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Elephants in the theatre
Saturday. 11.11.06 12:15 pm
Yesterday my daughter and I went to see The Return. It was a good movie. It had an interesting story line, plot, etc.. The only problem was the theatre. People dont know how to be quiet anymore. It is like since videos came out people think the theatre is their living room. People were talking so loud, laughing at the scarey parts and running the theatre. At one point I got up and report some people to the manager because they were in our theatre running in and out, and laughing when they didnt even have a ticket. Tickets are 9 bucks now and I did not pay for THAT!!

Then these two girls kept taking and getting "shoosed". It was annoying. Then for some reason she takes her fat a$$ to the snack bar and runs down the stairs and runs down the ramp. Then RUNS back up the ramp with snacks and stomps back up the stairs... (of coursed getting shooshed) Then she had to use the bathroom; she does the same running routine. On her way back Jordan yells "STOP RUNNING"
The girl replies rather cockily, "no". I was so pissed that I shouted throuout the theatre, "EFFIN ELEPHANT!! SHUT UP!!" The whole theatre roared with laughter and cheered for me. ha ha!

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The biggest loser...
Thursday. 11.9.06 5:08 pm

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Sister in peril
Wednesday. 11.8.06 8:08 pm

My sister called today. I said, "hello?" then she said, "I'm nervous." She did not even say hello back. I could feel the anxiety in her voice and I tried to stay calm. I asked, "nervous about what? What is happening right now?" She said, "Well, everything is happening so fast and I am nervous that he will find out and I will be in danger." I tried to calm her down by organizing her thoughts for her and making a plan. She has a plan but everything is timing. Everything has to fall in place just right because there is no room for error. Please pray for her...

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3-month old baby charged with robbery
Wednesday. 11.8.06 12:23 pm
3-month old baby charged with robbery
Sat Nov 4, 6:20 AM ET

Police charged a suspect after a bus driver was robbed of his fares, then realized the suspect was a 3-month old baby.

The boy, Parveen Kumar, had been listed along with his father on an initial charge sheet after the bus driver was robbed, police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar said Friday.

The baby had been charged with robbery, extortion and banditry, said local superintendent of police Rattan Sajai.

Though the robbery in the remote village of Muzzafarpur occurred Sept. 19, the fact that a prime suspect was an infant only came to light recently when police launched their investigation, Sanjai said.

Police blamed the bus driver, saying he reported the baby as a conspirator because of a personal grudge he had with the father.

The charges against the boy have since been dropped, Sanjai said.

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Wife put pot in the meatballs
Tuesday. 11.7.06 8:49 pm
Officer claims wife put pot in meatballs

Fri Nov 3, 9:59 PM ET

A detective suspended after testing positive for drugs says his wife served him meatballs spiked with marijuana because she wanted to keep him out of harm's way by forcing him into retirement.

An administrative judge believed him, and recommended this week that Anthony Chiofalo be reinstated.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has yet to decide what to do.

"We can't comment because the matter will still come before the police commissioner for a final determination," said spokesman Paul Browne.

Chiofalo, a 22-year-veteran assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, was suspended without pay last year after a random drug test found marijuana in his system. The officer denied ever using drugs and demanded a hearing.

During an investigation, his wife said she had substituted marijuana for oregano in her meatball recipe in hopes of forcing him to leave police work.

The detective's lawyers also presented evidence that she had passed a lie-detector test, and offered testimony from a toxicologist that the excuse was valid.

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Worry for her safety
Monday. 11.6.06 9:39 pm
My sister is trying to leave her husband but he seems very dangerous and violent. I worry for her safety right now.

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Age of innocence
Monday. 11.6.06 6:19 pm
My son works at Target and he has been there for about a year now. He really likes it there. He was telling me last night that he had the worse day ever. I was like, well how bad can it be when you only worked 4 hours. He said that someone got arrested the other day for stealing and now they are watching him closely. I was like, why you. He said because I was the one that gave her the key. He said that she asked him for the key to post some signs in the cabinet. I was waiting for him along with my parents (that were visiting from Hawaii) and so he told his relief that he gave the keys to the girl and that he was on his way out. The girl got arrested and fired for attempting to steal ipods. My son is not an unethical person and I know he is innocent. I hope the bosses at his job will see that.

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Poverty China produces obese kids
Monday. 11.6.06 10:04 am

China is overpopulated and many areas are poverty stricken and yet 60 million chinese are considered to be obese. According to the State Food Nutrition and Consultant Committee in China, "An increasing number of Chinese are eating more fat and junk food but less grains and vegetables, leading to a high number of cases of high blood pressure and diabetes." To rectify this problem, China will need to narrow their regional income gap to help improve the diet of people in poverty-stricken areas.

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