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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
the cruise part
Sunday. 8.10.08 9:48 pm
it has been quite a while since i last posted proper updates..

lindy, me and my entire week of leave, spent most of our time at changi airport watching happy travellers and stewardess with heavy make up leave our sunny island. (singapura.. oh singapura... *i've got national day stuck in my head)

we were slaving away till last bus hours on our project, a 5000 words affair of which almost 4000 combined were written by us and rewrote by us. It required much of our editorial skills, imagination, high blood pressure medication and consistant screaming at our laptops to complete. i think we might even have some fans for our dramatic performance of "frustration/angst".

on Thursday, the day of submission, however, we couldn't take it anymore. With the last proof reading left to Jaye, and my learning journal incomplete, we went on Star Aquarius!

once on board..

we ate and we gambled and we ate and we gambled.

i hope you didn't believe that

we just ate and ate and ate and ate! we completely went for the eat all you canst, cruise and thou shalt be fat buffets.

went for some on board entertainment show abt Cheng Ho (ancient china man... hmm. half man?... not a man?... ) who came to Malacca and estb ambassorial ties. Its actually arcobatic and/or crappy song and dance routine.

we were speculating that the very tall female (so called brazillian) dancers were the topless dancers slated for later that night. lindy says, "preview first, so that the guys can see if they wanna buy tickets for the topless show or not"

no we didn't go for the topless act. our wallets were not very enthusiatic.

there was an impressive the muscleman act which he basically lifted like 2 or 3 dancers and started to swing them ard. i keep calling him "shu shu you lian guo" (literally: uncle trained before) and i got a dirty eye from lindy eveytime i said that. she calls him "old man" not much better right???!

we did try our hand at the jackpot machines, just for the heck of it. We had a grand total winnings of 2 dollars! bravo! *in case you're wondering, our capital was only 10bucks(min sum) and we were there for max 15 min.

by the time we wanted to try the pool, we realised that the pools has been closed for the night. so disappointed. so we decided to eat somemore!
went for the choc buffet.

woke up to a international buffet breakfast... they even have indian masalas and chinese congee.

we ended up camwhoring at the pools while everyone was disembarking the next day.

-abrupt end. its lunch time. ciao

---- erm.. i'll upload the pics soon. heez

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i should be a Nobel prize laureate
Thursday. 8.7.08 10:52 pm
Intelligence Interval Cognitive Designation Common Possessors*
85 - 114 Average Pupils at junior high school
115 - 124 Above average Pupils at senior high school
125 - 134 Gifted University graduates
135 - 144 Highly gifted Intellectuals
145 - 154 Genius Professors
155 - 164 Genius Nobel Prize Winners
165 - 179 High genius
180 - 200 Highest genius
>200 "Unmeasurable" genius

according to facebook "Classic IQ test"

Classic IQ Test Results
Your IQ

if i am a genius then why am I unable to make the right decision?

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