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Sunday. 10.15.06 3:35 pm
Sunday has been okay, thus far.

Went to work for about 4 hours this morning...dropped by Brian's work and had lunch with him...now it's how to do the laundry and pick up my shit hole before the Denver Broncos play the Oakland Raiders.

Me being curious...looked up price of a ticket to go see the game today...and I was shocked (well, not really)...they want $367.50 for 1 ticket, on the third level...then they want to tack on $9.25 for some handling fee. NO THANK YOU...I'll stay at home and watch it on my TV :) Oh, that search was for the best seat still available...could you imagine how much the tickets are down in the lower levels?

This should be a great game tonight though...the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders are bitter rivals...and you better believe that this game is going to kick ass.

Anyway...my hands hurt from pulling files and sorting through paper for 4 hours this morning.

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Sunday. 10.15.06 3:24 am
I'm up late...

I didn't do everything on my list yesterday (does this really seem like a surprise for me?)...but I did do the most important things! I changed the headlights fixed in my car...and I got the haircut.

There were no good movies out, so we didn't see one...we ended up walking around Flatirons (it's a mall...it called Flatirons because it's right on the Flatiron mountains...sort of) instead. Then, I drove out to Hobby Town where Brian looked at some game thingies...then we drove to the Westy Mall for nothing since the store we were going to wasn't even there anymore. THEN, we went to the pumpkin patch and I got a pumpkin. We're gonna carve it probably next weekend or something after Melissa gets her pumpkin. After that, we went to the Olive Garden where we had Dr. Peppers and pasta (yes...no wine tonight folks)...then on the way back to Brian's house, I had to go to Borders (because I'm a bibliophile)...then it was back to my house where I was exhausted.

Ugh...equally long day with different things.

I'll be working today (Sunday) for a little while...overtime is peachy keen, I say...so, if I plan on getting up early and doing that, I best be getting off to slumber land, don't ya think?

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Saturday. 10.14.06 11:25 am
It is now Saturday...and I am eating a bowl of cereal...yummers. My generic brand cereal is the best (and not to mention CHEAP...which is a plus)...so to be more specific, I'm eating the rip-off honey nut cheerios for half the price.

But, moving right along...this would be me my agenda for today:

1) Going to Brian's house at around 1 or 2
2) Going to get a haircut
3) Going to buy a bulb for my headlight (yesterday was a nightmare...)
4) Going to a movie at the Westminster Promenade
5) Brian's sick...so I'm going to drop him off and then go home

Sound like an entertaining day, eh...hehe...NOT...I shall elaborate.

My haircut should go smoothly. I wish I had time to get highlights in it, but I suppose I can do without. I don't want to keep Brian there all day...and I'll go some other time (since it's mostly a girly thing anyway). I think I'm just going to get it trimmmed and all that fun stuff so I don't look like trash when I go home next weekend because I'm sure everyone's going to want to take TONS of pictures. Probably the last time they're going to see me without a baby. I wish my family didn't live so far away from me!

Well, the bulb situation for my car sucked major. One, at lunch yesterday, I had some lady come out and help me with my car as I knew it would be a major bitch...damn Volkswagen. We pop my hood and it looks like the bulb should just pop out...haha, that was so far from the case. We sat there for 5 minutes trying to figure out how the hell it came out. We couldn't do it...so, I was like "thanks anyway...I'll just go buy it and get someone to help me later." I go down to Checker and I'm in the aisle with all the bulbs and there's 3 fucking kinds that I had to choose from...like I know which one goes in my car?! I had a choice between 4-way High Beams, 4-Way Low Beams, and then 2-Way High/Low Beams...the manual might as well have been in another language because it doesn't explain what the hell any of that means. Every single person that worked there was occupied, so I was like...screw this...and I drove off vowing to do it another day (and that would be today...because with my luck, I'll get pulled over right away for having a headlight out).

The movie...I think Brian wanted to go see the Grudge 2 only because he probably thought it was funny when we went and saw the first Grudge in the theater. I would prefer a different movie, but I'm not going to complain. Any movie I don't have to pay for, I'll just watch, ya know. It's really sad when the Jackass Movie is getting better ratings than a somewhat legitimate movie. Oh well...Jackass is funny.

