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Parts two and three
Saturday. 12.6.14 1:45 pm
The Friday after Thanksgiving, I woke up early, got all my stuff packed up for an overnight trip and headed out to the bakery to pick up the pumpkin cheesecake that would be my contribution as thanks for being invited to their dinner. Traffic was considerably light, which was a surprise since it was Black Friday. I just assumed, at that point, that everyone had already gotten their shopping done at 3 in the morning. When I talked to my coworkers after the weekend, I discovered that I had just missed the traffic, as it had been crazy around 5 and 6 in the morning.

Thanks to the ease of traffic, I got to my friend's place a bit early and ended up staying in the car for about an hour because they were still asleep. I could tell this because the dogs were still inside. Once the dogs were let out, I knew it was safe to go in. We hung out for a bit and discovered that the day would be a bit easier than previously anticipated. Instead of going to the cabin, like planned, we were just going to her parent's since her sister was sick.

We went to the house and hung out talking politics, news, movies, music, all while helping prepare dinner. The food was delicious and quite filling. I don't think it would have been the same if it had been at the cabin. Perhaps not quite as homey.

After dinner we put on another movie and set up a table top game to play. Since it was the first time for all of us except my friend and her husband, the first round was quite slow, but still fun. The second round a couple people dropped out and decided to watch the movie while the other 4 of us played another couple rounds. It's a game I'm definitely excited to play again.

After the game, we broke out the dessert, talked some more, watched more TV and finally called it a night. We headed back to their place and I crashed there. A little too much alcohol was consumed in order to safely drive home. It's a good thing I had packed an overnight bag.

Saturday morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. It was maybe only an inch or two, enough to make it pretty without being a nightmare to drive in. We had breakfast before I said my goodbyes and thanks and I headed home.

I dropped off my bag at home, grabbed some snacks and headed to my friend's place out east; the one who had hosted the Halloween party I went to. I knew the atmosphere would be quite different so snacks was a better option than a fancy dessert from a French bakery.

The food was abundant, as was the alcohol, which fueled laughter and gossip and created quite an enjoyable evening. Despite the number of people, there was quite a bit left over and I was able to take some home. It lasted me a few days.

Overall Thanksgiving weekend, parts one, two and three, reminded me that even though my biological family is 1300 miles away, I have become part of my friends' families here, which makes getting through the holidays a little easier for someone like me.

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So ... tired ...
Monday. 12.1.14 6:59 pm
There will be a detailed entry on Thanksgiving parts two and three, but not tonight. I have a different story to tell tonight.

After getting home from my very first Sounders game last night, freezing my ass off {and toes and fingers and many other appendages} it took me a bit to finally warm up enough to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. The fact that I was wearing fuzzy socks and had 4 blankets on top of me helped only slightly. I was asleep for a couple hours when the smoke detectors started going off. Now, usually, they only sound for a couple minutes at most before whoever it was that triggered it was able to fan the smoke away from the detector and sleep can come easily enough again.

Not this time.

After a good 5 minutes of listening to this stupid thing screech and echo through these paper-thin walls, I glanced outside and noticed the neighbor from upstairs standing outside talking to someone else who apparently lives in my tower. So I grab my sweats, lace up my boots and zip the hood back on my fuzzy on the inside, wind-resistant on the outside black jacket and prodded my sleepy, pissed off self downstairs ... back in to the freezing cold that I had finally warmed up from. This whole getting dressed ordeal took another 5 minutes.

5 more minutes and I phoned the property manager to let him know that we were standing outside with no idea why the smoke alarms were going off. Another 5 minutes goes by and he finally makes his way to our tower. 10 minutes more of investigating, he can't find the source either, and with the fire panel reading normal the fire department wasn't notified of this incident. He proceeds to contact the maintenance guy.

30 minutes later it was discovered that a smoke detector in an empty unit had a short in the wiring and that was what tripped the alarm. 2am, the tower is finally quiet and I was about 15 minutes away from calling out for my shift this morning. I wouldn't have been able to get enough sleep for work and I might have snapped at someone more than normal. Instead, I was able to sleep for about an hour and a half before my work alarm went off and I walked around work looking like a zombie. It was very obvious that I was incredibly tired.

