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Tuesday. 3.16.10 10:06 pm
Virginia Tech
Clemson University
Georgia Tech
Let's assume Brown and Cornell Universities.

Physics department, go.

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I did not get in.
Sunday. 3.14.10 2:18 pm
It's not as bad as I thought. Kind of like not getting what you expected for Christmas, as shallow as that comparison is.


Now I don't know what to do with this MIT hoody. Wear it, I guess.

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When in doubt, slow down
Saturday. 3.13.10 8:00 pm
This works everywhere except sports.

It's weird, me getting tailgated when I'm driving annoys me more than getting stuck behind a slow driver. First, it implies that I am a slow driver...and while I certainly have respect for speed limits, it's more true to say that I treat them more as...guidelines. And that works both ways. If I'm confident, I'll drive faster. And if the road sucks or I'm in a neighborhood or something, I'll go slower. I think that's logical. Secondly, tailgating (especially when I'm already over the speed limit) is the epitome of ignorance and selfishness. It seems that most people don't understand that THE CLOSER YOU ARE TO MY ASS, THE SLOWER I WILL GO. This is so that if I have to stop suddenly, you're less likely to ram me in the back. It's what you're supposed to do in my position. Not drive faster. Not brake-check you, as much as it would please me. I drive slower because it's responsible, and I do my best to ignore my annoyance and enjoy yours.

Thirdly because it's nearly impossible to accurately convey this to the moron driving the car behind me. At least if someone's acting up in front of me I can flicker my brights or something. Nobody pays attention when I dance on the break pedal.

I bought a glow-in-the-dark Nalgene during the Bonclarken Retreat. I am pleased.


Life is interesting, to say the least. Tomorrow I find out about MIT, and April 1 I hear from Brown. Eeeeeeee

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Thursday. 3.4.10 6:39 pm
I should make a project.

Oh, and here's this.

Reality by ~middaymoon on deviantART

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