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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Greatest weakness
Monday. 5.12.14 3:45 am
"The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how they love them while they're alive." Optimus Prime

Wow. If a robot can say this, shame on humans who proudly market themselves as being with intelligence. Perhaps, too much of craze for intelligence makes us forget the fundamentals of being human.

I think what Optimus is saying is just go and say those three words to the person we love so we don't carry a bag of regrets to the soil because we never know if the person shares the same feeling too. Humans are always waiting for some catalyst so we should be the catalyst instead of being serve. Opportunities come to the people who go after it...

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Kuan Yin
Thursday. 5.8.14 9:47 am
Recently, there are many oracle readers on FB put up a few cards and ask their subscribers to choose either one or two. They will reveal the readings later...

And so I chose card number 1 and here is the reading. This is what I need. Every morning I wake up my mind is filled with negative thoughts of other people. The dangerous part is I feel I was seeking comfort in that negative zone... And so I try to think of positive things.

Card 1 - Kuan Yin-Compassion

Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. Gentleness is the strength behind true power, and it comes from feeding yourself nourishing words, thoughts, deeds, intentions and all forms of food. Shield yourself from harshness by placing an intention to attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships. Transform harshness into gentleness by refusing to see anything but the shining light that�s within each person and situation. This intention begins with your relationship with yourself. Be very gentle with yourself in all ways. Be happy, be kind, be sweet, but most of all, be true to you.

Various meanings of this card:
� Release guilt and shame to Heaven for healing and transmutation
� Keep your thoughts about yourself and others positive
� Avoid gossip or bad-mouthing about yourself or others
� Forgive yourself or another
� Don�t be so hard on yourself or others
� Release perfectionistic tendencies

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Sunday. 5.4.14 10:17 am
It's been almost a week since my oracle teacher died from cancer. I almost forgot about her until I saw one of her best friends posted a message for all her existing friends. It gave me chills.

My teacher gave a farewell message to everyone and she mentioned that she saw everyone's path. And this is what gave me chills. What path of mine did she see? Would I be what I intend to be? This is all in my head right?

So... It was her voice that I heard in my head last week. It was a cheerful and light voice. It sounds cheeky too. Unfortunately, I don't remember what she said. I think she said a simple farewell and thank you.

I doubt because I didn't expect to hear her giving me message in a blink of an eye.

What did she see in my path? It will continue to haunt me for the next few days...

Thank you for teaching me how to read the oracle cards. We are meant to meet even though we don't meet often, and I have had always enjoyd your meditation workshops and the talks we had. I hope to meet a gentle and kind and helpful spiritual teacher like you in the future. I now understand why I have been refrained to request you to help me... that is because you have a bigger mission to fulfill.

Rose Elizabeth became a star. Would I see you amongst the stars too?

Let's meet up again in the faraway future where both of us will have much life experience to exchange.

Goodbye, Hanny.

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Tree pencil
Thursday. 5.1.14 1:53 pm
This is so cool. I suddenly had the urge to try out too!

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He kissed a girl?!
Tuesday. 4.29.14 1:42 am
Yes, I like YamaPi. And to see him hosting a weird and boring reality show is much more sad than hearing he got no projects in the pipeline.

I am surprised he can handle the English conversation pretty well - better than some of my collegemates who had been studying for 4 years. I still don't understand their English until today. Zen zen wakarimasen~

I cringed when I see YamaPi kissing the girl. Well, I believe all guys wanna kiss a pretty girl, but if you can feel him... he doesn't want it.

What a script he had. Poor YamaPi.

[新]140421 大人のKISS英語 by Banimation

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Snatnam Kaur
Monday. 4.28.14 9:46 am
I love listening to New Age songs and I finally found one of my favourites from this spiritual guru. I am amazed with her singing. So clear and sound so innocent...

I wanna improve my singing too!

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