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Wednesday. 8.22.07 7:29 pm
I hate our copy machine.

So I was at work today and the machine acted up once in the morning, but it was just a quick-fix problem. Then, I go 15 min. before the end of my day to copy something for my files and guess what? It decides to have multiple personality disorder. First page = vertical, huge lettering, two/three lines left uncopied. Second page = horizontal, obviously can't fit everything. Third page = perfectly fine, normal lettering, everything fits. Yay! Fourth page = back to horizontal. Fifth = Yay! Sixth = nope. Seventh...

o.o I hate the copy machine. I'm going to re-copy everything the next time I get the chance. >.>

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Q of de noight.
Saturday. 8.18.07 11:46 pm
Question of the day: Can you burn Jasmine blooms?

The idea to do the above occurred to me when I came home(gran's) to night and found clusters of Jasmine blooms on the dining room table and the living room table. I stuck the cup under my nose and inhaled. Heaven. A look to my left and I was reminded of the incense my grandmother burned on special Buddhist days. So, can one burn flower petals? I want to put them to flames and 'see' them fill the room and scent.

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Friday. 8.17.07 10:57 am
First free day I've had in months. And I have absolutely nothing to do. Which is a good and bad thing...>.> i want to play. Someone string up a ball of yarn and let me play with it. Mrrrrrrreow! Ehlek, hairball. *cough* Whoa, did I just get really...random? I think I did! 0.0 See, that's what comes from boredom.

O-kay...*sigh* I have no idea what to do. I want to watch a movie, but 1.) Bourne Ultimatum is a no-no cuz I watched the second BOurne with my dad so I guess I'll watch this with him, too. 2.) I'm supposed to go movie-hopping with a friend one day...>.> 3.) I ain't rich! Over 10 freakin' whole bucks for 2 hours of my life. Not that worth it. Never go to the movies in NYC. *shakes head* Well, unless its one of those specials or independent films or whatever...that's a different story.

I wish I had time, place (and a TV) to watch Masterpiece Theater. ={ Sundays at 9pm over here. *sigh* ANyone going to watch (or already watched) Becoming Jane? I want to see how she fares in that one. I love this stuff. BBC rocks!

Yay, smilies! XD OKay, that's it. Later, guys.

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Content *siiigh*
Wednesday. 8.15.07 10:15 pm
Just had an awesome time with my mom. Hehe, we have so much fun together and now that I think about it, we have uinside jokes, too. ;) We're like best firends, only she's my mommy. ^-^ She was teaching me Chinese, I was copying whatever she wrote down. Gave me phrases that I had to 'guess'--which I always, okay, usually, got right. We were talking and joking and laughing and totally forgot that I had to go back to my gran's at so-n-so time. Well, then e remembered, I showed her the time, and we continured anyway. =P Kinda slipped from our minds until later. So anyway, last inside joke came up and I was laughing hysterically as we left Subway.

I remember there were two times in which sexual...things came up into the conversation. She's been getting bolder and bolder about approaching this kind of subject/stuff with me. I finally remembered to say, "I will never be old enough to have this conversation with you." *grin* and she repsonded with a nodding 'yes'. *blows raspberry*

So, yes, I had a great time tonight. ^-^ By-the-way, I was with my mom cuz I went uptown to 'clan up the house' again. Y'know, chores and stuff. I wnet from downtown to uptown and then back downtown. I did my laundry in my building so I had to lug everything to and from uptown. ={ Eh, it wasn't that bad. Just put everything away before sitting down and typing this.

I think I might be having an all-nighter tonight...There's some stuff that I gotta finish up and then I've got an early morning + long day ahead of me tomorrow. Better to be wide awake from caffeine than all droopy and unfocused all day bc of the few hours I do get. *shrug* Oh, well. And to think I HATE coffee...I think I'm going to drink (and finish) my first cup of joe (in my life) tomorrow. Maybe jumbo. Maybe more than one. >.> Uh-oh, caffeine high here I come.

