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[Bento 001]
23/08/06 17:42
mood: Accomplished
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Yes, as I said, the previous was a trial bento =3 Anyways, in the evening I made both my parents a what would have been the bottom layer of a bento, I don't think it turned out that badly ^_^.

I took a photo of my daddy's one (the one for my mummy looks practically the same except for slight different positionings cos the fruit was being annoying ¬_¬ it looked like it had a face in it though, kind of... o_O) here it is:

And today, I made a bento for myself (I found a better lunchbox yay!!! -- It was deep, DEEP in our pantry though x_x) and put the same food in a bowl for my sister cos there were no other lunchboxes =/

My bento:

My sister insisted on taking a photo with the food:

So yes =3 Today, since I don't think my bento turned out too badly, I have officially made Bento #01 with hopefully many more to come~~~ =D

I really must say, though, carving the carrot thingys are *HARD* >_< I am getting my mummy to get me cut-out shapes ¬_¬;;

That being said, I will either make myself something extra special tomorrow or die cos I'm getting my GCSE results back.

If I get good grades, I'll make myself a really yummy bento (I'll think of something), and cookies!

If not... let's not go there x_X;;

Thank you for all your comments! =D <3



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22/08/06 16:22
mood: full =3
listening to: nothing
watching: Cardcaptor Sakura episode 50

After viewing a livejournal that I was directed to through Sacred Tear, I was inspired to make food. Yes, I, Kuri, was inspired to make a bento =3

I told her she'd inspired me to make a bento, and I wasn't joking, so here is my lame, first-time-ever trial attempt at making a bento... unfortunately the only thing that looks half decent are my chopsticks x_X it tasted pretty good though =3: click cos the photo's too large =3

Urk it took me ages to find a lunch box though, and how in the world can she cut carrot flowers??? >_<;; They are so hard/impossible to cut ;_; and i had to carve the face with a toothpick cos I couldn't find a small enough knife >_<

And I dont have any japanese ingredients either, apart from soy sauce x_x

I will bug my daddy to buy me a cute bento box and some cute bento-making stuff ¬_¬

Of course, I treated myself to a nice big slice of Strawberry Gateau afterwards to make up for my ugly-looking bento =3

But yeah, please do visit her livejournal (not sure what her name is ^_^;; )cos her bentos are actually amazing!!!



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[Much Has Happened]
19/08/06 11:47
mood: Mixed
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Well, much has happened this week. Ani has come and gone, but we had great fun <3333

Best part, I'd say, was ice-skating =D I kinda learnt how to skate backwards... and now I want proper ice-skating lessons =3 I haven't asked my Daddy about them yet though o_O; I will ask him some other time.

Anyways, when she came over, she got me hooked on this Chinese Martial Arts series called Xiao Yu Er Yu Hua Wu Que =3 Very good indeed... Written by some guy called Gu Long or something, who I haven't really heard of before, but apparently Jin Yong said he was good, so I had high expectations for this series.

And my expectations were mainly met! =D It was hilariously funny at the start, turning into something very serious at the end (although still with jokes)... Annoying thing is, when I got to ep 39 (there are 45 in total) it stopped playing!!! >_< I got so annoyed... Something wrong with the DVD >_<;; Urk.

So yes, I am now looking around for anywhere I can watch the rest of the series online.

I have to say, though, I'd lost faith in Chinese guys... till I saw Xie Ting Feng on this series. And I'd never thought a 40-yr-old *MAN* could have nicer legs than me... till I saw Zhang Wei Jian on this series... urk boy has my self-esteem gone down the pits... x_x;

I only realised yesterday evening (after Ani'd left), though, that I'd seen Xie Ting Feng before, on a movie, but he was playing the majorly evil guy (she reminded me cos she'd also just realised she'd seen it before too)... lol, plus I didn't watch the movie properly. It was supposed to be really popular in China when it came out, but I thought it was crazy boring and pointless... >_> I remember thinking the evil guy was fit though ;)

Anyways, Thought for the day: would you rather love a celebrity who you will probably never be with, or be with a guy who loves you but you will never love back?

And finally, some hott pics of Xie Ting Feng to leave you on:



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[I Love NuTang.]
14/08/06 13:07
mood: Tired
listening to: Daddy eating pumpkin seeds >_>;
watching: Sun Zi Bing Fa

I have to say, NuTang is now officially my favourite blogging service on the whole world wide web. It's quite surprising actually, seeing as how in the beginning I was thinking "what the...?!" but now it's like "YAY!"

