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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Monday. 4.14.08 5:54 pm
Today is Dave's birthday.

I baked him a cake.

Not just any cake...

A Flame Cake!

I was putting the candles in, decided 23 would have been too many, and put in only 12 instead. Then I thought, hrm, if I am alternating candles, why not stick four together in the middle.

It started off kinda boring, then got to be like the first picture, and then it went FOOM like fires are wont to do. Ok, not quite FOOM but it was a healthy flame, as can be seen in the second picture.

There isn't much difference between white cake mix and vanilla cake mix... :/

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Yay! (** 2 edits!)
Monday. 4.14.08 11:43 am
I ordered a shirt and it came today!

Woohoo! Now it needs to get warm so I can wear it.

I ordered the matching necklace, but it did not get here today.

My shirt also came with some random things, a pin and a set of those cheap-tacular monster/vampire fangs.

Raaah! *gnashes fangs*

Also, if I have a kitty and an office desk, I will need one of these.

It is me! in my shirt.

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More Asian-shoppery(and lemon babies)
Saturday. 4.12.08 7:21 pm
I realize this post is long and rambly. If you want to "get to the point", as people like for me to do, you can search for the string "*****" (five asterisks, no quotes). Lemonbabies has six asterisks.

I've been wanting some bottled barley tea/drink the past few days, so I took a trek to the the local shop that caters more to Asians(of the Chinese/Japanese persuasion, it seems) than it does "The world", like the other local shop.

This shop has a $5 minimum purchase for using cards, and I figured the tea would probably be two dollars or so, and I would get two and a snack-thing, maybe some broadbeans (om nom nom. nom nom)

They only had oolong tea, so I got no tea. I got some mirin, because I see it in all of the recipies I'd like to try. There was was HUGE bottle of salted rice wine, but I decided that I probably didn't need that much. I'm sure it probably would have been much pricier in the "international" section of local "large" grocer, or even the "world" shop.

Anyway. They had some jelly mix, like the little cups of jelly from way back when that had the .5cm2 chunk of coconut in them, but they got pulled off of the market when kids choked on them because their parents couldn't supervise them well enough. Grr. They remade them without that massive hunk of coconut, but it's not the same. Anyway, I bought this packet of jelly mix. I can't wait to make it.

At this point, I think I was up to about 4 dollars in purchases. I found some green tea pumpkin seeds, which sounded slightly awkward. Just a bit.

I go to the refrigerated section to look for the tea, and perhaps some other tasties (world food market will get the 1-up in that it has green tea mochi... it looks so tasty!). I see the little yogurt-milk drinks that are awesome, but I don't want any.

I eventually see "green bean ice milk bar". Green beans? What kind of green beans? I guess I could have read the ingredients... but green beans? Was it edamame and green tea? Was it generic flavorless bean dyed green in green tea? Was it... String beans? Peas? That would have been a bit awkward. Well, the string beans. Peas are almost always awesome. Having almost faithfully watched Jackie Chan Adventures, I wondered if it were mung beans... which I have never had, and was not willing to try in a confection just yet.

*****(What follows is the point of the story)*****

Then I see "sesame ice milk bar". Sesame done right is always tasty. Sesame done wrong makes me slightly ill. It was black, like sesame things are wont to be, and the idea was a bit offputting. Maybe there is someth... oooh, Red bean! AND jelly! This bodes well. (Okay, maybe not for that guy... but for me, yes. Then again... maybe not for me.)

I ask the clerk (who was exceedingly friendly when I came in) how much they were. $2.79, not horrid, not awesome either. A good price for an experimental try. I went to buy them, and he seemed surprised/impressed that I was buying something with red beans in it. Maybe people "like me"(non-asian, obviously) come in and don't like red beans? Who knows. I told him that I thought red bean stuff was pretty darn awesome, and he thought that was pretty cool. Go figure.

So on to this bar. I decide that it would be nice to have one whilst walking back to Dave's. I open the bar. It is red beany... and green. Green? Um, okay. It tasted like coconut and red bean, and there was a ton of beans in it. The green things were the jelly, where I'd expected the jelly to be worked into the texture of the bar. They didn't have any taste to them, and they reminded me of gummy worms. I guess they were there to break the monotony of beans and ice-milk? It would have been fine without the green-things, but they did make it a bit more fun to eat.

Maybe I'll be adventurous and try the "green bean" one next time. The beans on the package are the same kind of bean, so if anyone wants to offer a "wtf is this", go ahead.

