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Wednesday. 9.16.09 8:41 am
every wednesday i am required to go to work extra early so our staff (heh.) can have a staff meeting.

it's a waste of time 90% of the time. the other 10% i'm f'in sleepin'.

my work is stacking up on my desk here. it always happens when my coworkers go on vacation. on monday, my two bosses decided to not come into work (one golfing and one "sick") and the other customer service rep is on vacation. that kind of left me here. alone. to attempt to do all the work. ugh.

for half of today, it's going to be the same thing. my two bosses are going to be gone until about 1pm or so. i need to get paid more. my paycheck pretty much says "DICK" with a dollar sign.

also, why is it that this company keeps implementing technology they aren't ready for? we all of the sudden have a new computer system, a new vault, a new coin machine, a new check scanner... why? i mean, i'm all for up and coming awesome technology, but we are getting calls and emails everyday that describe in detail why we have to update software every single day. every day? really? maybe every six months they should come up with something new, but every DAY? if the programs we use are so shitty, then why don't we just... i don't know... NOT use them? ugh.

we need some sort of PPGY for banking. dave, invent something, quick.

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Monday. 9.14.09 9:10 am
so my car asplode.

not really, but an air bleeder valve did burst. my engine and everything else under the hood was covered in antifreeze. smoking, sweet-yet-gross smelling antifreeze.

on saturday i used some water weld epoxy to kind of jam everything back into place. on sunday i drove my car home. i didn't drive it to work today because i didn't want it breaking down in baltimore. someone would probably steal it, and stab me.

i'm tired of cars. let's all learn to fly.

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Friday. 9.11.09 10:54 am
dexter season 3 was amazing. i was very pleased with the way it ended. the best thing about dexter is that each season does not necessarily leave a huge cliffhanger. the season's story line seems to end each year. that makes it seem like the people who created themselves have a huge ego, as if to say "we don't need an excuse for you to come back next season."

(they know i'll be back.)

it's pouring outside today. since my car decided to break down the other day, and i haven't had a chance to fix it yet, i will have to wait until it stops raining to fix it. actually, it's hardly a fix. i don't even know if it will work, but i will have to try.

(hope i don't die driving.)

i remember blogging about people who recommend their own blogs, and how it's annoying as hell, because sometimes i will go to look at it, and it will be something that is really not impressive at all, but awful, and then i get to the bottom and realize that it was recommended by the writer themselves. i have one particular user in mind...

(i can draw things too. get a job.)

speaking of them, my friend and i are going to start creating our own tshirts and stuff. rest assured that i will not be recommending my own blogs to try to get money for selling the stuff, but i may post some designs on here, just for funzies. more details on that later.


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Thursday. 9.10.09 9:34 am
flobots are awful. i don't care how you ride your bike. just thought i'd throw that out there.

the beatles rock band was amazing. b-fer and i were harmonizing a bunch of the beatles songs and it was just some super serial sweet pickins. b-fer, niki, and i beat the game by about 10:45 last night, starting at about 7:30ish. so it's a short game, but totally worth it.

my car broke yesterday. some unidentifiable part came off of my engine. i think that it's some sort of valve and hose combo that doesn't exist on any other car. i'm gonna try to epoxy it back on today, since it looks like something that was epoxied on there in the first place. we'll see how that goes.

i'm pretty pissed about it, but what can you do?


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the beatles.
Wednesday. 9.9.09 9:53 am
so the beatles rock band game comes out today. we are going to james' house (i think that's the right usage of the apostrophe) so we can rock out all night. i'm pumped.

if your haven't checked out the game, visit their website, here.

it's not really a link, i tricked your ass.

if you care enough, you'll google it. more on the game tomorrow, perhaps.

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Thursday. 9.3.09 12:43 pm
so i have a four day weekend coming up. who knew, people get off on labor day. i decided to take an extra day because i'm going to visit the atlantic ocean, and hopefully not dislocate my shoulder again. did i ever tell any of you about that?

last year while body surfing i accidentally tumbled in a wave, which is normally fine, but i happened to smack my arm into the ground with my elbow locked, which made my shoulder yell "shit!"

i went to the ambulance, where they couldn't give me pain meds because they couldn't find a vein for an i.v. line. great. i also got charged nearly 200 dollars for a 7 mile ambulance ride, and another 300 dollars for the doctor to pop my shoulder back into place.

so if you could that along with my skiing accident, then you would know i have two bad shoulders now. did i ever tell any of you about that?

a few years ago i was skiing with my dad, and for whatever reason we decided it be best if we go down a steep intermediate course. now, i suck at skiing as it is, so this was obviously not a good idea. i accidentally went over a small ramp of snow, hopped into the air, got turned sideways, and bent my arm behind my back the wrong way. yeah. i moved a little bit because i was scared, and my arm popped out of the socket. i also (for whatever reason) decided it be best to move again, and it popped back in. mel gibson lethal weapon style, but not as cool.

i also fell on some ice the year before last, and redislocated that same one.

so anyways, i have two bad shoulders. what was i talking about again? (scrolls up)

oh yeah, so i'm going to take a trip to the beach this weekend, and hopefully it will be the sweetest.

also, the beatles rock band game comes out on wednesday, so i will be busy playing that game the rest of my life. cheers.

currently listening to: one last kiss by madina lake

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