But yeah...now I'm done with my cereal and I am going to go jump in the shower. Best to not have nasty hair when you go get it cut...hehe


At some point in this day, I'm going to go to the Denver Public Library and get my library card...hehe...why is this so exciting for me? I don't think I'll ever know.

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It's done!
Friday. 10.13.06 9:26 pm
Yeah...Friday is finally over...granted, I had to spend an extra hour and a half at work tonight, but it's finally done! I'll be back there on Sunday (my normal day off)...but oh well. It happens sometimes.

Yes...enough about work though because it sucks...

Is anyone familiar with the Devil's Dictionary? I love this site...it gives me great enjoyment (as I am as sarcastic as they come)...and this dictionary is just chalk full of these sarcastic definitions. Here is one that I particularly enjoy:

1. an overproduced ghetto poet.
2. a salesman of hypnotic, inane self-absorption and rationalizations of depravity; one who believes strongly in oneself, one’s temporary clique of party-time friends, and, sometimes, God; a glamorized asshole.

I especially love this one (and it rings close to home if you've ever used this program)...

1. an ISP which is chiefly useful for losing tremendous amounts of data and denying even the most basic connections while charging the most premium of rates; proof that gross incompetence and popularity are not mutually exclusive.
2. a missed keystroke, a typo of SOL.

Makes me wonder if they've improved since we attempted to quit using them and them telling my mom on the phone that she didn't want to cancel service and then hanging up on her.

Well...I feel like posting another picture of Colorado (once again, I did not take this picture...if I got that close to a bear, I'd be NUTS):

I love how there's never a bad picture of Colorado...if only I could take pictures like this...lol...then I'd be a photographer

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Friday. 10.13.06 9:39 am
Well, it's Friday today...the last day of the work week (for most if not all of us nine to fivers)...can only hope that today goes much better than Thankless Thursday I had yesterday...

So far, morning not so hot...it was freezing in my house, yet again. I hate the fact that it's getting so cold in the mornings now. The fact that it was freezing meant that there was frost on my car, so I was out there scraping my damn windows.

Get done scraping the windows and I flip my car on...turn the headlights on...and bam, left headlamp goes out. Wonderful! I guess I'll be driving to Checker (same store as Schucks and Kragen...they're just called Checker out here) at lunch today to get a damn headlamp for my car...since their halogen lamps, they're like $15 to $20 a pop...stupid car!

The one positive about this morning was that the sky was super clear. I wish I would have had my camera so I could have taken a picture of the blood red sun that we had this morning. I think I'd rather see a sunrise in Colorado than a sunset any day (it always sets behind the Rockies and you miss out a ton of stuff because of that...even though the mountains at sunset looked kick ass...silhouetted mountains on a tangerine backdrop...so pretty...calm, inviting...sort of made the shitty day be a teeny better because it was calming)...anyway, I found this picture of a pretty sunrise in Colorado...if the clouds weren't there, this is the color the sky was. It was wonderful!

My face and body still feel like death from yesterday...but I've got all day to get rid of the aches and pains. I guess the one good thing though, I get to fulfill my fantasy of being in a dream world where everyone wears jeans! It's Friday...and believe me, I'm glad it's here!

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Thursday. 10.12.06 9:29 pm
Well, I wish I could say that today went well...but it really didn't. It was actually one of the shittiest days I've had a long time. It started out good though...

We had this awards ceremony thing at 11am this morning (yeah, I'm sure the people in our building think we're NUTS). We're out in the lobby of the building...they've got a piece of red butcher paper taped on the floor (that was the red carpet) and we had a faux red carpet awards ceremony. "Movie Stars" walked into the building onto the red carpet...and then everyone won an award. It was like the Oscars of the business world or something. Well, I got the aware for "most content in a dream world where people wear jeans every day." Hmm...it's like they read my mind or something...I talk about wanting to wear jeans enough, huh? I'm either thinking I won this award because one, I don't put make-up on to go to work (EVER), two, I don't go to work dressed to impress (it's work...why should I dress up for someone?), and three, I must not look like I care about what I'm wearing because I look the same almost all the time...I'm always wearing black, my hair looks the same every day, lol...no wonder I wear this jeans and t-shirts thing. My mom thinks I look like a slob, but I don't think I look that bad...mom...so critical.

