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Do I look like that velasco chick?
Monday. 11.20.06 4:19 pm

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Monday. 11.20.06 1:16 pm
I like my job and I like the people I work with. What I cannot stand are the little quarks. I work at a community college and I service the student with scholarships. What bugs the crap out of me is when a student comes into my office to ask me if they can borrow a pen. Hello?!! You are in college now. Who does not bring a pen to college? Then on top of that you borrow one from the office staff and not a fellow student? I can see going to class without paper but not having a pen????

The next quark is when they come into my office and say, "hi, i dont know what this office is for...." Well, did you read the sign on your way in?

The third and last quark is when they come in with an envelope in their hand and say, "hi, I got this in the mail and I dont know what it is for." (keep in mind that the envelope is still sealed)I then ask them well, did you read the letter." Their response, "no." My response, "well, the outside says financial aid which is down the hall, and while you are standing in line, why dont you bother to open the envelope and read what is in it."

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5 Reasons to take a nap
Monday. 11.20.06 11:57 am
I have always wondered why adults need more naps then children? Reports show that the top 5 reasons for taking naps are:

1. Increased Alertness And Productivity
2. Less Stress
3. Improved Memory And Learning
4. Increased Coginitive Functioning
5. Better Health

Do you think if I submit this list to my boss he will consider allowing me nap time on the job??

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Enemy to my own culture II
Monday. 11.20.06 1:53 am
Just recently my aunt (hula teacher) graduated her first class of students. She has always had a class that she was grooming and we always started and never finished. I hated it. It was like a dog and pony show. I felt like I had to learn so many things....stop, and start all over again. I got so tired of it. It was like a dog chasing his tail. Well, she finally followed through and graduated a group of students that started in her school 4 years after I did. Now they can become hula teachers.

Am I sad or bitter? NO. More power to them.

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Today I heard she cried..
Sunday. 11.19.06 11:05 pm
I took my best friend to the airport this morning. She was going to Japan for her fathers "homecoming". It has been one year since is death. In the Japanese culture they celebrate the one year and I think every year after their death. It is a rememberance thing but I think the first year is the most important.

She called from the airport because the travel agent booked her flight for the wrong MONTH. She was stuck at the airport with plans for her fathers special event and no way to get to Japan. She was in tears. My friend NEVER cires. I have not seen her cry but she told me that she was in tears and did not know what to do.

The flight attendant was able to help her by selling her a buddy pass for $800.

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Enemy to my own culture
Sunday. 11.19.06 5:39 pm
I am of hawaiian decent and I feel as if I have abandoned my own culture. I use to study hula and hawaiian stuff but I gave it up because of my hatred for doing so much and getting nowhere. I was always counted on to do the most work for the group and yet I was never rewarded with a title or position. Everyone wants to be recognized. Insted my labels were, "Randy's wife" or "Rolanda's niece". I never had my own identitiy. I feel as if I am an enemy to my own culture. I do not go to hawaiian functions or festivals anymore. I still eat hawaiian food though.

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The Mystery of the missing sock
Sunday. 11.19.06 4:55 pm

Why is it that I put a PAIR of socks into the washing machine and only get one back? I could swear that I put them BOTH in the washer and BOTH in the dryer and yet when I begin to separate the wash and fold the clothes there is always at least one orphan. There have been times when I got someone else's sock in my wash. How does this happen?

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XBOX 360 buy yours for $100
Saturday. 11.18.06 11:42 pm

Amazon.com lets customers vote on what item should be on sale at a specific price and set quantity each week. The company calls this promotion Amazon Customers Vote.

As you can see above the Xbox 360 Core system for $100 is by far the most voted for item. Looking at the other items, it is not surprising.

So, if you want a Xbox 360 Core, visit Amazon.com on Thursday, November 23, at 11 a.m. PST, to try to score one of the 1,000 available bargain Xbox 360s.

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