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Monday. 11.9.09 9:47 am
apparently there is a virus out there for the iPhone called the Rick Roll virus. fantastic. now, i must get an iPhone, and get the Rick Roll virus.

if you don't know what a Rick Roll is, then jfgi.

or you can search at youtube.

or i could just explain it. it's pretty much tricking someone into listening to or watching the music video for "never gonna give you up" by rick astley.

one year on youtube, they replaced every single video with the music video by rick astley for a practical joke on april fools day. that was pretty hilarious.

btw, nothing too exciting going on in my personal life. that's why i must make entries about things like this. anjoy.

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lithgow. (edit)
Thursday. 11.5.09 3:54 pm
does anyone watch dexter? yes, i ask this every week. yes, i will continue to.

so, last sunday, on dexter, jon lithgow (who is guest starring as the "trinity killer" this season) was whistling a song. i was thinking "what is that song? i know that from somewhere." i'm pretty positive that he was whistling a tune from shrek. it was the tune where shrek and donkey first go to duloc, and they listen to the puppet song about the rules. i swear that's the tune. i haven't seen the episode since sunday, so i will have to watch it again to confirm.

if you happen to watch that episode, or youtube it, then let me know whether i'm right or wrong. i thought it was an interesting easter egg, considering jon lithgow was in shrek. okay, bye.


i was wrong. he is whistling "are you washed in the blood?" a common hymn.

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Monday. 11.2.09 2:18 pm
b-fer expects a ukulele medley from me. like a super long list of ten second snippets from songs, in a row. i'm not THAT good. i'm not even THAT okay.

i'm learning "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" for the uke. now. i will make a video when it's done.

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Friday. 10.30.09 9:04 am
i'm sitting at work now, in a full on Where's Waldo? costume. mostly everyone else dressed normal. anyone seen that episode of the office where Pam does this?

i'm okay with it. for now, at least. we've only been open six minutes.

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Thursday. 10.29.09 10:05 am
i recently received one of those stupid chain emails. yes, i hate them. they are mostly dumb. however, i was kind of pleased by the overall message of this one.

it said that it's easy to be happy if you just don't let certain things bother you. instead of being pissed, just take a deep breath, and DON'T BE. i've been doing this the past week or so, and it helps with stress. there are still some things that i have to lash out about, but i'm not letting little things get to me.

normally, in some situations, i would be like "what the fuck did you just do?"

but now, i'm like, "*deep breath* i can fix this."

helps me.

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Tuesday. 10.27.09 10:24 am
i'm so tired.

i watched dexter last night. goodin'! but XXXX is dead. i put the XXXX over XXXX's name so i wouldn't spoil it for you if you plan on ever watching it.

my shins hurt. i don't want to have shin splints. i've been running probably more often than i have since i graduated high school, and i'm afraid that it's something like that. ugh. walking hurts today.

the elderly get on my nerves. mostly because almost every customer i have is wrinkled and old. for whatever reason, they think that computers are the devil and young people are the devil, so when i tell them that my records on the computer dispute what their opinion is (which, as was the case today, was "i have another account, but i don't have an account number or any paper or record concerning it, but i have it."), they think that technology and younger generations are ruining this country. i wish i could say "no, you're an idiot, and you have no proof. if this was a court, the judge (that's me) would've thrown your whiny ass out of here for being a moron."

i don't like having a job that frustrates the hell out of me. yesterday i spent the whole day creating a powerpoint presentation for our regional manager. that was great. i wish i could do stuff like that every day. unfortunately there is no place for someone like that at a bank. at least, not in my region.

what should i do? i can't quit. what choice does a college dropout have in this economy? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

(also, i'm poor.)

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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