*cracks neck* *sigh* Night!

p.s. I un-passworded the Aug. 8th entry, if anyone wants to read...a bit...different for me. >.> That's all I'll say about it. =P

p.p.s. I'm getting jittery just thinking about the caffeine. XP Haha.

p.p.p.s. @Nuttz: 10 hours isn't that hard. Ganbatte! ;)

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Good evening.
Monday. 8.13.07 8:30 pm
So we cleaned up the streets of Chinatown yesterday. ^-^ What fun, huh? I was a team leader for the first time. ('-^)=b

All participants in the summer program were team leaders, two to three per group. Mine was supposed to have three, but the guy didn't show up. Was busy, someone told me. He didn't mention it when they had asked during our session/meeting the day before. =/

Anyway, the other team leader was an ex-coordinator of a program held during the school year. Ya'll should know of it--we taught english, remember? Yeah. So we worked together to keep the team together and goin'. As I found out later that day, those in the summer program were the 'real' leaders and since I was the only one...that was me. *shock* Yes, I know...

I had to deal with stray sheep. So group kind of ended up in two little ones, but we always met up before going on to the next block or crossing the street, etc. I was the go between, making sure no one left/got lost and egging the stragglers on.

Afterwards, we went to the park and sat there for a while. Played volleyball and badminton--they did, I was tired. =P The stars came out and then, that was that.

So all in all, not quite that event-tive. Er, event-FUL.


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*Entry of Curses*
Saturday. 8.11.07 11:06 pm
Bitch. Bitch. She's a fuckin' bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Go to fuckin' hell, bitch. Kiss my fuckin' ass bitch. FUCK YOU!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. I'm really angry 'n worked up right now. *breathes like a bull*

*siiiiiiigh* Okay, better. I guess...>.> Or not, i don't know, not really.

@randomjunk: Yeah, it is. I couldn't handle it two years ago so something...happened. Still not okay with it. Most definitely NOT. And I'm trying to control it, but it's getting harder+easier day by day. Harder, because I'm only in H.S. for so long and I want to have something resembling a teenage life before I leave. I've never really been (fully) a teenager and I want something like it...soon. Now. *sigh* Who knows if it'll ever happen. I know that's my foremost wish at the moment. Besides, my wanting a bf before the end of H.S. *grin*

Ay, I guess this is long enough. For you people out there, don't forget to read my last few entires! They're tied in together so go ahead, check them out. ;)

Good-night. ^-^

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August 9th. Part 2
Thursday. 8.9.07 8:02 pm
I hope you have a lot of time on your hands, because there is a set of entries for you to read today. For this set, the site has been changed to hold four entries at a time. You may choose to read those before this most recent one.


Alright, now that's done(or not for those of you who chose not to), onward!

Tomorrow, my two friends and I are going to a summer movie series. We will be watching a Korean (psychological) thriller. ^-^ Afterwards, we shall be traveling down to Coney Island for FIREWORKS. Astroland has fireworks every Friday night until Sept. ;) The timing is perfect, too!

Movie = 5:30pm-7/7:30pm
travel time = an hour
Fireworks = 8:30pm-10pm.

Awesome. ('-^)=b

There was a little...problem before, but it has been cleared up and apparently, I AM allowed to go. >.> But of course, constantly reminded that it can be taken away last min. on a whim, even if it's tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening. None of that 'it's a privledge' nonsense, just plain and simple 'if i want you to go, you'll (get to) go'. How wonderful, no? That's how it always is, for everything. *shrug* *grin* =)

Note: To those who have my password in their brain, you ARE allowed to share it. It's your choice whether or not you do. ^-^ Thanks, dears~!

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August 9th. Part 1
Thursday. 8.9.07 8:01 pm
Call you every hour? Okay, I can deal with that. But not when you check up on me. I called you at 5pm and told you I was in the bathroom. 5:02, I called and told you I was pulling up my pants. 5:05 I called to say I was done. Okay, that was perhaps uncalled for, but I was making a point. Did you really have to call my grandmother's house to make sure I was really there?(I didn't pick up and let it ring since I was otherwise occupied.) At least have the tact to 'forget' to mention it was YOU who had called when I called you yet again a minute later.

Did you really think I'd lie to you about being in the bathroom? What was the point in that? What was the point of lying about something so trivial as peeing?

What's the point of having me call you every hour if you aren't going to believe me? I might as well NOT call you because what is it going to accomplish? Nothing, either way. Really, be reasonable, please.

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