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Monday. 7.19.10 9:50 am
It's like this:


Probably more later. A lot later.

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The Count of Tuscany
Monday. 6.21.10 12:24 pm
Hey, so, I guess I'm back or something.

Things to get out of the way: apparently a certain woman whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting or, in fact, knowing at all, seems to still find herself reading my personal entries. I do not especially appreciate her presence because it makes me want to censor myself in case my words are used against others. The fact that she seems to think that is OK only makes it worse.

Plus girls have cooties. AM I RIGHT FELLAS?

OK so some crazy stuff has happened since my last post. Are you ready? Ready, Captain!

I got a job! Hooray for late bloomers! I am a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool. I've been doing it for about 2.5 weeks and I already know most of the kids by face, some even by name. I already have preteen admirers! It's adorable! It's a one-guard pool so I have to do everything myself, but I've always been one to have an appreciation for solitude, so that's OK. I'm already a few shades more tan, and I just sit shirtless under the umbrella most of the time! The two downsides are boredom and having to sit in that awfully uncomfortable guard chair. Plus having kids (and some parents) disregard my commands. Bah. They're paying me, so har har.

I graduated! There is actually a lot less to tell. I graduated. I kept making the joke, "I don't FEEL any older!" even though it wasn't that funny. The whole thing was, well, uncomfortably warm. But I graduated! That's supposedly a big deal! Katie texted me during the ceremony to inform me that she was watching me graduate on live TV. Thanks for creepin'!

A lot of my Puerto Rican family came to visit and stayed with us a while...Grandpa has cancer, and he wasn't doing very well. Grandma and her mum were here, and of course they were as sprightly as ever. Tio Mario visited with his family from Virginia, and Tia Ivonne came from New York. She's a lot easier to pick out now (Mom has 3 sisters) because she let her hair go grey. It looks really cool, actually.

My youth pastor and his new wife left the youth group for him to go to Seminary. It's something he told us about a few months ago, but it's still sad. We gave them a few gifts, and mine was...well, I etched another glass. This one was bigger than my last: 18 x 10 inches. Also the design I etched was WAY more intricate and detailed than my last...I took a picture of them holding hands, and, well, I'll show you when I get it up on DeviantART. Anyway, I stuck that in a picture frame over top of a photo of most of the group together at church after our annual Youth Sunday. I kind of regret sticking it with a photo, because the two detract from each other. But I figure they can separate them into two frames if they really want to. and I'm very proud of my work! I may decide to do it to make some quick cash some time. It's pretty fun and not a lot of people do it! I wonder how much a hand made, personalized glass etching can go for. Questions for later!

I went to my last Horizon as a student. Honestly, if I'm going to divide the experience into parts, I gotta say God was the best part of the trip. To be fair, God is always the best part of the trip. But my friendships don't usually fare very badly! Except this year...a lot of my close friends didn't come! People were working or at the beach or something and it makes me sad. In fact, we had a very small group this year, and without Charlie as our leader it was kind of weird. Weird but good! Zach, the new leader, did just fine and I am very happy to leave the youth in his large and capable hands. But still it was weird. The speakers were Dr. Mark Ross (the third time I've heard him!) and Pastor Rick Phillips, who is also a marriage counselor. Good stuff abounded! The topics were controversial and I think both speakers did a fair job of not stepping on toes or being TOO awkward. I took like 375 pictures/videos, which is sort of nuts, and I took extra notes because I was curious about Relationships and Christian Ethics. Tada controversial!

Other stuff: My brother is being a jerk-face again, I talked on the phone for seriously four hours or something last night, my friends will all be home from vacations by Wednesday, and tomorrow I will ONCE AGAIN meet my Universe Twin!

Haha who is your universe twin Stevie?

She was conceived around when I was born.
So obviously we have to be friends.

I don't think I quite understand, Sir.

Which part?

ny of it

Her parents were MAKING HER around the time I was being born.


give or take 2 days, I figure.


