself a pair of flat shoes for £5! =D They're really cute actually, so I now have 4 pairs of shoes! Yay! XDDDD

Okay, so, I just realised this entry is getting WAY long... but oh well, I will continue writing anyways, and if you've actually bothered to read up to here, have a cookie anyways.

Hmmm... I have a stash of junk food in my closet... o_O No, no, I didn't steal them... it's because of the party later, people might find some of it and wanna nick it all, and because it was bought from the Chinese store it costed *so darn much*, so we wanna keep it to ourselves, so she just grabbed a bag, shoved loads of junk food in it, and gave it to me to put it in my room.

See, when I don't like the guests, I have an air of unapproachable-ness, so they kind of try to avoid me (no, the party after the baptism, I was trying to be nice. Then gave up when they ignored me. Idiots.) which suits me just fine, cos I don't wanna talk to them either.

But yeah, because of my unapproachable-ness, whenever someone comes upstairs, they see my door, and if it's closed, they tend to get a "try to enter, and I will kill you" feeling, so they avoid it XDDD yes, so all the stuff that we don't want guests to poke their noses into goes into my room.

As you may have guessed, I have now been visiting my closet a lot, lot more XDDDD That also means more calories though... urg I need to excercise more ¬_¬;

Hm, I was thinking of making my own layout for this thing, or editing one of the others to match my tastes, but I decided not to... =/

<-- too lazy ^_^;

Aw well~ XD

On an ending note, I did have much more to ramble about, but I think I'll leave it at that ^_^;; So if you've read all the way down to here, go you!



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