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Tuesday. 10.2.12 11:45 pm
Being a badass is exhausting.

We drove to Florida, this weekend, to volunteer for Disney, which was sponsoring a 10K run for the Autism Speaks Foundation. I would have rather spent our day off at the pool than at Epcot like we did, but it was a good time, anyway. Nothing significant, though. I really don't enjoy Disney parks. They're so inherently feminine and consumer-friendly.

What else, what else...

Not much. I've been concentrating on my schoolwork a WHOLE lot more than I used to, and have, because of that, been doing really freaking well in my classes. I've been doing some work for the volunteer organization I'm working with, but generally they're very limiting and don't trust my judgement (which makes me wonder...why specifically take me on over several other people due to my qualifications, if you're going to second-guess what I'm doing?). Finally, I get a taste of feeling limited by the people over me. It's not even bitter, it just tastes like crap. I'm starting my own organization, too, because we don't yet have one for outdoor enthusiasts. I got the idea during a sea kayaking trip...I was walking on the beach, where we all stopped to rest, with one of the guys on the trip, and we got into talking about biology, the great outdoors--essentially the reason I love biology majors--and he seemed really interested in the club.

And I thought, if one person's interested, who's to say twenty wouldn't be?

He ended up asking me out, the next day, but we have yet to go on the date. He's a senior transfer student, and he's hoping to go into research with his biology degree.

Which is fine, if you like being totally bored, eighty percent of the time.

Speaking of being totally bored, I made this, the other day. It's newspaper.

Just because. I'm a sucker for cheap storage options, and Pinterest has done a good job of reminding me that I can make most of the things I need out of stuff I already have and don't need. As far as I can tell, the site is pretty full of random media and girls my age planning their weddings (no thank you). I mostly hang out for the recipes. In fact, I make the most delicious cinnamon oatmeal pancakes, because of Pinterest.

Reading over that, it basically says, "I'm here for the food."

Now for coffee and studying till late into the night.


"Steve if you're on a fountain right now, it's me you felt staring."
Immediately, my phone is ringing. "That's some secret agent shit you got going on, [my first and last name]."

He's never completely sure whether I'm serious or joking when I tell him that I work for the CIA. I started laughing, one time, after jokingly saying I'd killed before, and then, just as he started laughing, I dropped the smile and walked away.

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Twenty-four hours.
Monday. 9.17.12 1:56 am

Drinking champagne by Christmas light at four in the morning, and watching friends ballroom dance during dinner at an upscale jazz bar, and talking about the comfort in vast nothingness on the edge of nothingness and nowhere at midnight, and that morning goodbye kiss just before you head off to work, and the perfect lamb burger with caramelized onions, and the sentence, "This is it; we made it."


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Saturday. 9.8.12 7:05 pm
This is the coolest video I've seen all week.

Segue into a talk on politics.

I tend a lose a lot of respect for people during election periods, because it brings out the ugly. I'm not for Mitt Romney, but every time I see an attack on his sexuality, it makes me sick. That attack insinuates that there is something wrong with being closeted L/G/B/T (even though I'm content with believing, personally, that Romney is not, simply because he says so), and that obviously goes against everything over which many Obama supporters of the LGBT community are fighting.


Plus, it's just needlessly mean. These candidates are people.

Come on, world, you can do better. Push your boundaries, here.

"Looks like a grade one high ankle sprain. Shouldn't be too worried. If it hurts two weeks from now definitely see a doctor"
"So I have to brace both my ankles? D:"

He proceeded to tell me to get over it, and that he liked listening to rap at 3am.

Oh well that's cool hey but by the way I JUST SPRAINED MY ONLY GOOD ANKLE COME ON.

I asked him because I was hoping I was wrong. I spotted it while I was in the bathtub--one of those inside-of-an-old-strawberry red types of bruises, right on one of my most useful tendons.

"AAAHHH," I said, because this was not good news, and I was hearing the pop it had made, earlier that day, in my mind, over and over.

So here come the braces. Meeeer.

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Making My Way Towards Yachts
Friday. 8.31.12 11:08 pm
We make eye contact, and I see his expression flash with interest.

Whassup, says my expression.

I turn back to my psychology reading, assuming this is the extent of our interaction, but he, meanwhile, decides to turn his bike around.

His approach is kind of nutty and quirky, asking how I found out about the spot in which I'm resting to do homework. It's kind of an impressive little human cubby, about five or six feet off the ground, in the science building in which I have an evening class. We engage in some banter and conversation, and I find out that he's in Charleston for an unknown amount of time, escaping the hurricane hitting Florida (where he lives). He tells me he sailed up in his boat.

Oh. Okay.

He suggests I let him take me out on the harbor.



"My parents always told me not to get in boats with strangers," I half-tease. He tells me that this is fair enough. We exchange numbers for land activities (such as coffee and a late-night tour of the city), he departs on bike, and I go back to studying.

And then I realize that I was just asked to go sailing on the harbor at sundown by a beautiful man and burst out laughing.

I've decided to take all the cool opportunities presented to me. All of them. Ever. I'm joining a volunteer organization on campus and taking advantage of the fact that we have $10 paddleboarding lessons and free sea kayaking. I joined rugby and even went to the recruitment party, which was probably the coolest party I've been to, to date--especially considering the fact that I was asked out to dinner by a really cool teammate, on the walk home. I'm so organized it's ridiculous, too, so all my classwork is taken care of. I'm quitting my job and looking for something on-campus, because...well, screw money, it upsets my mum when I don't come home for winter break. I'd rather be a bit less comfortable and see The Hobbit in theaters with her and my brother.

And Les Mis.


And The Great Gatsby.


Life is so super balanced. Furthermore, I'm back to dating Mike, and things are progressing so much more smoothly, without the premature relationship hanging over my head. I feel like he and I are really starting to work well together, as two people with the potential to become a couple (NOT YET THOUGH, GET OFF MY BALLS). His interactions are becoming more familiar.

The monster is moody and probably feels like I completely deserted him, when I started going with Mike.

Yeah well.

People detach, emotionally, when you somehow manage to make them cry, regardless of how much that person may have told you that she never told anyone else.

Afraid of hurting me?


All right so awesome bye!

PS the monster was actually quite lovely, the other night. We talked through movies and nerded out about Pompeii, and he just freakin' gets me. Also he's a kickass cuddler.

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