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Friday. 9.25.09 9:33 am
i saw 9 last night. it was pretty good.

it wasn't as great as i thought it was going to be, however, it was still (overall) a good movie. i didn't expect a cartoon to be so dark. but it was, and the dark parts were the awesomestest. i guess the whole movie was kind of dark.

didn't expect so much death, but it was epic.

i think the main reason i wanted to see it was because of the awesome trailer. there were tons of epic scenes with coheed and cambria's "welcome home" playing in the background. the song by itself is so glorious, that it made the movie look craaaazy good.

overall, it was worth seeing in theaters. they probably spent a lot of money to get those particular people to do the voices, which was probably unnecessary. anyone could've been doing the voices, and it would've been just as good. oh well.

buyin' it.

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Thursday. 9.24.09 11:13 am
anyone know how i can properly convert a .swf file to a valid youtube video format? i apparently can't do it, and don't feel like finding out. i'm trying to upload this random stick toon i made a while ago, and realized i didn't share it with you guys. i worked really hard on it.

or, does anyone know where i can upload a .swf file for free? kthxbye.

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Tuesday. 9.22.09 10:50 am
jimmy buffett is awful. this is my rebuttal to him:

"well i hate pina coladas.
precipitation's a pain.
and i hate excercising.
i am dumb, and insane.
i like to sleep around eleven,
in the bed of my home.
i'm not the one that you've looked for,
so please leave me alone."

in fact, i hate all country music. so does america.

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Sunday. 9.20.09 11:21 pm
i SOMEHOW got obsessed with the show avatar: the last airbender. now i'm halfway through the third season, and i have to wait at least a week to watch the next set of episodes.

it's a good show, i supposed, though, i can get hooked on just about anything, as long as i can watch them without commercial breaks.

i just hope that m. night shayamalan (sp?) makes the airbender movie sweet. we'll see i guess. oh well. hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Friday. 9.18.09 11:01 am
i love "your mama" jokes, but i can never find the right place for them.

the only "mom" jokes i can ever slip in are "that's not what your mom said last night" jokes. here are some examples and key statements where you can slip in "that's not what your mom said last night."

1. "get off of me!"
2. "that's so small!"
3. "get out of my bedroom!"
4. "what the f* are you doing?"
5. "i can't keep up with you."

more examples later.

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shake dat laffy taffy.
Thursday. 9.17.09 11:26 am
i think there are beatles stuck in head.

i can't stop singing their songs in my head, out loud, or humming them, or whistling them... but i don't hate that. i love that, actually.

who knew that fifty years after the beatles created their music that they would still be so inspiring to people? will this be the case in another fifty years?

i often wonder if several years from now, if people will look back at music from out time, and call it "classic" whatever genre. i think about listening to music from the 1800's, and how music has gone through so much change. people don't sit around and listen to 1800's music, or marching music (except dexter). plenty of people still listen to oldies, stuff from the 60's and 70's.

but will people, generations from now, look back and listen to that old 50 cent album and call that oldies? and what will come of the music from the 60's? is that going to become really oldies? and will 1800's music be really really oldies? or just dust?

and what will music be like, generations from now? just a random set of electro-funk techno, or like booming club music?

that reminds me, has anyone heard that song laffy taffy? it's probably a few years old now, but i just remembered it. the lyrics, deep as they are, go something like this:

"shake dat laffy taffy, dat laffy taffy, shake dat laffy taffy, dat laffy taffy whaaaat"

that song is just like four different sync-keyboard noises. it's awful. i don't want the NEW oldies to be that in fifty years.


a customer gave me a penny today, and said "here, make up for the money your bank lost last week." actually, our bank is thriving. *flips the bird*

we have these cardboard cut-outs of people for a promo we are running, and they scare the shit out of me everytime i see one around a corner, or right when i open a door. it sucks. i almost fell once.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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