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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

08/05/2006: In need of a maid...anyone willing to work for free?

08/04/2006: Say WHAT?!

08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

02/05/2007 12:53 PM
Uncomfortable... part 2

Most of you guys don’t realize it, but before I can post any blog it must go through our CCO, 1 of my 4 bosses, to make sure I don’t post anything I could get fired/fined/put in jail for. Fine by me, it guarantees me at least one person is reading my blog. XD Well after reading the Uncomfortable...(part 1) he said he didn’t think anyone would notice if I didn’t have a bra on. At first I laughed and then the damn wire in the bra poked me and I thought, “To hell with it, let’s see if he’s right!” Well he was either right or no one said a word for fear of a sexual harassment law suit. (I find it pretty stupid that someone can make a suit just because she or he overhears someone saying something to someone else. I say then don’t ease drop and suck it up. It wasn’t said to them. There of course is a line, like always, but I’m sure most people know where that line is.) I also rarely left my cubical, not that I had much of a choice since I can’t work anywhere else. I tend to normally walk quickly and with a bounce, or so I’ve been told...the quick part is true though and many times I’ve ran or almost ran into co-workers around the office building. I truly am an accident waiting to happen. To make the no-bra less noticeable I walked slower and smoothly. It was very hard and I found myself agitated at how long it would take me to get to where I wanted to go, but I couldn’t walk any faster!! <_<

I went to the grocery store after work and promised my boyfriend not to get any snacks. After trying to get a hold of my boyfriend time and time again to see if we needed X thing, since I thought we were low, but wanted to make sure before I bought it and he just wouldn’t pick up. I tried both our home phone and cell and he couldn’t hear me because of his damn his 200 dollar earphones! They truly do block out almost all noise. I became slightly irritated and decided I wanted snacks! I looked around, thought deeply on what type of snack I wanted. I mean if I picked the wrong kind it could blow up in my face. What if I changed my mind later on? I would only get this chance to buy snacks since he wouldn’t trust me at least for two more days to go shopping by myself without bringing back more. XD We already have some chips and I was buying chili already, bought some pico de gallo (Yeah I’m just that lazy.) and sour cream for it as well. I then headed to the ice cream section. I then saw it. Drumsticks were on sale! What’s this? Two boxes for 6 bucks count me in! I scanned to see if they had my favs and they did! I snatched them up quickly; simple dip cookies and cream and a triple chocolate. When my boyfriend opened the trunk to help me unload the convo went something like this:

Boyfriend: /small poke I thought you said you wouldn’t buy snacks.
Me: I wasn’t going to, but you didn’t answered the phone and I got irritated. You should have answered the phone huh?
Boyfriend: That’s your reason? /raise eyebrow
Me: Yup. *big smile*

Needless to say I’ll take any give excuse to buy a snack or treat if seems decent enough. Not answering the phone and slightly irritating me seemed pretty decent. XD Yeah...I wonder why he puts up with me too.

I rewashed my panties and bras and once again forgot about them. That’s right I’m a stupid forgetful dork when I get sidetracked. So this morning I decided to go with silver-dot’s suggestion and went with my black camo and my light teal shirt. I normally would never do this since you can see the black camo under it, but “eh”. If anyone shows up at work on a Saturday it’ll probably be one of the co-owners and he’s too nice to say anything about it, or he fears a sexual harassment law suit. XD

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02/03/2007 1:42 PM
Katrina’s rules on driving.

Note: I wrote this the beginning of the week on Monday, but forgot to put it up and just realized it got lost.

Most of you guys know I commute to work. I like it and will miss it, I think, when I move, but because some chubby small Asian woman made me use my horn today I’ve decided to write down my rules on driving. Here I am already pissed at the people who can’t drive in some fog (We get it every year and yet people still can’t figure out how to drive in it.) only to have the following happen to me. I’m merging from one highway to another, but the lane I’m in goes onto city streets so I have to move over ASAP. Usually this is not a big deal. The slower cars let me move pass them with ease. If I see a blinker then I normally let them move over unless I’d have to press hard on my brakes. Other people who want to go faster should be able to. This crazy a** b**** cuts me off and instead of going faster slows down! The speed limit is 65 and she’s going 50. I honked, she ignored and I went around her ASAP. She then flipped me off. Maybe she forgot if someone’s about to cause an accident you’re supposed to honk your horn! I had the strong urge to ram my car into her for cutting me off and then going slower then the lane we just got out of which would have caused an accident; hence I honked. :)

The only people exempt from the rules are those who are 1 year or younger in their driving experience. I do not mean collective, I mean you got your license June 10th, 2006 you should know how to drive decently or very well by June 10th, 2007. Everyone else has had plenty of time to figure this stuff out. Everyone should be looking around them. Everyone should be watching what others are doing. What’s going on in front, behind and to the sides of your vehicle. Yeah that’s what those mirrors are supposed to be used for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not been given a ticket or even pulled over just because I do those things. Speeding is not evil if you are smart about it. Going around slow people is not evil if you are smart about it.

