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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
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hehe...pets and costumes!
Monday. 10.30.06 10:30 pm
I KNOW you all wanted to see pets in Halloween costumes, so here's the Petsmart website and their big Halloween Costume Contest for pets :)

I warn you...cuteness will ensue!


EDIT: I was looking around the Internet and stumbled across this video and about peed my pants. I'm not going to imbed it into my entry because it is somewhat inappropriate (as it shows some explicit items)...but, if you want to watch it, click here.

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oh my...
Monday. 10.30.06 9:46 pm
It's almost 8pm :( It seems like my whole evening is already a waste. I basically just got home from work not too long ago and it's almost bed time!! How depressing...

I accidentally (okay, I did it on purpose) left my window open when I left for work this morning. The weather was so fantastic, I figured it would be okay...haha, yeah right. I left work at 6:30 and it was so frigid outside! I for sure thought my house would be like an igloo when I got home, but it was still relatively cool in here. It must have been really nice while I was slaving away inside as it took that long to cool down.

Stopped by McDonald's on the way home to get my dinner...I should really quit eating there. All the places are pretty much out the Monopoly pieces (the only reason I went) and there's really no point to eating the shit food anymore.

One good thing though...went to get my mail and my Reader's Digest subscription finally kicked in! YAY! I got two back issues, I've got some reading to catch up on. I have a 2 year subscription, so I'll be enjoying it. I used to have a subscription to Reader's Digest a while back and I really enjoyed it, so now I have it again.

But anyway...other than that, my evening has not been that exciting and it probably will not get any more exciting unless something decided to drop through the roof of my apartment (not bloody likely) or fly through my window (once again, not bloody likely)...it'll mostly be me relaxing and taking it easy (as the doctor has ordered)...oof...taking it easy is so boring. I am so happy I never got put on bed rest for this pregnancy...it would have been HELLA boring

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Monday. 10.30.06 9:41 am
It's definitely Monday...I can feel it in my body. You know, that feeling when you wake up and you automatically feel like shit, but you have to get up anyway...that's what I feel like this morning.

Not to mention, I'm fatigued and exhausted already and I barely just woke up an hour ago. I'm sure this is due to my anemia or something. You don't realize just how tired you feel until you really think about it. I thought it was just regular wear-and-tear on the body, but I seriously feel like shit. Sad thing, all I can think about is what happened to me yesterday and I don't want it to happen again either. I guess I am over analyzing things a bit too much. AND THEN, I had a horrible dream last night that I went into labor (now...at 29 weeks) and all I could think about was my baby not surviving and I was sitting in a hospital bed and people were walking by me, staring at me...criticizing me. I was so scared...

GRANTED, it was just a dream, but to many women, it's a reality. People do have their babies at 29 weeks...and people's babies do and don't survive. Call me selfish, I just don't want to be one of those women. I can truly see myself being one of those women who goes into premature labor due to stress and high blood pressure.

So far, my blood pressure has been normal (the last time it was checked as at the hospital and I was 121 over 80 which is practically perfect) but my family sort of has a history of high blood pressure and I could have it to, eventually. Case in point...I get my anger problems from my dad. We both have very short fuses. It gets to the point that (I'm sure some of you have felt this, at least once) you can actually feel the blood pulsing through your veins (i.e. I suppose where that saying comes from...makes your blood boil). That's how frustrated I get sometimes...and I know that's not healthy. I've gotten so mad (at myself, mind you...I never really get this mad at other people) that I start to hyperventilate. Now, that's pretty bad...I want to change.

But, enough about my medical fears and personality problems. No one wants to hear about that...lol...Most of the time I'm a happy-go-lucky person, easy going, easy to deal with...so you probably won't see my alter-ego at any point.

Anyway, I best get to doing something productive. Month end...lots of things to do that need to be done in the next 2 days.

EDIT - I talked to my doctor's office and the whole thing sounds strange. She asked if I wanted to come in earlier than next Thursday just to check everything out, and I decided not to. If it happens again, I'm going to go to the doctor's office and we'll figure it out there.

I also called the hospital on my lunch and registered for some classes. They start next Tuesday, so hopefully I can learn about stuff that I don't know a darn thing about (which is most of this baby thing...)...my evenings are going to be busy here coming up soon. Classes every Tuesday for the next month, hospital tour on the 6th of December, another class on some other random night...maybe one more class. It's going to be like going to school all over again...where will I find time to do anything!

