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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
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Friday (time to catch up)
Friday. 10.27.06 9:52 am
Since I missed yesterday, I have a ton of stuff to do today...woo...that's okay though...it goes with my sentiments of feeling BLAH

Either tonight or tomorrow, Brian and I are going to see "The Prestige." I've been waiting to see this movie since it came out last weekend, so I'm excited :) Hopefully we'll get to go to the Olive Garden again, but I don't know if that will be peachy...since we had pasta last night too. Then again, I could eat pasta until I die...I LOVE IT. Might be pasta'd out though...thankfully, our movie theaters let you bring whatever kind of food you want into the theater (they don't make you hide it or anything...in Washington, they make you buy all your food there at the theater and you have sneak other stuff in there). SO, right there at The Promenade, we could get Subway or pizza, but eh...who knows if I'll even be hungry...who knows if we'll even be going tonight.

Today was Halloween Costume day at work. I didn't dress up (to be honest, I wasn't that enthusiastic about it...and being out of town this past weekend and being poor, I didn't have time to go buy a costume)...I hope my boss isn't too disappointed. She's usually one on big themes, and here, half the department didn't dress up. It's going to be depressing. I'd have dressed up if I had the time and money to get a costume, but it just wasn't working this year...

Anyway, enough rambling...time to go do something constructive...put the headphones on and dream the day away I suppose.

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eventful evening...
Thursday. 10.26.06 10:34 pm
Well...my doctor's appointment was at 4:15 today. When did Brian come and pick me up? 3:45...we were running late. This sucked because I was doing my fasting blood draw and I had taken the sugar drink 45 minutes prior to my appointment...and they couldn't draw blood 45 minutes after that. They said it was fine though...SO, we get there, they draw my blood, poke me with the flu shot, check the baby (he's still squirming around in there...so active...so active...), pee in the cup, and then made my next appointment. I'm now on my 2 week appointments...so it's getting close to baby time, I guess.

Funny though, as we were leaving, I happened to have the glucose drink bottle and I asked them if they wanted it and she was looking at it and her and the doctor had these big "uh oh" type looks on their faces. She goes "did you drink the whole thing?" and I said that I did...well, it turns out, they gave me a bottle of 100mg instead of 50mg and I took twice as much sugar as I needed to (so, in other words, my blood test is gonna be messed up). SO, I get to do the fasting blood test again in two weeks...not so bad, I guess, but I just don't like the needle and the blood drawing. They did tell me I was anemic though (probably because of my meat aversions), so they gave me a prescription for an iron suppliment. If it's not one thing...it's something else.

After that, we went to the Verizon store to see if they could fix my phone. Ever since I went to Seattle, my inbox and message center has told me that it is updating messages - please check back later. Well, it's said that for a week...I really don't think that it's updating anymore. I took it to the store and the service lady had never seen that problem before either, so she was completely lost...and I guess my shit phone doesn't have software for it, so there's nothing to update (WTF)...my only options are to pay $50 to have them replace my phone with another phone that is exactly the same...wait until May 2007 to get my New Every Two phone...or I can do an early upgrade now, skip out on my free $100 (they give you that with the New Every Two) and then I just get a mail in rebate. To be honest, I don't use the message center that often, so I'm not really missing out on anything...it's just a great big annoyance.

Then, after that...we went to Safeway to get my prescription for my iron suppliment...I guess they have to order it, so it won't even be ready until tomorrow. MORE DRAMA! After that, I was just tired of running around...we went back to Brian's house where his dad made chicken parmesan. I didn't want the chicken...so I just ate the pasta. Watched a few TV shows...then, here I am, back home.

I'm just exhausted...and not to mention both my arms hurt (one's got the orange bandage from the blood draw) and the other one hurts because of that damn flu shot...AND I AM FREEZING!

Best go check to see if my drain has unclogged in the bath tub and then, I'm gonna go lay down in my nice, warm, comfy bed...and well, sit on the computer there (for the love of laptop computers and wireless connections!)

EDIT: I was so busy talking about the doctor's appointment and all the other stuff this evening that I neglected to talk about what happened right before I left for the doctor. I got a local phone call, so not getting those often, I picked it up. It was an attorney's office (WONDERFUL) and they wanted to let me know that I was delinquent on a credit card bill (no shit...I have credit card problems), but they stated that unless I started paying them some money, they were going to sue me. Okay...I'm thinking...I have no money to pay them (if I had the money, I would have been paying the credit card bills...ya know)...so I tell him this on the phone and he wanted to try and make payment arrangements. I don't make that much a paycheck as it is...and he wanted to start me out at a minimum payment of $250 a month! I can barely pay the bills I have now let alone this extra mone they want to pay. I talked to him for about a half an hour where he continued to try and get me to pay him some amount of money, any amount of money...and I just could not give him anything (I HAVE NO EXTRA)...so, he said he'd give me an additional 25 days to think about it before he had to move further and basically issue me a summons to go to court. Ugh...if you're young and still haven't messed up, believe me when I say this DO NOT GET CREDIT CARDS! They sound cool when you turn 18, but they can become your worst nightmare. No money is free money and if you don't have that money in your bank account, you should not be borrowing it from a credit card...plain and simple.

