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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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random post.
Thursday. 4.10.08 9:29 am
im feeling much better now.
but mid year is just around the corner.
less than three pathetic weeks to mug for my exams.
so many chapters yet so little time.

well, i'm sure i will do badly this time.
and i have this feeling that i'll get a grade F9 for chinese.
hah one simple reason, cause i suck at it. like totally.
and weekend is approaching! like finally!

i yearn for happiness.
i just feel like dancing under the pouring rain.

Touch My Body - Mariah Carey.
ever heard of it?
its great, love it :D

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fashoin festival 2008
Saturday. 4.5.08 8:20 am
On friday, i was out with the cliques to witness the magnificent and gorgeous models with their dresses on,
at the fashion festival 2008 held over at Ngee Ann City.
thanks to winston for the invite there!

Oh well, but i had a problem going back home due to some reason.
so i have to wait for the first morning bus to arrive,
while it was only 3am! grrr...

Before that, i met up with my schoolmates.
and took some awesome pictures.
my best photographer liyun took great pictures of us.
haha a big thank you to liyun.
no other model replacement yeah?

my classmates are falling ill.
infact some of them alrdy sufferred from a flu/ cough
due to the air-con in our classroom.
which we never really had any fresh air during lesson.
im having a bad sore throat too.
can almost feel the taste of my blood while i coughed real badly.

ps: anw to shihao, my previous post isn't bout you man.


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a long crappy post
Wednesday. 4.2.08 7:38 am
well, it was a bad start this morning.
i didnt set my phone alarm last night.
and thank god i managed to wake up by 6.50am
hate rushing to sch every single morning.

ms chua left us a piece of source based question to do,
while she was away for something impt.
i totally dislike doing source based question.
therefore i'm losing focus again.

looking around the class,
mostly everyone were either doing their work or sleeping.
while boonchew was away playing his psp. grow up will you? heh
bet boonchew you are happy that ur name is being posted up!
finally you got my attention eh!

so i was bored and decided to have some fun with my handphone camera!
soon helena joined in the fun!
but i am too lazy to transfer the pictures into the com.

almost went mood swing today.
cause of the work that the teachers gave us to do.
it was like the whole day, we're rushing our work.
poa question within 20mins? you must be kidding me
english summary, source based question, maths and the list goes on.

seroiusly, i think my this poa teacher has a problem with me.
i always hear my bloodly name coming out from her bloodly mouth.
just because i'm not focusing in class,
but at least i didn't disturb the people around me?
and im down with a stupid flu in class during the last few lesson.

fuck homework ; fuck school!

oh yeah, i cant believe just because of something minor,
you can get so affected easily. hah
well said boy. i'm so impressed with your great english. like wow.
oh come on, look into the mirror and ask yourself whether are you a fake kiddo.
think about what you've said in the past boy.
you wna play games? play it my way.
continue to emo my friend. you rule my world. like totally

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life is.....
Tuesday. 4.1.08 11:25 am
Life is the space between your ears,
Life is the song that no one hears,
Life is the place that only you know,
Life is the grass growing through snow,
Life is the touch of a loverís hand,
Life is a castle melting in sand,
Life is the laugh thatís stuck in your throat
Life is a poem that god wrote
Life is the shiver on a warm night,
Life is like death, only not quite

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Sunday. 3.30.08 3:19 am
to the people who are in love:

loving someone, is wanting that someone to be happy.
even when the both of you are not together.
letting go of that someone isn't easy
but in order to let that somone to decide and be happy.
but you may still continue loving that special someone.

mid-year is about one month time.
i have to brush up on my english. sighh
having a tough time ahead.

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love her voice
Thursday. 3.27.08 5:37 am
Sara Bareilles - love song.

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