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Money making stuff
Friday. 9.14.07 2:00 pm

Okay. So I put up another referral banner. If anyone wants to join either of those programs I'd greatly appreciate it.

A little info on them both.

Inbox Dollars pays you for a variety of things. They have a gaming website set up where you can deposit money and play games for cash. They'll give you cash-back on a percentage of what you play. They also send you paid emails, every few days or so, and you get paid 1-4 cents for looking at an ad. The rest of the stuff is a little trickier and I would advice steering clear of it. They mostly involve signing up for free trials of stuff, but most of them you have to supply a credit card. Inbox Dollars is safe and so far hasn't spammed me at all. The only emails you get from them are the paid emails. The payout cap is 30 dollars, which will take a while to get to unless you do the free trials or play on cashgames.

I just signed up for the clix website today, but it seems pretty straightforward. You don't have to give a lot of personal info when signing up. Just your email, and your paypal email address for your payout. Payout cap is only 10 dollars. From what I can tell they just pay you for clicking and viewing ads that they post in your users section of their website. You also collect for referrals. Best part about this, it's free, so far no spam, easy to sign up, and they pay through paypal. Which is always a plus.

Anyway. That's my sales pitch for the day.

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Another way to save money
Wednesday. 9.12.07 8:07 pm

More random financial advice.

Have a credit card that you’ve had more than a year? Call and ask them to lower your interest rate.

This is a very important part of saving money and unlike your credit limit, isn’t something they do on their own. You have to call and ask them to do it. I called today and got one card’s interest rate lowered by 12%, and the other lowered by 7.99%. Granted you have to qualify, but all you really need to do to qualify is have been a card member for probably more than 6 months, and have an account in good standing. (IE... few or no missed payments, no over-limit fees... etc).

Go forth and kiss monkeys and some such nonsense.

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