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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 34
4.12.07 at 10:02 pm
I don’t have much time, I’m tired. It was a long night last night. Aubree didn’t sleep until almost morning. I had my PAP smear. I got my new shoes, which I’m very excited about.

Today has been a mixed day. Very good, and very sucky all at the same time. Yet I feel good today. Besides still feeling like I’m coming down with something. I did get a plant. I hope it lives. I don’t have a green thumb, but it’d rock if it lived.

Aubree is asleep now. I’ve got work to do. Then bed, here I come.

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Day 33
4.11.07 at 1:20 pm
I’m on a roll, granted not a very good one. I keep forgetting to post my 100 words a day, until something random reminds me to do it. I can’t be doing too bad since I haven’t missed a day yet, but someday I might forget for too long and forget a day. That would really suck.

My boyfriend gave me a chocolate bunny made out of a ½ pound of chocolate. Boy does it taste good. Boy it must be adding 10 lbs to my butt. If I threw it away, I’d kick myself when I want some chocolate.

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Day 32
4.10.07 at 12:35 pm
Yesterday wasn’t all that exciting. Didn’t go to the store, didn’t get to do much of anything. Just sat at home and wished I could go somewhere.

I would have liked to get to see what was being offered at the after Easter sales. I wouldn’t have minded buying any after Easter plastic eggs to save for next year. Maybe next year we will be able to have an Easter egg hunt, even if we couldn’t do one this year because it was cold and snowing.

I did get a new zippo yesterday. I’d wanted one for a while now.

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Day 31
4.9.07 at 8:34 am
Out of the mists came a strange figure. No one knew what it was. All we knew was that we needed to run like hell. It definitely wasn’t coming at me growling in peace.

Taking a swift turn and running as fast as I could through the trees, my chances of survival were looking awfully thin. Who knew that the giant of a creature could run as fast as me?

Taking a left, I’m in luck! Tripping over a bit of tree, it fell to the ground with a big thump. Like the after shock of an earthquake. Oh no…

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Day 30
4.8.07 at 12:13 pm
I can honestly say that this is probably the first time ever that I haven’t had anything to say. Nothing worth talking about happened between last post and now. Something not worth talking about has even happened. If you must know, it’s been pretty mundane at home. I’ve been pretty in love with taco’s, Aubree has us watching Dora The Explorer on repeat, and ice cream is my arch rival. It sits in the freezer calling my name. A friend of mine gave Aubree an easter basket full of treats yesterday. Aubree loved it.

By the way, Happy Easter everyone!

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Day 29
4.7.07 at 8:37 am
Yesterday felt pretty long, but when mom got home and we left… we couldn’t find the place. We tried calling the guy that is renting it, and couldn’t get a hold of him either. That was a huge disappointment, we never got to see it.

I’ve got a lot of writing to do for Ask Angel today. Now I just need to fill in these 100 words so I can get started. I don’t have to find any WAHM articles until Monday. That will give me more time with my blogs. I’ve got 7 posts to do on Ask Angel.

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