******(Other point)******

Lemon babies. I think it is highlarious. Dave thinks I'm rather awful. I probably won't be a good parent at all, if I ever have kids... I'd be so mean.

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Weddings. Bah.
Wednesday. 4.9.08 1:18 pm
So apparently it is wedding season.

I can not go five ficking femtoseconds without having wedding crap flung around.

My favorite websites, my classes... AUGH.

Anyway, I'm griping about this because in my floral design class today (That I actually decided to go to, but not fields, because apparently I am on the verge of having a massive issue, but I really didn't need to go to floral design) the guy spends the WHOLE DAMN CLASS talking about wedding arrangements he's made.


What made it worse, was some little girlygirl in the back kept hemming and hawing "anh" "oh" "awwwww" at EVERY. LITTLE. THING. I wanted to smack her.

Maybe she's in school to find a husband.

AHA! I have a positive, yes, yes, I do. I think I will make a point to have a positive in every entry. I could use some of that right now.

Damnit, there's a negative in here... oh well. I went to Starbucks (gasp gasp) last night, after hearing about their fancy new Pike Place roast that they set free yesterday.

I ordered "whatever the largest size is" of it, even though I couldn't find the price on the menu. I figured it couldn't be too exorbitantly pricey, it came to 2.15. I pay that much on campus for what I guess would be the next size down, even though I get to use meal plan, so it's technically half-price, 1.075.

So I leave Starbucks, having actually given them money (something I took pride in... I guess because of all of the people who can't live without their 5 dollar cup of crap with a drop of coffee... yes, I'm a bit of a snob. Just a teensy bit. Not ZOMG I GROW MY OWN BEANZES AND ROAST THEM AND GRIND THEM FIVE FEMTOSECONDS BEFORE I BREW THEM IN MY 1500 BREWER!!! snobby, though. I think it's more the spoiled attitude and perceived high-maintinosity vibe that I get from people who order things like that, why can't they be simple and just order coffee? Why mask the coffee with everything and it's brother? Why even bother at that point? Anyway.), with my cup of coffee. I sip it, it is VERY hot. Good. I sip it again. It is STILL very hot. 10-15 minutes later, is it still quite warm and toasty, and I have eaten a sammich in the meanwhile. Crazy!

It was good with rolos, but I was not getting the chocolate-nuttiness I'd heard it described as. Oh well, it was still good coffee. Just not for 2.15.

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Good, but not.
Monday. 4.7.08 8:25 pm
So, Virginia has been in the news recently for mandating web safety courses.

Good idea.

At the same time, will they offer it every year? Will they have some way of tracking who's taken it? Will they explain that not all internetcreeps are gay pedophiles?

Will they explain that people's personalities are shown to change when they can be "anonymous", and that most people will become asshole-tacular?

I'm glad they are doing this, I hope they don't ruin the internet for anyone who is interested in it research-wise.

It would really suck if they made obviously web-savvy students sit through this, and not test out.

Hopefully it will result in more people knowing wtf WiFi is...

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Sunday. 4.6.08 11:46 pm
I finally took randomjunk's advice and went to a Ross, since one just recently opened around here.

There I saw... a pan.

10" of lidless fry-pan goodness, in a variety of colors. There was the one from the link above, a blue paisley, a wok pan in this pattern, but purple...

I called Dave, to ask if it was alright that I buy a 10" pan (no, not because we are joined at the shoulder, but because I didn't know how big his pan was, and if there was room/if there was a need or want for a smaller pan). I didn't get an answer, so I didn't buy the pan.

What a mistake.

I spent the next 18 hours lamenting this pan, how awesome it was, and all of the wonderful things I could cook in it. I'm an engineer... shouldn't I be getting excited about transistors or something? I guess the woman in me won out.

So instead of doing work today, I made Dave come with me to both see and buy this pan. It is totally super-awesome. I saw a matching wok... but I did not buy it. Now I'm going to sit around for the next week lamenting this damn wok. I really shouldn't buy too much kitchen-crap, as I would be keeping it at Dave's, and the kitchen here is sooo disgusting. :( It was nice when it was just us here over the summer, the kitchen was rather clean. Yeah, I'm gonna have to go back and get the wok/stir-fry pan. Damnit. YAY! Dave says we can go back and get it!

Internet searching did not find the pan I bought, but it did find an equally awesome pan. The pan I got is yellow with purple and green flowers/pattern on it, for some reason it reminds me of my kitchen at home.

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