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so bored...PICTURE POST
Thursday. 10.26.06 11:24 am
Well, I'm just sitting here at home (normally when I'm supposed to be working) and I decided to post some of my pictures...

Haha...my baby shower pictures turned out bad (in my opinion), but here's some pictures of the puppies (I could show them ALL THE TIME)...

My brother has food...they look extremely focused!

This is her favorite toy

I happened to get him with his tongue out...

Why she wanted to play with this nasty toy, I don't know...it's a frog squeakie

Here she is hugging my brother...he looks so happy about it.

I love this outfit! It's the one I was talking about with the little squirrel on the front that I bought last night.

Here's the cutest little baby robe ever! I don't think he'll have anything to worry about getting out of baths...he'll be warm :)

My mom says I have to bring him home from the hospital in this (which won't be a problem...it's going to be SO COLD I am guessing, and this looks so warm and comfy. It's so soft too!

It's Sir Hug's A Lot! I love this little outfit (and I got 2 of them...newborn size and 6 month size, so hehe...he'll be wearing it for a long time)...puppies!

Here's me opening my baby gifts

But yes...that's all for now...I obviously prefer the photos WITHOUT me in them. I did that one at the end, but pretend you can't see me in it...

People at my work keep messaging me on myspace :) They must miss me!! I would have been there, but yeah...

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Thursday. 10.26.06 12:06 am
Tonight was exhausting...

I got home and then Melissa came over (she was having a bad day...needed some beer)...so off we went to my bank (I had to deposit some money I got on my vacation). My bank rocks! They're open until 9pm...but the shitty thing, they hold out of state checks (which is all the checks I get)...so my money won't be there for 5 business days)

THEN, we went to Total Beverage where she didn't even end up buying any beer at all. I don't think they have Total Beverage anywhere else but here in Colorado, however, it is basically a big warehouse size store full of liquor...as the page states, it has 5,000 Wines, 1,000 Beers, 3,000 Spirts, and 250 Soft Drinks. Either way, BIG ASS LIQUOR STORE. Regardless, she got Mike's Hard Lime and we left...

Then, I needed to go to Target to get a Halloween shirt. Well, you think we could find one? Yeah..haha...I found one thinking that it would fit, yeah, it doesn't fit either. Either it's because I'm fat, pregnant, it's a girl's shirt (I like men's clothes...lol)...I'm gonna wear it anyway. I want to wear jeans tomorrow at work, so I will wear my halloween shirt (with a jacket)...then I got sidetracked in the baby section...picked up a bunch of baby clothes that I probably didn't need. I took pictures of them, but at the moment, I do not feel like crawling around on the floor to plug in the USB cable. I think my favorite thing I picked up was the little outfit that said "Squirrely" on the front and it had a little squirrel packing his acorns. It's so CUTE!!! Then I got some coveralls (which my mom would die for)...and then my friend talked me into getting the socks with the little paw print grippies on the bottom. To be honest, if it has puppies or cute animals on it (like ducks, squirrels, safari animals, etc.) my baby will be wearing it! I'm all about the animals...not so much the sports or the tools (don't get me wrong, the baby will be wearing Bronco gear next year) but I got lots of that too!

BUT YES...I took the photos tonight (of most of the clothes...I still have to do the socks, hats, booties, blankets, etc.)...but I suppose I should make a gallery for all that stuff for all those that are interested. When I upload my camera, all my baby shower photos will be on there...and, of course, my puppy :)

That's tomorrow though...

I guess the other grandma (Brian's mom) is excited that she's going to be a grandma. They told her on Sunday (I know, it's about damn time) and she was really happy about it. I guess her biggest question was why no one had told her sooner. She told Brian that she wants to go baby shopping with us the next time we go though...so, I guess that could be a blessing. We're probably going to go shopping for the stroller and the bassinet after I get paid. The money I deposited today was for the stroller and portions of the bassinet. I spent some of it on baby clothes (shame on me). Then it's really just the necessities and clothes that we'll need. I've got a crib...so I just need to get a matress for it (which we can do later) because he'll be in the bassinet. It feels a lot better to be more open about this baby thing now...it's not like I'm hiding it anymore. I can finally openly say I AM HAVING A BABY and it feels good to actually do stuff for him :) YAY!

Okay...I'm done rambling...I'm gonna start on my thank you cards from my shower. Gotta get up an hour earlier tomorrow because we're supposed to get a foot of snow tonight (bastard weather!)...I don't want to get up early.

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Good Morning
Wednesday. 10.25.06 9:45 am
Well, I was running a little late this morning. I thought the extra ten minutes laying in bed was a good thing (BUT...it just ended up making me be late...lol). Damn snooze button of death! Not to mention, you wait an extra 2 minutes and leave the house that late, you'll run into 100 more cars than there usually are on the road...I really hate morning traffic!

I've got the strawberry oatmeal this morning. I really wish I had a big, heaping glass of whole milk and then milk on the side for this oatmeal (because that's the only and best way to eat oatmeal), but alas...I had the coffee maker that makes hot water instead. That'll have to do.