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I'm impressed...
Monday. 10.30.06 12:26 am
If you use Firefox and you have not upgraded to Firefox 2.0, you should do so now. Hell, if you don't even use Firefox, you should download Firefox 2.0. I was using the old version and I had heard some nice things about the new version, but I figured...ugh, it's just a webbrowser, I can do without the upgrade...OH HOLY CRAP was I wrong. I LOVE this new version.

I liked the new streamlined design and all that. It was wonderful...reminds me of Mac OS X for some reason, but not quite. It seems like a lot of things are progressing to the way of OS X as they are looking more "bubbly" if that is even a term.

BUT, I think my all time favorite feature is this...Firefox crashed on my tonight (oh yeah...boo), but when I went to open it again, it asked me if I wanted to restore my settings and I said yes...and low and behold, it opened up every single website that I was on prior to it crashing. It was SO FREAKIN' SWEET!

That sold me right there...lol

Once again, check it out if you must...I think it's a great upgrade and everyone should have Firefox 2.0 (in my opinion...which doesn't mean a damn thing...but lol)...

In other news...I am freaking HOT in my house tonight. I ended up turning the heat off all together and I even opened the window in my bedroom because it feels like a blazing inferno in here. According to the weather.com page for my area, it is 48 degrees outside, currently feeling 43 degrees (but personally, it feels like 80 degrees and we're in the middle of a heatwave...) I am not enjoying this sudden feeling of hot/cold everything...is this what older women go through and call menopause? I am not enjoying it now!

Wow...only 10:30 and I'm wired. Everyone I know is either sleeping or not at their computer. This seemed to be a common theme today. Brian was working, so no one to talk to...Melissa was at her grandma's house...no one to talk to...all my other friends were away...no one to talk to. What does one do whilst sitting alone in their house "resting?" You know...I'm not sure...I didn't do a whole lot of anything today.

As you can see, I downloaded Firefox 2.0...but I was attemping to write in my baby book for my son and I cannot believe I mispelled my own name. It's so disappointing...forever in his baby book my damn middle name is going to be spelled wrong and then showing me trying to correct it. I would use white-out but that would look STUPID. The page is yellow! A big white strip of correction tape would look worse than me trying to draw an "a" over the letter "e" that I mistakenly put. Ugh...I mispelled something on the two pages I filled out. I'm a perfectionist and it really pissed me off. It almost makes me want to go buy another baby book and just start over again, but this one was a gift from my mom. I thought writing in pen was supposed to make you make less mistakes...I just made more!! I ate a few bowls of cheerios and scarfed down some sugar free butterscotch pudding...I've been parched all day (I bet I'm just a tad dehydrated)...I surfed Blog Mad pretty much all day after I got back from the hospital. Damn...my life sounds like so much excitement! Ugh...it actually sounds like one big depressing time...maybe it will change soon. Who knows...

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my scare...
Sunday. 10.29.06 6:17 pm
Well, today was going pretty okay until about 11 am this morning. I got these horrible pains in my back. It got so bad to the point that I just wanted to cry. I tried laying down, sitting, lying on my back, lying on my stomach, leaning up against the wall, etc to see if it would help and it didn't. Then, I thought...well, maybe if I take a shower and let the hot water do its work, it might go away...nope...it got even worse. It got to the point that I was coughing because I felt so shitty that I needed to throw up and I actually had to physically get out of the shower and crouch in front of the toilet and just wait to see if I would eventually throw up. That didn't even happen...I got up and called my mom (she's my saving grace, I swear) and she was like "call the doctor and go to the hospital." SO, I called my doctor and then I called my friend Melissa to come pick me up to drive me to the emergency room. I called Brian and told him that I was going to the ER and that I'd let him know if he needed to come down there (he's at work right now). At that point, I was in so much pain my legs were weak and I was short of breath (I was this way in the shower too) and I was choking my words out. I went outside to wait for Melissa to get here and I sat down on the steps outside...and the pain went away. I felt nothing...nada...

I called my mom...and she told me to go anyway just to check it out. At that time, I noticed the baby wasn't moving all too much (he was moving all this morning and now there was nothing)...so we went to the ER anyway.

We sat there for 3 hours and the finally checked me in. At the time this crap was happening, my pain was a 10 on their scale of 1 to 10...by the time I got to the ER and into the triage center, my pain was at a 1 out of the 10 as it was non-existant. They checked me out...we listened to the baby (he's still doing okay...nothing out of the ordinary there) and then they checked me out with thorasiac back pain (yeah, I probably mangled that...probably a fancy term for back pain) and sent me on my merry way telling me to rest and follow-up with the OB/GYN. Fun stuff...

