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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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Buy nothing Day
Saturday. 11.18.06 5:16 pm

I am not quite sure why the Flickr is not working with this account but it seems it isn't working for everyone too. In that case it is not my lack of knowledge. I thought I try this hot link from my Flickr account just too see how it works. That seemed like a great solution to the Flickr problem! Just find your photo in Flickr and right click on the mouse to display the image location and copy the address. The only problem I suppose is the photos cannit be resized. It would be nice if I could center it at least.

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To buy or not to buy
Friday. 11.17.06 5:00 pm
The recent arrive of heavy rains have brought flooding and power outages to many lower mainland homes and now they have a problem with turbidity and ground water contamination. As with most rich industrialized nations what is their answer? Their answer is but bottled water! Hey well it helps the economy but what about the environmental impact that water bottles, which are made from petro chemicals have on global warming. Our hunger for water is also a hunger for oil, which is the very reason why wars are being waged - all at the expense of the environment. I say stop buying bottled water, boil it. Even better encourage local potters to build ceramic water filters to eliminate bacteria and turbidity. Two such organizations are Potters for Peace and the newly formed Potters Without Borders.

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On the way
Thursday. 11.16.06 12:35 am
Well as of today all my documents have been successfully submited and I am officially set to go teach Japanese in China. From now I leave the rest of the work up to the university officials to deal with visa applications and etc etc.
I just heard that PM Stephen Harper's visit to China has been cancelled, he blames it on China calling it the way Chinese do things or something like that. I say BS to Harper because he was the on in the first place who was the only PM in Canada to not visit China after his election. Harper is Bush's puppet. After two years of living in China and many years in and out of Japan I think that I have managed to understand how to do business in the area better than any politician can and even better than in Canada as I have not really lived here much at all.

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Manufactured Landscapes
Tuesday. 11.7.06 2:06 pm
I watched Edward Burtynsky's film, Manufactured Landscapes. Very powerful film with excellent photography. The film shows how the industrialized countries use the developing countries as overseas garbage dumps. The film is told in documentary style and features the assination of a president - whom happens to be still alive and in office - George W. Bush. Aalthough the filmmaker didn't profess the the film to be "real" in a way, it's depiction as a documentary that distorts reality to reveal a larger truth. The issue brings up many questions on what is percieved as fiction and non-fiction in documentary fim.

I have always knew that most of the world's ships when they retire get shipped to India and Bangladesh to be ripped apart and it's scrap gets used over there. You may think oh great they are recycling the metal but what are these workers subjecting themselves too, toxic chemicals and oil leaking into the sea for years to come. The movie makes an interesting point that most used computers from industrialized countries end up in China somewhere to be disassembled and every bit of available metal taken out to be re-used. Again you may think oh great they are re-cycling the material. Think again, what are they doing to their health? Better put what are we doing to their health? What they are doing is taking a soldering iron and un-soldering the IC borders and anyone who has done this knows first hand of the stink of melting solder and plastics. Well if you have not tried this I suggest you try it first hand and then imagine what 1 person multiplied by a 100 or 1000 what the entire city must smell like. The film mentions that these fumes can be detected as you are approaching the city.

Most of the film is set in China with some footage taken in Bangladesh because as the director said he wanted to film and photograph an extreme example of environmental destruction although it is happening everywhere in the world. I found it amazing that people walking out of the movie theater maybe thinking well that is China. Maybe so but in reality it is their own junk that goes there and the Chinese are the ones who are trying to clean it up with whatever limited resources that they have available and then make more products from this junk to be sent back to the industrialized countries and so on the cycle continues. So who are the real victims? I believe the Chinese and other developing countries are the ones who are suffering at the expense of the rich industrialized countries whom are the criminals. There may be no argument now but in 50 years form now I am certain that this could be a case of environmental destruction committed by industrialized countries leading to mass genocide more tragic than any war and the holocaust combined.

I wonder what would happen to the United States and other industrialized countries if the workers of all the factories and call-centers of China and other developing countries all of a sudden stopped work for a day. I would love to see it and the more I think about it the easier it would be to organize in a country like China because they have only one time zones - hey lets all call in sick on November the 9th! As for me I will be heading back to China to work later this year.

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