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No Plans
Wednesday. 11.22.06 4:54 pm
I had no real plans for thanksgiving and I am broke ass... I was thinking that we could not even have a turkey dinner. Forunately out of the blue, my cousin calls and asks me what we are doing tomorrow. Nothing really. So, she invited us to dinner at her sisters house. Whoo hoo. We now have people to celebrate with. That is so cool. It may be a little boring for the kids because they have adults there but maybe we can bring out guitar hero game. That would be cool!!!

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CBS Satire video interview with Bush
Wednesday. 11.22.06 10:59 am
If you are easily offended, Do not watch this video... hee hee

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Tuesday. 11.21.06 6:02 pm

Its the 100 most influential people who never lived.

The Marlboro Man
Big Brother
King Arthur
Santa Claus (St. Nick)
Dr. Frankenstein's Monster
The Green Giant (thanks kirei )
Sherlock Holmes
Romeo and Juliet
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Uncle Tom
Robin Hood

watching: My monitor
listening to: silence
mood: Sleepy

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Lights are out and EVERYONE is home
Tuesday. 11.21.06 1:38 pm
Yesterday they turned my electricity off. Yeah, happy effin turkey day to you too, mutha! Sorry for the language but they did not even warn me. I had paid the bill that day and then they decided to charge me for a reconnection fee and a deposit. Those fees were more than the bill. Ok, so I pay it and they say that they will turn it right back on. My daughter gets home from school and it still isnt working. So now what?? I call them back again. The operator says, "Well, did you check the circut breaker?" I say, "Did anyone tell me to check it?" She said, well you should know to check it. How should I know when I dont effin WORK there. Just get the damn lights back on. So I get home and ask the manager to open the door to the circut breaker because it is locked. Well the electric company changed the lock and never gave the manager the key. That was another whole fiasco. Bottom line, the manger cut their lock and flipped my switch. The manager and I have not been on good terms too much lately so she really did me a favor. My bf suggested that I buy her sees candy and he will pay me for it. :)

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Who will answer to the madness??
Tuesday. 11.21.06 10:06 am
Riots around the country were reported after the release of the ps3. Yes, it has been in the news everyday, on every headline and in every blog. But who is to blame? Sony only produced 400k units to be distributed. This caused mass mania. Some people waited in the rain. In one incident a man was trampled. Store employees could not handle the mobs of people rushing in. One store decided not to open and the police had to come in to control the crowd.

One city Mayor even said that he will definitely take this issue up with Sony. Sony knew what they were doing when they only released 400 thousand units during the holiday season.

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Too many choices
Tuesday. 11.21.06 1:10 am
There is so much competition for game systems this year. Of course we knew this was coming but how many people have the money for them? I know my kids wish they could see a ps3 under the tree this year but that is NOT going to happen. Sorry guys, your mama needs a promotion first!

Wii is the cheapest system but I hear they plan on upgrading the system and coming out with a new model this time next year. I think I can wait on that one. As of today we have one game cube, one ps2 and two xboxes. Maybe next year we can trade them all in and get a PS3??!!

There are just too many choices.

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My all time favorite youtube video
Tuesday. 11.21.06 12:15 am

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Blog about Blogmad
Monday. 11.20.06 6:48 pm
I was not sure what blogmad was all about or if it even helped drive traffic at all. I was talking to some people in the chat box under UCP and got some clarification. For every blog you view you will get a hit to your site. The ratio is 1:1. So if you visit 60 weblogs you will receive 60 visitors.

Allocation of credits is a new system that works like this:
"We have also made it easier for you to assign the credits you are earning to a blog. This means that while you are passively earning credits on services such as textlinks, they are directed toward your blogs in a split that you have defined. You can have 20% go toward blog 1 and 80% toward blog 2. This means that you won’t have to check up on the allocation everyday and the system keeps itself running.
The spending priorities are the same as usual, you give your blog a value from 1-10 and the one with the higher number will receive the majority of the traffic in a ratio relevant to your other blog priorities.

"Please note that the credits you allocate to the different services are immediately deducted from your account and put aside for the specific allocation you have set. Eg. if you assign 100 credits to surf bar and 15 to text links, 115 credits will be removed from your account."

So basically you can assign where you want all of your traffic and credits to go. My advice is to only register one blog. More than one blog is only meant for the ones that buy credits and can afford to spend them!!

Keep surfing!

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