Disclaimer: While I think it’d be nice if people followed them I know people won’t. Don’t get your panties in a twist because of them. If you see yourself in the rules, well we just won’t be driving together now will we? :) I’m a horrible back seat driver, which is why I always drive whenever my boyfriend and I go together.

1) Do not cut someone off if they are going 5+ miles faster then you are. If you cannot tell how much faster they are going then you stop driving and take the bus.

2) If you have at least 4 people behind you riding your butt then move over first chance you get. If someone is willing to go around your slow a** do not speed up and be a jacka** about it! Let the person go around you since you obviously can’t handle the task of moving over. If the “slow” lane is just as crowded this rule can be ignored.

3) If the person going slower and holding everyone up does not move over and after 3 clear spots of people being able to move around the slow person you can “leap frog” without feeling bad. People should not get upset at you for going into their safety zones just because they are stubborn and will not move around the slow person.

4) Do not “tap” your brakes every time you need to slow down a few miles. Take your damn foot off the gas and your car will slow down. If you can’t understand that stop driving and take the bus.

5) Green means go. This means when there’s a green light you take your foot off of the brake and onto the gas. You do not sit there for a minute making sure no one is going to run the red light. You should have already been checking before your light turns green.

6) Fog. There are 8 different types of fog; light mist, mist, thick mist, light fog, fog, dense fog, police escort fog and over head fog. Time and time again I see dumba** drivers not understanding that when the fog is overhead you do not have to go 60! It’s overhead. Just because the fog over head is blocking out the visual sight of the sun it still is brightening the road and letting you see clearly ahead of you. If you have to see the sun for it to be a clear day for you then you have a serious problem and need help. Until you get such help stay in the “slow” lane and get out of the freakin’ way. You going 3 miles faster then semi’s does not give you the right to slow the rest of us down. In fact you’re supposed to move over and match their speed if you are not moving 5 mph faster then the vehicle you’re going around! If you can see 12 seconds ahead of you then why the hell are you going 60? Seriously think about it. You wouldn’t go that slow on a clear day so why are you now? You don’t even look 12 seconds ahead when it’s a clear day and you still blaze down the road at 80.

7) Rain. Wet roads can be very dangerous. Just like fog though there are 8 different types of rain; mist, light sprinkle, steady small sprinkle, steady big sprinkle, light rain, rain, heavy rain and police escort. Just because a drop of water falls onto your car it does not mean you slow down to 60! It does not mean you hit your brakes. It means you watch what around you, something you should already be doing.

8) You slow into a curve and speed out of the curve! Am I the only freakin’ person who remembers this? You do not speed into a curve and then hit your brakes going out of it! We do not live in Backwards Land so stop doing it!

9) Multi-tasking. I learned how to drive on 152 before Los Banos ever had a Panda Express and when it had only 20K population so there was barely anyone on the highway. I multi-tasked my butt off while driving to and from on 152, changing clothes, reading, writing, putting on make-up, etc. were an everyday event for me. Those with short attention spans or those who cannot do more then one thing at a time, excluding breathing, should only be focusing on driving. If you can barely drive and breath at the same time adding in a cell phone, drinking, eating, etc. will only make the problem you have with driving worse!

This includes the moms and dads who drive with their kids in the car. If you cannot pay attention to what’s going on around you then pull the hell over and take care of your kid. Do not twist around just because things “seem” ok. Wait until a red light if need be. The people around you should not have to suffer because of you’re a complete dumba** who can’t realize you’re an accident waiting to happen and should have your license revoked.

10) When you are going onto a highway or freeway you are supposed to be at the speed of the flow of traffic by the time you get to it. Sometimes this is easier said then done with more times then not you’re coming from a curve that has a little yellow sign saying 25. (By the way notice how it has a truck on it? That means you cars can go 30-35+, you aren’t in between the lines anyways you might as well go faster and not within the lines.) When you can go meet the flow of traffic do it. Do not stop speeding up at 50 when the cars you’re supposed to merge with are going 70+! Are you trying to cause an accident? Do you want to be smooshed? Do you feel they should meet your speed? You’re supposed to merge with them they are not merging with you. You are not God so quit thinking you’re hot s*** and speed the hell up!

11) See the little stick thing coming out of your steering wheel on the left? Yeah that’s your blinker. Learn how to use it. If you plan on cutting someone off flicking it on, even mid way is a good thing to do. It’s a warning to the driver your cutting off and probably isn’t paying much attention that you’re going in so slow down. Now just because you use it does not mean you get to go in where you want. If you’re slow and the people around you know it, you just happened to get ahead because of traffic, do not expect to be let in. Just because your truck is bigger then my car does not mean you have a golden ticket and get to cut me off. Too bad, so sad; you should have taken the spot behind me huh? :p

12) If you see a car, truck, van, etc. on the side of the road for any given reason you should not have to go slower then the speed limit unless they are in part of your lane. Do not go slower then that. There is no reason why you should be. Unless it’s an accident and you are a nurse or doctor why bother? Are you curious? Want to see dead or injured people? Will you slowing down to almost a stop help their problem? What’s that? Oh you said no; well then why in the hell are you going so freakin’ slow!

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