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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Sunday. 8.20.06 2:39 pm
mood: feeling Lucky
listening to: I Caught Fire (In YOur Eyes) + The Used


waaaah!!!! been a long time since i didn't check the web! weheheh If u consider two days a Long time...(I do.) lol

Nweiz...Saturday ==>> went to Tor0nto.. 1st time to ride the Subway in Canada...1st time to ride a streetcar...(which always always reminds me of A Streetcar Named Desire)... Saw Tita Leonor's baby, Matthew... (WWAAAHHHH!!! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! THE NAME OF THE ♥ OF MY LIFE!!! O_o)

Also went for a stroll in Lake Shore...[pics coming soon]... Threw lotssa bread for the birds... :D Yeah saw this fat girl squishing a skinny guy...romantically squishing... hehe

Spent the night there! My sis and I wanted to see the streets for ourselves so we went out but then before we crossed the first street, there were these murderous-looking ghetto teens ...so we did a 360° turn and ran back to the apartment! waaahhh!!! hahahahhahahaha

Honestly, I'm still scared of the teens here. True.

Sunday ==>> went back to Brampton...long ride...boo...um fell asleep on the bus and lost my transfer...haha Good thing dad has an extra...wahahah ;p

Oh yeah, I'm happy too coz i Got a new pair of more fashionable safety shoes for work...lol

Sigh. I ♥ Toronto. Even though i didn't see my friend who lives there coz i only knew Friday night and friendster-msg'd her Friday night which she received on Saturday..bullfrogs. :( And she lives near Islington Station! Grrr..!! It was so near Mississauga already!

Yeah. Still wanna go to TO. I am a downtown kind of girl anyway. But for now, Brampton would do. Living in the city of flowers isn't so bad after all. Just happy to get home and rest from the trip. :)

*************************Reminiscin' about...********************************
...that guy I met in Cebu whose name I still don't know...:(

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shitting thoughts
Friday. 8.18.06 9:56 pm
Shitting in the toilet is one of world's greatest enigmas. Contortion of facial muscles in those kinds of ways are just so... mysterious.

I just shat and it was one of the hardest shits i ever had. Gawd. I wouldn't blog about it if it were just some normal shitting. Aarrrgghhhhh....

@ Work...

Sometimes i think i'm being used and abused there in the workplace. But maybe it's just my imagination. Errthing else okay though. My manager - let's juz call him D - is real goofy! lol He keeps on sticking tape on my butt. Thinks i don't notice it, eh! "Ima take my revenge on u, D!!!"

Whoooo.... So anihoo... went to Bramalea City Centre...blablabla...been a long time since i went to a fricken mall. Gawd. My feet still hurt. My whole body hurts. And i'm so glad it's Saturday tomorrow. FREE!!!


wheeeee... so maybe i won't get the chance to bLog durin the weekends... but i'LL be back...heheh to bitch about u and errthin that happens to u...and me. lol

So there. Had a gr8 web night, chattin wit ma friends and all that. Chattin wit this Spanish friend of a friend of mine. Hehe. Done some good stuff today too to send me out of the fifth circle of hell. Hell.


btw, if u comment (a.k.a. bitch here), ima comment back to u. lol talk abt advertisin! lol Ima put the smilies L8r. ;p

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Carrie carrie quite contrary
Thursday. 8.17.06 8:32 pm
mood: undoubdtedly freaked out

Couldn't sleep so took out Stephen King's Carrie and read until page 124. I stopped, then. I swear that book just freaks me out. Yeah I read it already. But still. Reading it again is soo freaky.

Gawd, i so love Stephen King. ♥

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techie bLues
Thursday. 8.17.06 6:42 pm
mood: sad and confused and just plain pissed at being so afraid to kill my e398...shit.

Just let go of www. e398mod.com and www.motomod.com Ugh. My heart. I have an E398 phone, as of now. I'm luvin it as it is my only phone. duh? But i hate it coz browsin the sites mentioned, I cannot upgrade my e398 to a RokrE1.

So it's do or die. And i chose to die. I'll just friggin buy an ipod. (when my next paycheck comes) [since my 'rents don't believe in wallowing in luXury]. And i have to wait til December to get my own laptop. Hopefully. Ugh, my heart.

I'm a techie. As in I ♥ everything digital, esp mp3/mp4 players, cellphones, laptops, the works! But the prob is... where's the $$$!?!?!?!

I so can't wait for my next paycheck to come. Work hard! Work hard! Work hard! (trying in vain to hypnotize self)...

Holy camote....Um, any weird and nice sites to browse through there???!?!? ;p

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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