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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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still alive.
Wednesday. 3.19.08 2:58 am
cant stand staying at home.
why? cause i cant even use the computer.
thats why i didnt blog as much as i could.
so i always stayed out late or choose not to go home.

for my education wise,
term one is finally over and welcome term two
done badly for my term one though.
seroiusly it got me so worried...
always wonder will i get good grades for my o level.

anyway sorry my dear classmates,
havent really spend time with you guys since last year.
missed the trip to malaysia with you people.
oh well, hope you guys understand.

anyway had great time with the clique recently.
-sentosa siloso resort
-late night movies
-chilling over at winston's, jane's and wanhua's place.

oh thanks wanhua for the great dinner!
love your baked potato!
and not forgetting your pasta!

damn, i cant post any pictures in this laptop.
there is no photoshop.
cause i needa resize the pictures.
oh well, i think this post is damn freaking boring.
but who cares? hah this post is to cover up the rest of the days which i have not post.

well i guess nobody is reading this post,
cause my blog has been so dead for a long time.

signing off:


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Wednesday. 3.12.08 9:22 pm
you've got me wrong bitch.
cheers. hah

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Saturday. 2.23.08 1:17 am
antm cycle 10 finalist are out!
fucking cool man...
i love ALLISON!

my blog is soo dead....

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awesome day
Thursday. 2.7.08 12:51 am
went to cityhall yesterday night,
met up with winston, edison, jane, derek, will & wanhua
to catch the fireworks over at RiverAngBao.
it was packed with people as usual
and the weather yesterday was great(:

anyway there was a funfair held yesterday too.
i felt like a young boy back then.
best thing was the fireworks.
it was awesome!

oh well, after the count down.
we decided to catch a midnight movie over at cathey titled JUNO
this movie is a great show i must say.
this little young girl at the age of 16 somehow got pregnant.
and blablablabla it goes.
gotta go for visting!
happy chinese new year people!
lotsa love:


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happy cny
Wednesday. 2.6.08 3:16 am
dont know why but i just cant stop listening to spicegirls.
headlines my all time fav. hah

anw i'm just dropping by to wish everybody.
wishing you guys a prosperous and fulfilling upcoming year
having all your wishes coming true.

i think my blog is lack of pictures!
shall upload real soon!
take care people.
much love

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Sunday. 2.3.08 2:59 am
before i head to town.
jus wna tell you bout this show called SWEENEY TOOD
its a M18 show, cause of the way how johnny depp killed many people
with his small sharp blade for shaving.
this show is also kinda muscial and sick.
overall not that bad luh.
catch it soon people:)

goodbye im off
and theres school tmr. grrr.

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