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Saturday. 10.24.09 11:20 am
"I was reading about a little kid whose mom told him the key to life was happiness. When he was in school the teacher asked them to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. He said happy. They said he didn't understand the assignment. He said they didn't understand life."

i like this kid.

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worth it.
Thursday. 10.22.09 9:00 am
oh, i saw couples retreat the other day. it was good. just as good as i thought it'd be. it's difficult to go wrong with vince vaughn and jon favreau (they're so money [that's a reference to swingers, a mediocre movie]), especially when you through jason bateman in there. hilarious. worth it.

but anyways.

i've been running more often then i used to lately. i'm tired of trying different diets and stuff. i plan on just excersizing and eating generally healthier. i think that's the key to success. i switched to diet soda. blech. worth it.

so there's that.

i have to shave my beard off soon. i'm dressing up like waldo from "where's waldo?" for halloween, and he clearly doesn't have one. shaving doesn't sound frightening, but i haven't NOT had a beard in like two years. shame. worth it.

i think i'm gonna start video taping myself playing songs on the uke. maybe i'll get some attention from huge record labels. or maybe i'll just get bad comments on youtube saying that i shouldn't quit my day job. maybe i just suck. oh well. better to know then not know. worth it.

i don't feel like blogging anymore. i mean, at this moment, not forever.

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magic eye.
Monday. 10.19.09 11:06 am
never, when i was younger, was i able to see those 3-d magic eye pictures. now i can see them if i try really hard for several minutes. anyone know of any cool ones? i sure don't. and, my eyes hurt.

i woke up early to go to the rain-assance festival saturday. it was cold, and pouring. worth it. niki and i saw this irish band called the hooligans, and since it was raining, they decided they were just gonna bullshit some songs instead of playing all traditional ones. some examples include ring of fire by johnny cash, and 500 miles by the proclaimers. there were also bits and pieces, like the gilligan's island theme song, or the fast part from one week by the barenaked ladies.

i woke up earlier to go to the susan g komen rain for the cure. actually it's race for the cure, but i want to emphasize the rain part. it was cold, and pouring. okay, not pouring, but it was raining enough for it to be annoying. worth it. got free bananas, nutrigrain bars, tshirts, bags, and other stuff. niki and i actually woke up late (645AM) and missed the 5k run, but we just ran the 5k walk. at least we ran about 2 miles of it. they had bananas and stuff along the way, so we stopped to eat breakfast.

apparently i'm going running again today, as well as to the gym, though, i have a blister on my right foot, so we'll see how long i last (heh.). okay, goodbye.

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toy soldiers.
Friday. 10.16.09 9:53 am
watched a movie called toy soldiers yesterday. how old is sean astin? he seemed like a kid in lord of the rings, but he was a college student in this movie, which was made in 1991. strange.

it was a good movie. it's about mexican terrorists (yeah, right.) that take over this school, and sean astin is a punk kid who ends up helping a lot with taking out the terrorists. interesting.


i think i'm going to IHOP tonight. looking forward to that. pumpkin pancakes ftw. "sexy rexy" is coming, i think. he said he wants to tase me (he's a cop now). i just might let him. we'll see.

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summed up.
Wednesday. 10.14.09 9:06 am
here's my four day weekend, summed up.


went to howl at the moon at powerplant in baltimore. it's a piano bar. we went out for niki's birthday. i got very drunk. the piano players are very awesome there. we requested "stayin' alive" by the beegees, and they played it, and it was righteous. niki's sister also requested that they drag niki up on stage, and she danced while they played "can't buy me love" and "i saw her standing there."


i went to bed at about 9 in the morning. i was exhausted, and totally wasted. i was mostly up that late because i was sick four or five times. i woke up at 12. coop's dad had a 50th birthday bash at their place, so we went there for that. the food was delicious. there were bbq chicken legs, wings, meatballs, deviled eggs, and the topper was shrimp wrapped in bacon with bbq sauce. yum.

their toy poodle escaped the yard when it was pitch black outside. oh, and the poodle is black. 8 or so of us ran outside to go look for the dog. i saw the dog on the sidewalk, and i tried calling her name to get her to come to me, but that didn't work, so i started yelling incoherently, like all of the coopers do to get the dogs to come to them, and she came a-runnin'. "good dog! *smack* bad! bad dog!"


went to church with niki in the morning. we studied some proof of god / god and science type stuff, followed by a semi-sexist sermon, but i'll leave that to your imagination. was going to watch the ravens game, but i instead decided that i am not a big enough fan to want to do that. so i played games with kit instead. i think. i don't remember it very well.


niki and i ran a few errands, and by errands, i mean going to best buy to purchase halo 3 ODST. boo-yah. after that, we met up with b-fer and "sexy rexy" at b-fer's house to play some rock band. we went to some random bar for dinner, and lucky for us, it was karaoke night. lucky, in the sense that our table was right next to the singer, and by singer, i mean that there was like one guy singing karaoke mostly.


i woke up reasonably early for a day off, and i watched seven pounds. that movie was very "meh" in my eyes... probably will smith's worst movie. not the worst movie i've ever seen though. after that i played some halo 3 ODST. i was never very good at halo, so i was pretty proud of myself for how well i was doing, i guess. yep. later that day i went to see kit and meggyo, and kit and i played ssbm melee, and some ODST firefight once nick came over. that was fun.

i also went running. however, my stomach started hurting after about one mile, and i imagine it was from the sweet and spicy pork that i made for lunch. oh well. we then watched jeopardy, america's funniest home videos, NCIS, and the office, and then i went to bed.

and so ends my extended weekend. now i'm back at work, and it's never been sadder! cheers, though, as the week is almost over.

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Friday. 10.9.09 8:54 am
so yesterday was lori's birthday. you don't know who that is, but that's okay.

we ended up going to the melting pot. if you don't know what that is, it's a fondue restaurant. oh, and it's out of this world.

my dad was there, physically, but mentally, well... he was very confused by the menu. when the waiter came over, he said "i have no idea what any of this means." that made the rest of us immediately slap our foreheads. that's okay though, he'd never been there before. however, neither had i.

so there were seven of us at the table, and the table had two burners built in. the dinner consisted of four courses i will lay them out for you now. because we had two burners, we were able to get two different types of dippy junk each course.


course 1: cheese fondue course.
- one pot of swiss cheese with white wine, garlic, and sherry.
- one pot of mixed mexican cheeses with fresh jalepenos and salsa.
- apples, bread, carrots, celery, tortilla chips for dippins.

course 2: salad course.
- ceasar salad. (not as exciting.)

course 3: dinner course.
- one pot of coq au vin (broth with red wine, green onions, garlic, mushrooms).
- one pot of mojo (broth with carribean spices).
- filet mignon, marinated steak, shrimp, lobster, rosemary chicken, sun-dried tomato and cheese ravioli, bratwurst, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes for dippins.

course 4: chocolate fondue (desert) course.
- one pot of milk chocolate and crunch peanut butter.
- one pot of yin yang (dark and white chocolate swirled).
- marshmallows, brownies, poundcake, cheesecake, rice krispies treats for dippins.


i think that it may have been one of the most satisfying meals of my life. also one of the most expensive. worth it.

after i took a bite of chocolate peanut butter on a rice krispies treat.
chris: "dude you look like you just jizzed yourself."
me: "...comparable."

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