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Michael Jackson booed in London
Wednesday. 11.15.06 8:48 pm

Hey all you Michael Jackson fans!!!

Michael Jackson was expected to sing. He refused at got booed by the crowd. He was presented an award by beyonce, which he accepted. He received a standing ovation and everyone expected him to sing. He turned around and walked off to get booed again.

Here is the link to the rest of the story

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Suicide of bullied Japan students
Wednesday. 11.15.06 7:55 pm
Two kids in Japan committed suicide over the weekend because they were being bullied in school. The boy was 14 and the girl was 12. As of August this makes a total of 5 suicides of related nature.

The girl jumped from the eighth floor because she was being bullied about her height. The hung himself after his classmates tried to take money from him. Additionally a head teacher has been found hanged in a forest after he was criticised over his response to an extortion incident involving a pupil at his school.

Last week several school children wrote to the education minister threatening to kill themselves.

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My stand on gay marriage
Tuesday. 11.14.06 5:59 pm

Should gays be allowed to get married. Heck why not?? You know, alcohol was made legal and you have drunks and alcoholics in our midsts all the time. There are gays and lesbians everywhere. If they want to get married why not? If an alcoholic wants a drink, give him directions to the bar. Who are we to judge the good from the bad, the evil from the righteous? I am a christian but I dont believe in controlling peoples lives. The catholic church BELIEVES that Jesus never married. I believe differently. I think he did get married.

My questions to the church would be....

1. Jesus was a man right? Yes.
2. He was born of flesh and blood? correct.
3. He was able to be tempted by satan? That is correct.

Then if he never married, why did he have 12 men following him everywhere??!!

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Tuesday. 11.14.06 3:15 am
Work is slow and school requires time. I am behind in my reading and my assignments. I tottally forgot that i was suppose to get something together for th whole group tonight. Sheesh! I think I am addicted to nutang. I am A type perosnality and i guess I am an overachiever. I was popular in highschool and also in college. I guess that is good enough for me...

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Woman on golf cart arrested for DUI
Monday. 11.13.06 12:25 pm
Friday, November 10th, 2006
S.D. Woman On Golf Cart Arrested For DUI

A Keystone, South Dakota, woman was arrested early November 9 for driving under the influence after police stopped her while she was driving a golf cart. A police officer from nearby Rapid City was on patrol around midnight when he came upon a woman driving a golf cart on the road.

According to the police report, the cop put on his emergency lights and attempted to stop the golf cart because it had no lights and was a threat to traffic. The woman would not stop at first but she finally did when realized that there was no way she could outrun a police cruiser by fleeing on a golf cart.

The woman told the officer that she had borrowed the vehicle from friends at a party.

The cop smelled alcohol on her breath and attempted to draw a blood sample as part of the new required blood test, but when our golf cart girl became uncooperative, it took two officers to hold her so that they could get the blood sample that they needed, the report said.

After the results were in, 23-year-old Tawanna Martin was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

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Are you a Star Trekker???
Monday. 11.13.06 12:06 pm

A Trekker wears a STARFLEET uniform to a convention because its fun…
A Trekkie wears a uniform to a convention because s/he has heard that it is in style at the academy.

A Trekker has a STARFLEET Academy window sticker on his car…
A Trekkie is cramming for the entrance exams.

A Trekker thinks Wil Wheaton was a lucky kid who got to play a kid on Star Trek…
A Trekkie thinks that Wesley Crusher was a lucky kid who got to sit on the bridge.

A Trekker thinks that it is a shame that the show is coming to an end…
A Trekkie thinks that it is a shame that the crew is being reassigned and the Enterprise is being decommissioned.

A Trekker knows that there are gaping holes in the technology, but ignores them and enjoys the show…
A Trekkie can't wait for the price to come down on those home food replicator units.”

Those self-identified trekkies, however, have their own fodder to fling. They associate the term trekkers with pretentious nuts obsessed over minutiae and details. Moreover, they accuse ‘trekkers’ of being too ashamed to admit they are ‘trekkies.’ Apparently this camp has the good graces of Gene Roddenbury, the creator of Star Trek. According to his former assistant, Richard Arnold, Gene Roddenbury spoke during a convention and used the term trekkie. Someone attempted to correct him, to which he responded, “Excuse me, did you say 'TrekkER?' The word is 'TrekkIE.' I should know, I created them." (http://www.trekdoc.com/database/fanfeed/1.htm)

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Something about Mary
Sunday. 11.12.06 10:50 pm
Who was Mary Magdalene?

Was she the prostitute that had stones thrown at her or was she someone of greater significance? Was she the wife of Jesus of Nazareth? References in the bible show record of Mary Magdalene at important scenes and times of Jesus’ life. Mark, Matthew and John have recorded Mary Magdalene to be present during the crucifixion, after the crucifixion, and at the resurrection.

Mary would visit his tomb everyday and one day she had noticed the stone rolled away.

John 20:18: Mary Magdalene came, announcing to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord," and that He had said these things to her.

I always wondered WHY Jesus’ first appearance before his resurrection was to Mary Magdalene. If Jesus was born of man, of flesh and blood than he would also be able to fall in love and be married. As Christians are we not told to procreate and replenish the earth? Why is it that it would be different for Jesus? If this law of man and woman being the only union why is it that Jesus was not a part of this sacred union?

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New adventures got me frustrated as hell
Sunday. 11.12.06 2:35 pm
First of all hell is not a bad word because it is in the bible.

So I am trying to understand what RSS feed is. It is so frustrating because it is something too difficult for me to understand and teach myself and yet I really want to learn it.

My head is spinning because of these words:

Word press
wp themes
text and rss
README - I read you damn (another word in the bible) it and i STILL dont understand!!

ARRGH!!!!! I give up!!!

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