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Thursday. 10.1.09 10:47 am
*rustle rustle rustle*

that's the sound of paperwork piling up around me. but i don't care.

i have to move some logs that were formerly trees in our back yard this afternoon. apparently my father thinks it's a great idea to cut the wood into logs, and then leave them there so a jungle of jumanji-like proportion grows around them, leaving me to machete through the wildlife and drag the logs back out, probably so it can happen again, but in a different area.

i missed the season premiere of dexter on sunday night. i will have to try to find it online.

car status: still functioning. the check engine light isn't on anymore, so either i fixed the problem correctly, or the check engine light burnt out. either way, i'm not worrying about it.

winter is coming. when i walked out of the house today to go to work, i could see the white breath sputter out of my mouth. i wasn't happy. not that i hate winter, it's just that summer is the mmm best, and it's already over.

oh well.

i want some sushi. maybe this weekend. after all, there are 3 pay periods this month, and that only happens twice a year, so i shall rejoice!


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Tuesday. 9.29.09 11:34 am
went bowling on sunday. i consecutively bowled my best three games. they aren't too impressive, but they were 165, 168, and 169. better than what i normally get though.

i still need to buy a new bowling ball, but i want it to be just a smiley face. i can't find one for the life of me. the only one i've seen is this stupid viz-a-ball with like 100 million smileys on the back side of it. why has no one ever made just a smiley face ball? if anyone finds one online, send me a note here, or a comment.

i've decided i like bowling a lot now. i wish to go all the time.

i need to learn more uke songs. i realized that i can just sit there and play nonsense, but i don't know many songs by heart yet. any recommendations?

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Monday. 9.28.09 8:52 am
so my girlfriend just enlisted into the marines.

...so there's that.

i can't really be mad at her, i mean, her means for doing it is to secure a future for both of us, but it's gonna be uber tough. at this point i don't even know how to feel. we've been together for three years.

it's a bit upsetting. *sigh*

so what do i do now?

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Friday. 9.25.09 9:33 am
i saw 9 last night. it was pretty good.

it wasn't as great as i thought it was going to be, however, it was still (overall) a good movie. i didn't expect a cartoon to be so dark. but it was, and the dark parts were the awesomestest. i guess the whole movie was kind of dark.

didn't expect so much death, but it was epic.

i think the main reason i wanted to see it was because of the awesome trailer. there were tons of epic scenes with coheed and cambria's "welcome home" playing in the background. the song by itself is so glorious, that it made the movie look craaaazy good.

overall, it was worth seeing in theaters. they probably spent a lot of money to get those particular people to do the voices, which was probably unnecessary. anyone could've been doing the voices, and it would've been just as good. oh well.

buyin' it.

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Thursday. 9.24.09 11:13 am
anyone know how i can properly convert a .swf file to a valid youtube video format? i apparently can't do it, and don't feel like finding out. i'm trying to upload this random stick toon i made a while ago, and realized i didn't share it with you guys. i worked really hard on it.

or, does anyone know where i can upload a .swf file for free? kthxbye.

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Tuesday. 9.22.09 10:50 am
jimmy buffett is awful. this is my rebuttal to him:

"well i hate pina coladas.
precipitation's a pain.
and i hate excercising.
i am dumb, and insane.
i like to sleep around eleven,
in the bed of my home.
i'm not the one that you've looked for,
so please leave me alone."

in fact, i hate all country music. so does america.

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