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Movies: Good and Bad
Wednesday. 9.12.07 12:38 am

So I went and saw a couple of movies this week. 3:10 to Yuma and Shoot Em Up. Very good and very.. very bad. 3:10 to Yuma was a beautiful movie. An awesome cast, a gritty western, great soundtrack and script.

Shoot Em Up was none of these. It was the very definition of gratuitous. The plot was terrible and the plot twists had clearly only been written to get from one gunfight to the next. There was a totally unnecessary sex scene that ended in yet another gunfight. Way too many improbable situations, many of which involved what was supposed to be a newborn baby...

I realize the movie was probably going for some kind of campy feel to the ridiculousness, but honestly they overdid it. It just wasn't entertaining.

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Giving Money Away
Monday. 9.10.07 7:56 am

Okay so I lied in the previous entry. I do kind of have something to blog about. I don’t quite have my charity blog set up yet so I’ll post this here instead.

For no apparent reason, other than a sudden urge to do something nice, I paid one of my co-workers rent. She’s got a son who’s 3, and due to a lot of factors, not least of which being that her family totally sucks and doesn’t support her in the least, this girl has a lot of financial troubles. She just recently had gallbladder surgery and had to miss a week’s worth of work, so she was probably going to be late on her rent. So I paid it. 278.00. Anonymously. (Though, technically speaking they could probably find out who it was. I mean she does live at the hotel where we both work. Ah well. Hopefully no one will find out. Too embarrassing.)

In any case, I can afford it. I put it on one of the credit cards I’d just paid off. My last check I had a bunch of overtime, which all went on my rent, (one of the benefits of living where you work. Untaxed overtime goes on your rent. Mwahaha), which left me with a 659.00 check and no bills to pay.

Anyway. Hopefully she won’t have to worry as much the next month or so. And this will leave her more money to take her kid to the renaissance faire next weekend.

So. Yea.

*Backs away slowly.*

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