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Horrible Job/
Saturday. 7.5.08 9:52 pm
mood: horribly bitch

didn't write this
The job has:

* $0 salary and no equity (you’re supposed to be compensated in experience)
* no benefits other than vacation and sick time: no insurance, for example
* no possibility of promotion or raise, ever
* no job description: just do what you’re told
* micromanaging boss asks about project status every hour
* strict hours, starting at 8:30AM sharp
* if you’re late even a few minutes, your boss sends you to her boss
* rigid workweek, but then you’re expected to work from home a ton
* open-desk seating, not even a cube, with a hard chair
* the work is boring and demeaning, like adding digits and copying text
* all your useless work gets thrown away
* if you want to use a computer, you can buy one or just scribble on paper
* no supplies room, either
* my daughter can’t drive, so commute was complicated
* can’t even put the job on your resume until you work there for a decade

I wish this was a joke or I was making it up.

Having consulted with me, my daughter of course rejected this ridiculous offer and is now just working on side projects while looking for a better opportunity.

But millions of other seven-year-olds accepted identical offers. found it somwehre

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Friday. 7.4.08 12:14 am
First day of work, was fun, but my hip hurts, slept on it wrong i guess, ugh hurts to sit hurts to stand hurts to walk dangit, but about to go to sleeps so thats awesome. and i (maybe) get overtime for working 2morrow which is nice.

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I gotta job now!
Wednesday. 7.2.08 5:04 pm
Yay! I went to my interview with AFLAC today, Didn't get that job. Costs $250.00 to get license. So anyway on the drive home passed this Security place/ Answering service, (not putting the name here, who knows what kinda psychos read this) and went in and applied, they hadn't even put in that they had an opening, but were going to tomorrow and I applied and got the job. Awesome as hell. I get 7.25an hour and she said 33 hours a week/part time but she said 3-11 5 days aweek which is 40 hours a week which is full time, so yeah. anyway im gonna go

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I hate spiders
Tuesday. 7.1.08 2:51 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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