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Friday. 10.21.05 5:54 pm
I think it's one thing to be criticized for looking thin, but it's another thing when I'm criticized for looking "thin" and for supposedly not eating enough. I mean seriously, I eat what I'm supposed to eat everyday, I take a multivitamin, I established a workout I follow every other day for the last 6 months, and now I am being chastized for looking too thin? What the heck is up with that? If I wasn't getting my daily caloric intake needs for the day, or if I just purposely starved myself for the sake of losing weight, then I would agree with the false accusations. But since I'm not doing either one of those things, then shit.

Maybe some people have yet to realize that I didn't just drop the pounds in the quickness. It took me 6 months to get to where I'm at, and none of that time was spent trying to be anorexic or bulimic for the sake of skinny-fying. I did it the healthy way: I made wiser choices when it came to eating, I began working out every other day, and I supplented my workouts (and my life in general) with a multivitamin. I just CHOSE to live a healthier lifestyle. And seriously, I fucking hate it when people who have no idea of what I'm taking stereotype what it is to begin with. It's called MUSCLE MILK and CYTO GAINER for a reason. I'm building muscle mass, and losing the fat and water weight while I'm at it. I supposedly may not look the part, but I am in the healthiest shape of my life right now, and I plan to keep this regimen up for as long as I possibly can, for the rest of my life if possible.

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History as I write
Tuesday. 9.20.05 9:48 am
Hello again NuTang. I apologize for going on yet another short-term hiatus from posting, but I have had a lot going on these past couple of weeks. College resumed about a month ago, and I'm fervently serious about getting a 4.0gpa for the next 4 semesters so that I can finally FINALLY transfer out completely. I have decided that SDSU, as great a university it is, doesn't fit my current goals in life, thus I have the goal of transferring to UCSD by the winter of 06'. Seems far away, but time flies.

Academically, I need to keep my game up, if not kick it up several notches. I want to be recognized by Phi Theta Kappa (if there is even a chapter at UCSD), maybe join a frat, definitely graduate with honors, and join as many organizations as humanly possible. But first things first, keep my grades up and constant. If (or should I say when) I do achieve my goals of 4.0s for the next four semesters, I would have a transferring GPA of 3.57. It's not impossible, but it is going to take a lot of work, patience, perserverence, and most of all, effort, but it's going to be worth it when I get there. =)

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