I've got my 28 week appointment tomorrow and I have to do my glucose test. I think it's 45 minutes to an hour before I even go to the doctor, I have to drink this Kool-Aid type drink and then fast pretty much half the day (I think they said 4 to 6 hours before the appointment...I don't remember...I think it says on the bottle). Then they draw lots of blood from me (okay, anything more than a little stick is a lot of blood to me...lol) and send it out for testing to see if I have gestational diabetes or if I am at a high risk or something. I don't think I'm going to fail the test, but ya know...with the luck I'm having lately...I wish. I already tested positive for the lovely Group B strep, so I get an extra coctail in my IV when I go into labor. They said they're going to give me a flu shot tomorrow too.

You know, the thing that I hate more than donating blood and all that fun stuff is getting shots. I think I hate getting shots a whole helluva lot more than drawing blood (go figure). Not sure if I've explained my fear of needles (yeah yeah...not good for a preggo woman) but I am deathly afraid of them. It has taken me many MANY years to get over enough of the fear to sit there calmly (or at least semi-calmly) to let a doctor draw blood. It was so bad that at one point, they had 4 doctors in the room holding me down to the table so they could get blood out of my arm at all (and I was like 16 when they did that). I extremely hate needles! I'm much better now...when I turned 18, I decided that it was stupid that I was freaking out over nothing. I started going to the Puget Sound Blood Center and donating blood and I think that was the best thing for me. I was helping myself get over my fear of needles, and helping people who needed it at the same time. It was a great feeling...but then I got extremely addicted to doing it. I would go in every standard 52/54 day period (the soonest you could donate again after donating whole blood) and donate some more. Then I started donating plasma (you could do it every 3 days, granted your iron level was high enough)...so I started doing that once a week. The reason you could donate plasma so soon after you had previously donated it is the fact that they take your whole blood out, separate it in a machine, take only the plasma, and then return the other 3 parts back into your body. It is not as exhausting as taking a pint of whole blood which takes all 4 parts. Regardless, I looked like a junky that wasn't a junky!

When I moved to Colorado, I got on this piercing thing...and started getting tons of piercings, so they don't let you donate blood for 12 months after a piercing (sterilization issues and infection in the bloodstream), so I curbed my donating. I've only donated 2 times since I've been out in Colorado. I did it once with a friend...and then I donated right before I got pregnant. You can't donate when you're pregnant (but, I guess they figure you'll be giving enough blood anyway...and you need all the blood you can get!)

But yeah...the fun that is my life (donating blood...woo!!)

SO, now that you know my worst fear...don't hold it against me...lol, but if you do...it's okay. My mom was the one that made fun of me the most...so I owe it to her to not be a wheenie about this whole thing. It's just a needle...it'll be done in a minute (if that).

Anyway, the mountains of paper are calling me...and I only have so much time to do it!

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Tuesday. 10.24.06 11:24 pm

Look what I found...you can make little dreamy anime guys on the Net...lol

elouai's doll maker 3

Here's a girly one...hehe

elouai's doll maker 3

I think I had too much free time...

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you know...(pwp...note me and I'll get you the password on my lunch)
Tuesday. 10.24.06 9:38 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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It's good to be home...
Monday. 10.23.06 11:45 pm
Well...back to Denver it is. I've been here for a few hours and it feels good to be home, but I already miss my parents and all.

I always get all teary eyed at the airport when I leave...I hate seeing my mom cry and I think that's why I start crying myself. My mom and dad practically walked me all the way through the security line on the outside of the rope because she didn't want to see me go. I hope that some day, she won't have to see me go. I love my parents...and it really sucks living so far away from them. The two people who care about me through thick-and-thing...I can't even see them every day. It's somewhat depressing...

But yeah...after that, sat on the plane for a few hours and then through a bumpy landing, made it back in Denver. Brian picked me up with my two bags of luggage (one was my stuff...a 20 pound bag...and one was the baby's new stuff...a 45 pound bag)...I swear, the baby made out like a bandit. He's got TONS of new stuff to last him for a long time...well, just until he outgrows it. We then drove to Lowes to copy a key for Melissa (my house key...she took mine as she was using my house over the weekend for laundry, or so I think) and then we went back to my place to drop of my stuff...out to Target we went to get some milk (OMFG...pissed me off...they didn't have any whole milk) and some dye/scent free laundry detergent so I could wash the baby stuff...then to Chik-Fil-A and then back home.

Ugh...on the go since I've been back. He's been kicking around like he's got a karate class going on in my belly. His kicking is so much that it's starting to get really painful...and it's getting really uncomfortable for me. It got to the point that we were laying on the bed and him and Brian were "playing" so to speak because Brian would push down somewhere and he'd kick him right back. It was sort of cute...but uncomfortable...lol...the suffering we do to bring life into the world...

I've gotta go back to work tomorrow...not looking forward to the mundane droll of work, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope I still don't feel like shit tomorrow though. I'm still all achy and crampy and I'd prefer not to be. And if his kicking continues to be extremely painful, I think all I'm going to want to do is lay down all day...I suppose I shouldn't secretly be wishing for bed rest, should I? okay...I won't...

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