Once we figured this out we were bonded forever.
That and a whole lot of other random coincidences make us Universe Twins.

So you're having lunch with your Universe Twin tomorrow?

Not lunch. Probably just gonna hang out at the park.
She wants to hear about the sermons from Horizon.
She might not even want to come out.

to the sun?

To people.
She's shy.
She is likely to be too afraid of me to come out.

Then assure her you won't bite silly boy

She knows I don't bite.
Who bites?
I'll tell you.

I bite.
Guess that makes me a rapist.

Yeah basically.

----This post took me almost exactly an hour to write. Whee next day!

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Trying new things
Monday. 5.24.10 10:48 pm

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First and most awesome:

There's no support, so using them puts huge emphasis on muscles and nerves long-forgotten after the advent of the tennis shoe. Also, I've played more Ultimate Frisbee since Friday than I had for half a year, so I am taking the full brunt of the transition right now. I am so sore, both from the added exercise and the strange muscle group.

As for the shoes, THEY ARE AWESOME. I love wearing them. I love looking at them. It's kind of hard to describe...the toe pockets are probably really weird to anyone who doesn't wear toe socks (me). Plus the soles let me feel the ground I am walking on. It's cool! It's basically like walking barefoot, with all the fun stuff and athletic benefits, but with a much smaller chance of slicing my foot open on a rock or something. And they can go pretty much anywhere! Rad!

Muffy, I think you might be interested in these!

Also, I've been hitting up some bands that I appreciate but don't LOVE. This has led me to some songs that I really adore, like Be Calm.

"As I walk through the streets of my new city
my back feeling much better, I suppose
I've reclaimed the use of my imagination
for better or for worse, I've yet to know
but I always knew you'd be the one to understand me,
I guess that's why it took so long to get things right.
Suddenly I'm lost
On my street
On my block

Oh why, Oh why
Oh why haven't you been there for me?
Can't you see, I'm losing my mind this time?
This time I think it's for real, I can see

All the tree tops turning red
The beggars near bodegas grin at me
I think they want something
I close my eyes, I tell myself to breathe

and be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
Oh I know that it gets so hard sometimes.
Be calm.

I'm scared that everyone is out to get me.
"These days before you speak to me you pause."
"I always see you looking out your window."
"After all, you lost your band, you left your mom."
Now every single crack, every penny that I pass,
says I should either leave or pick it up
But with every single buck I've made
I'm saddled with bad luck that came

the moment I was baptized
or when I found out one day I'm gonna die
if only I could find my people or my place in life
a when they come a'carolin'
so loud, so bright, the theremin
will lead us to a chorus
where we'll all rejoice and sing a song that goes:

Oh be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
I know that it gets so hard sometimes,
Be calm.
Take it from me, I've been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive
and everything's wrong
It just gets so hard sometimes
Be calm.

I don't remember much that night,
Just walking, thinking fondly of you
Thinking how the worst is yet to come
When from that street corner came a song
And I can't remember the man,
The panhandler or his melody.
The words exchanged had far exceeded any change I'd given thee.

Oh be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
Oh I know that it gets so hard sometimes,
Be calm.
Take it from me, I've been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it still thinks you're alive
and everything's wrong
It just gets so hard sometimes
Be calm.
Be calm."

Funny timing, huh? Enjoy.

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You fail it!
Friday. 5.21.10 10:00 pm
I don't know what to do. I don't know how to handle the intricacies of life. I am going to FAIL at LIFE in the most embarrassing fashion possible.

I've screwed up scholarships.

I've screwed up relationships.

I'm working really hard on screwing up getting a job.

How do I expect to live alone?

How do I expect to stay organized and just keep track of things? How do I expect to pay for those things?

I'm just a charming mess. And I'm not even really that charming.

On one hand, this depression of sorts might be linked to my mom making me feel like total dick. Not A dick. Just. Dick.

On the other hand, I might just be dick.

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