The entire day, the plan was to come home and take a nap. Instead, I came home, put a load of wash in {being away all weekend, I didn't get the chance to do laundry when I normally do} and took a shower. Once I showered, it woke me up a bit and the nap just got skipped. I plan on watching one more episode of Grey's Anatomy before I call it a night. A very early night for me, since I'm normally up until 10 or 11. I need to catch up on the sleep I missed out on last night and going to bed a couple hours early should do the trick.

Here's to hoping that the building doesn't decide to wake us all up again. I'd really rather not spend another unnecessary hour in 20 degree weather.

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Part one of three
Thursday. 11.27.14 4:34 pm
Thanksgiving for me this year is broken up in to three parts. The actual day of, today, was spent at work. There was catered food, which was okay. It wasn't anything special, but it was free so that made it just a bit more delicious. The roll was probably the best part, but the potatoes and pie were also tasty. It's pretty much been the same food the last few years. The best part is that it's free.

Now that I'm home, I plan to just hang out with Netflix, Hulu and YouTube until I'm tired enough to feel like going back to bed. I'll be up early tomorrow so I may go to bed at a reasonable hour. We'll see how I feel later on.

Parts two and three will be spent out of town with my friends and their families; people who have taken me in as one of their own. I'm looking very forward to it.

Hope you all {who celebrate Thanksgiving and those who don't} have a wonderful day/weekend!

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Fully functioning adult
Tuesday. 11.25.14 6:47 pm
I worked a 12 hour shift today. It's been a while since I've done so, but I could definitely use the money. I've come to the realization that, despite the fact that I may appear to be a fully functioning adult who can survive on her own, I suck at budgeting. I used to be great at it. I could save up hundreds quite quickly when I was 18, 19, even 20. I turned 21 and that all went to shit. Seven years later, I'm still making stupid mistakes.

Thanksgiving is in 2 days and I absolutely refuse to listen to anything Christmas-y until then. The radio station that plays non-stop Christmas music is already playing it, but tradition states {in our family} that you're not allowed to do anything related to that holiday until after Thanksgiving dinner. Once that bit was over, then it's safe to move on to the next holiday. And as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the New Year, the music gets shut off until the next Thanksgiving.

Short entry tonight. I'm tired from working half the day. I have to be back at work in 11 hours and I'm thinking I'll call it an early night tonight.

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Oddly even
Sunday. 11.23.14 7:25 pm
As I've said in the past, I have this thing about even and odd numbers. I'm not sure you've noticed, but I've recently begun writing every other day. Every odd date. Writing every other day, I feel, is more efficient than writing every day {unless something comes up that would require an extra entry} because this allows for some reflection before composing. Sometimes you can just sit down and type and it flows out of you like you've had it in you this whole time and it's been trying to escape for a while. Other times, you just sit and stare at the screen, typing out this or that before deleting it and staring at the screen some more.

There's quite a few things happening all at once right now and I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm not going to write about any of it until some decisions are made and things are put in to motion. Hopefully it won't cause me to disappear for an elongated period of time, but if I just up and poof, know that I will be back once things have settled.

If you haven't already done so, you need to check out this guy's YouTube page: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows . It puts some interesting perspective on things and listening to his voice is something I could do all day.

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Stranger things have happened.
Friday. 11.21.14 8:31 pm
I woke up this morning to a Facebook message from someone who stopped speaking to me a couple years ago, for what I felt was no apparent reason. The others who have stopped speaking to me {there are 3}, that I'm still interested in how their lives are going, I'm aware of why they all stopped. The message was short and to the point. "hey you, call me" with a corresponding number. I did. It rang a few times then went to voice mail. I replied to the message saying I had been asleep and asked what was up. I have yet to receive a response.

I have no idea why this individual reached out to me {at quarter after 6 this morning.} I'm sure if it is anything important, there will be a further attempt at communication. I'm only partially curious, however. Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding why the other three people stopped speaking to me, I'm well aware of {at least part of} the reason so I take comfort in knowing that they cared enough about me to tell me something before completely cutting me out. This person just stopped. No explanation, no hints, nothing.

I'm just going through the motions right now. Dull and boring is still in full effect. Still ever thankful for the lull in my life. It'll change again at some point. When that finally happens, I will do my very best to take things in stride. And if I panic and freak out, I hope that the friends who have stuck by my side for every other episode of mine will continue to be there until I can pull myself back out of it.

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