But yeah...that was the only really good part of the work day. About 2pm, the call from hell came in. I've been dealing with this guy for a few weeks now it it just turned into a nightmare. Basically, make a long story short, I ended up making someone stay late at work because of this problem...I had to stay late at work because of this...and it just sucked.

The person I made stay late...I brought up the fact to her that there was this bill that needed to go out today and I was working on getting it to her as soon as possible. She somewhat got short with me and I felt bad about it because it basically ruined her afternoon. She had parent teacher conferences that she had to be to at 5:15 and she could not stay late...well, I felt crappy about that. Well, shortly after that, she went and started asking people for cigarettes because she need to have a smoke. Well, she hasn't smoked for 7 years and this whole thing made her want to light up...I felt super shitty about that too...well, I guess, she went outside with one of the other smokers and they must have talked about the whole thing out there because the other lady came back in and comes to my desk asking what I needed to get this thing taken care of. OH GREAT...they just went outside and talked about this whole thing for 15 fucking minutes! I literally felt like a big HEAPING pile of shit after that...I mean, it's like the whole thing was my fault.

Well, I got extremely frustrated after that and started calling other departments to see if they had these pictures that we needed (we needed pictures of replacing a deck and some drywall repair)...well, no one had these pictures...and the guy wasn't going to get them to me by 4:30...ugh...the guy called me about 12 times too in a matter of an hour telling me he's getting me this stuff...finally, 4:45 this stuff gets sent to my desk...and then I can get it over to be billed...

At that time, I was so behind on my own stuff that I had to do because I was trying to get this big thing solved that I just busted down and started crying at my desk. Well, I was crying after that whole thing about thinking it was all my fault earlier...I'm one of those people that when I get extremely stressed out, I just break down...I started hyperventilating and all that stuff on top of that (yeah, I suppose that's great for the baby)...ugh...

About 5:30, I was able to leave work (I got approval to stay an extra hour to try and catch up on my stuff)...now my eyes feel extremely tired and heavy from all the crying I did earlier. I just wanted to die...

But, one good thing did amount from that whole thing...I got some time to talk to my boss and she asked when I was planning on leaving for maternity leave and I basically told her when the baby decides he's ready to come out. I will be working until my water breaks and I have to go to the hospital because I can't afford not to. She wanted to know because they're going to get someone to train with me for 3 weeks + prior to when I leave so they'll be able to cover my job while I'm gone. Since I'm due on January 17th, I figured that January 1st would be a good time to bring someone in...well, they decided that mid-December was better. So, I get a helper/trainee for me in mid-December. That will be extremely nice...it'll be a break somewhat. I feel bad for them when they have to cover the entire thing without me. Yeah...so, after the baby, I told them that I'd be back as soon as physically possible because I can't afford to be gone for any length of time and she mentions something about maybe bringing me back part time and then phasing the other lady out. WOW...this took my by surprise. There was some other lady that had a baby and she wanted to do part time, and they told her no. I wasn't even going to bring it up because I figured that it would be out of the question, but she brought it up! SO, I'm seriously considering doing part time when I have the baby at least for a little bit until I can get back up to speed!

SO, that was my roller coaster of a day...now I feel like laying on the couch or something...I feel like a zombie now.

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Thursday. 10.12.06 9:40 am
Well, I've got 2 days to go until the end of this week, and believe me...I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can get on my jeans and t-shirt (and sweatshirt...because it's cold) and come to work. I love casual Fridays :) They're worth going through the whole week for...

I woke up this morning with the worst charley horse imagineable. If you're not familiar with a charley horse, here's the definition:

a painful, involuntary cramp of an arm or leg muscle resulting from excessive muscular strain or a blow.

In other words, one painful cramp! I had talked to the doctor about it before since I had been getting them a lot a few months ago and he said it was a calcium deficiency and that I should take calcium suppliments (i.e. Tums or Caltrate or something), but they went away shortly after that...now they're back...with a vengeance.