Reason? Well, (apart from the fact that they allow private entries <333) last night I wrote this majorly long entry, and just as I clicked 'Create this Awesome Entry', my broadband disconnected me *AGAIN*, and the next page I saw was a 'This page cannot be displayed' one. I was so mad, so I'd hoped the entry would still be written out in the 'Create New' thing when I clicked 'Back', but it wasn't >_< I was getting rather worried cos it was one-of-those-time entries... But since I'd copied half of it from what I said to a friend on MSN, I thought I could just write it out again, so I re-copied what I wrote (or thought I did), and realised I'd only copied the last sentence >_<

And I'd already closed the chat window

*BUT* when I checked my entries list, IT'D ACTUALLY BEEN SAVED!!! =DDDDDDD <3333333 First time ever!!!

So yes, NuTang is now officially my favourite blogging service .

Although, seriously, what is up with my internet?!?! How can I still be getting disconnected when I'm on *broadband*??? x_x I don't get it. Especially since I've spent a good 9 hours trying to download *one file* because every time it gets to about 70%-ish I get disconnected and it resets!

I need some download accelerators ¬_¬;

Granted, it was a big file though (Manga file =3)... Thankyou, Katrina-nee!!! I've finally managed to finish downloading it this morning!!! I will go read it now XDDD

Anyways, Ani's coming over today! YAY! =D She's hopefully gotten on the train by now, but she hasn't text me saying she has yet though ¬_¬;

Oooh, Daddy's watching Sun Zi Bing Fa now XDDDDDD It seems interesting =3 I will go watch it with him~~~



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[Private Entry 02--Yume]
13/08/06 22:39
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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[Broadband At Last!!!]
12/08/2006 13:44
mood: Uber Happy!
listening to: Sweet buzzing of my lappy
watching: My screen~~~ <3

Today, I can officially say that I'm in a very, very good mood! =DDD

Well, yesterday was spent trying to sort out my laptop yet *again* because it kept crashing cos Norton didnt install properly...

Okay that wasn't the reason ¬_¬ I'd forgotten to uninstall my out-of-date Sophos AntiVirus before installing Norton, so the two collided and crashed. Badly. And on top of that, I hadn't waited for Norton to finish installing (I thought it'd finished) before trying to install broadband...

But the Norton AntiVirus itself took like 3-4 *HOURS* installing anyways, and after constantly crashing my computer and not letting me install broadband properly, I tried to uninstall it. It didn't work. And then it got to the extent that not only could I not uninstall it, my computer crashed every time I tried to, and the control panel was not showing up until I'd ctrl, alt+deleted about 5 times, and alt+f4'ed like 10 times and selected shut down. ¬_¬

So the next time I tried, where it said 'shut down', I chose to cancel that command instead, and thank God the control panel finally showed up, thus began my uninstallation......................

3-4 hours later, it *still* hadn't finished, so I gave up and shut down my lappy manually.

So then I had a go at Jay for giving me a cruddy AntiVirus (he uh... burnt it for me -cough-), only to discover that he himself was using it... o_o but that didn't change the fact that my computer was still being a pain, so in the rare case that it hadn't frozen within 5 minutes of loading up, I went and deleted all the files of Norton from my program files...

So the darn thing wouldnt uninstall at all ¬_¬

And I complained to Jay, lots and lots, and he told me of a lovely little function called system restore. Thank God for that!!! <33333

And now, after a heck load of tediously long hours of trying to install broadband, I NOW FINALLY HAVE IT ON MY LAPPY!!! =DDDDDDD Which is what I am currently using XD

Anyways, last night I went to Tanya's party thingy =D It was great fun, pizza hut was very yummy, and we had very interesting discussions ^_^

Oh, and did I mention I had a very bad headache? =/ It must have been from all that time spent trying to fix the computer @[email protected] Well, at least it's okay now, and we all had a good time! =D (Waiting at the bus stop sucked though, it was absolutely freezing, thank God I took a coat.

And looking at the two girls next to me who only had short-sleeved tops and shorts on made me feel a lot warmer XD)

RAWR! So now, you have a very happy Crystina, going online on her lappy, YAY! =DDDDD

...I'm so tired x_x...

Thank God, once more, that I didn't go down So'ton to the Mela today otherwise I would have died of tiredness. Although my tiredness does seem very trivial to Ani's tiredness ^_^;;

Oooh! She was gonna visit me today, but because there are no direct trains, her parents have now given her to miss art on Wednesday, and come to mine on Monday and stay till Friday!!! YAY!!! =DDD That mean's she'll be here to collect my Chinese AS results with me!!! (And shoot me if I don't get an A cos I won't get to Heaven if I commit suicide =3)

This also means we could probably meet up with Bob if he wanted to come down and visit, but since he's being an absolute 'tard recently I refuse to meet up with him, and I'll leave him at the train station if he bothered to come down, and the best part is, if he to tries to guilt me into picking him up from there cos he doesn't know the darn place, I wouldn't give a hoot cos I have no guilty conscience >=]

The only trouble would be getting Ani to not drag me into going cos she has a mega guilt conscience though ¬_¬

Oh well! <3



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