It has to be the cold weather. I've got the heat on in my house, but it was colder than crap in there this morning...Did I mention I hate the winter? I am starting to worry if the baby is going to be cold. Since I have vaulted ceilings in my living room and I live on the second floor, on a corner...my house does not retain the heat very well. My worst fear is that he's going to be so cold...and I don't want that to happen at all.

I'm really getting these crazy fears and worries about being a mom right now...will I be a good one? Will I be the worst mom ever? It's so nerve-wracking sometimes. I know it's nothing to worry about, but it being winter and all, so many bad things could happen when the baby finally gets here. I was worried last night about my kid being in entirely hand-me-down clothes. I really wanted to wait to have kids when I was financially set and stable and here I am, poor as dirt, having a baby. I just don't feel adequate and I feel bad already because he's not going to have anything. My boyfriend reassures me that it's okay that he has hand-me-down clothes and he's not going to be this poor little baby, but ahh...it just concerns me.

Okay, that rambling is over with...it just depresses me.

I was wondering why there were so many bikers on the road on Thursdays, but then it hit me. Denver has adopted this alternative transportation thing on Thursday and they encourage people to carpool or take something other than a car to work on Thursdays...BUT, to be honest, there was some guy out there riding his bike in 34 degree weather. I don't care how much riding a bike may warm you up...but no...I'd rather sit in my nice heated car and pollute the air on Thursdays than freeze my ass off riding my bike to work. If I had someone to carpool with, I would...but I don't, so I'll just drive by myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being eco-friendly, but I'm also realistic about it. I need to get to work, I live 30 minutes from my work in my car, I'm not going to NOT use my car to save the environment. I would hope that the need to survive would outweigh that...

But yeah...I'm done doing my bitch bitch about everything this morning. Drinking my cocoa, have my bag of chocolate (oh yes, a very healthy breakfast) and now...I've actually gotta start doing something productive.

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Belated Wednesday
Wednesday. 10.11.06 2:07 pm
I was so good at getting a daily post up right in the morning, but eh...screw that. Today was different.

I woke up again at 5am! Damn internal alarm clock. I don't know if it's because I've got the heat on at my house and I'm just warm/hot or something in the middle of the night, but it's been a consistant thing the last two nights. I don't mind because when I eventually wake up to go to work, I feel more refreshed and not completely, HORRIBLY, tired.

It was cold again this morning (big surprise)...one more day of this chilly weather and it's supposed to heat back up in the 60's. I was reminiscing with my mom yesterday about when she was out in Denver last October and even though I didn't remember that it snowed, she remembered that it did snow when she was out here. Go figure...then I totally remembered because my friend was also visiting from Washington and she was like "OMG...this is probably the only time I'm going to see the snow for the entire year!" My poor mom had to drive all the way back from Denver to Seattle too...I can't remember if it snowed all the way through Wyoming or not, but eh...she had a 4x4 car...she could make it.

Other than that...nothing too exciting with me. The same usual stress about how I'm going to pay my bills (why do I have so many bills that are due on the 15th of the month?) with the no money that I have...lol...I wish I could get a second job, but honestly...I thought being upfront about my pregnancy and attempting to get a job in the field would be the right thing to do, but it didn't work. I applied for this job in the accounting department at my friend's work (at the time...she doesn't work there anymore) and I told them I was pregnant...would they have a problem with that. They said no...so, since I had interviewed there before, they had my resumè on file and they said they would look at it. I get this wonderful e-mail about 3 days later that stated that I was not the type of person they were looking for because I didn't have enough "phone skills." I'm thinking to myself...phone skills, eh? I used to work in a call center, customer service is basically my middle name, I talk on the phone all day at work as it is right now...what the hell? You know...she could have at least looked at my resume and made up some other excuse other than phone skills. She basically gave away that she never even looked at my resumè...pissed me off. She should have just come out front and told me she didn't want to hire me because I was pregnant. I would have accepted that over the lame excuse she gave me.

We'll see what I can do after the baby's here...maybe I'll be able to get something in the field, but at the same time...I don't want to do that either. I might just wait until Brian can get something stable making buttloads of money...and then go looking for something else for myself. If he can get a job in his field like he's practicing to do, it might be doable, ya know...who knows...who knows.

Either way, after the baby's here...both of our piddly paychecks are all going to that baby...I hope he's happy about it...lol

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