The strange thing...I was resting when all the back pain decided to give me grief...I was laying in my bed minding my own business, taking it easy...so, it must have been one of those spur of the moment things. I got extremely worried because they say that contractions usually start in the back and all that. They thought that it might be a kidney infection or something too as those usually trigger pains in the back where the kidneys are, but my kidneys did not hurt. If I had a UTI, I think I would have known...as I've had a few and they HURT LIKE HELL!!

But yeah...now I'm back at home completely...just lounging in my bed like I was before. They did say to come back if I was having the pains again, was getting any cramping down under, or a fever or anything. I doubt it was anything...but it's just SCARY.

On the way back, had Melissa stop at Arby's and I bought her lunch for going all out of the way for me and whatnot...then we went back to her house to watch the Broncos make an immediate good play and then start to suck. Melissa is convinced they started to suck because she got home and started to watch the game. It's so close right now, but the Broncos are up by 1 point...if they can hold out, we may be in the safe zone...but haha...there's still 11 minutes of the game to fuck up.

YUP YUP...I hope my days are not this exciting until, say, January...and I'll actually be going there for legitimate issues (i.e. the baby coming out)...*crossing fingers*

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The Denver Public Library
Sunday. 10.29.06 12:44 am
Haha...I finally went out to Denver Public Library today. I didn't realize that we were down there so late, so it was like an hour right before it closed. That library is HUGE!!! I've never been in a 3 story public library...so I wish I would have had more time to peruse the books. I could have spent hours there.

Anyway, my friend Melissa had sat down at a computer to look for a photography book and where to find it. Since it was so close to closing, I wanted to go look at the history books...which were up on the 3rd floor. SO, I went to the escalators and happened to glance over at one of the computers and saw that this guy was watching pornography! You know, thinking that maybe I wasn't seeing what I thought, I looked again and no, he was watching a pornographic video...I turned around and went back to Melissa almost busting up laughing because I thought it was so funny. The guy had gotten up by then and left...but seriously! He was sitting next to a middle-aged woman looking at appropriate items on the Internet...you know, if he was gonna watch that sort of stuff, he should have at least taken one of the computers that was not facing an open walkway or something where other people could walk by and see it. It reminded me of this video that I saw a while back:

I guess this sort of stuff happens all over...maybe they should take more steps to monitor this sort of stuff. Granted, the guy that I saw today was not going as far as the guy up above was in the news article, but still...if he was watching pornography, imagine the amount of other people that are actually going to the full extent...ewww...makes me cringe just thinking about it.

But yeah...then we drove by the hospital I'm gonna deliver my baby at. I've never seen it before and I was just amazed! It's like a historical landmark or something...the whole outside of it is one, huge, GIANT Lutheran Church and it looks so hella cool! I suppose that's why it's called Lutheran Medical Center, but still...I was just amazed! It's sort of out of the way compared to where I live right now (as it's in the northwestern part of downtown), but I don't care...if my doctor's gonna deliver there, you better believe I'll be there.

Up north we went after that and we played some cards at Melissa's grandma's house before I finally ended up home about 10 minutes ago. Sort of exhausted from being on the go...lol, but at least we have daylight savings to give us an extra hour tomorrow! YAY!!!

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Saturday. 10.28.06 12:22 pm
No movie last night...no movie tonight. I guess I got myself all hyped up for nothing. That's usually something that happens.

I think my friend Melissa and I are going to go downtown today after Brian goes to work. I want to go to the Denver Public Library (I know...still haven't made it down there...PROCRASTINATOR!!!) and then I just wanted to go downtown and mess around. Not that there's anything to do down there, but I just wanted to go down there...

So far, today seems to be somewhat of a waste. I'm just sitting here (I've been awake since before 8) and I'm doing absolutely nothing. It's really boring...and I hate this sense of boredom! I guess when the baby is here, it won't be so boring...because, he'll be here and I can go do stuff with him instead of sitting in the dark at the computer...lol

I am hoping that I'll get to see this movie tomorrow...and then my weekend won't be completely shot. Monday and Tuesday are end of the month, so I'll probably be working late (which I don't care about...I probably need to catch up anyway). I'm going to vegetate this weekend though because I won't be vegetating next week...ugh

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Friday. 10.27.06 7:58 pm
I am so excited for this movie...I can't wait to go see it:

But yes...so, there's the trailer for it. While we're on videos here, let's do an Ă¼ber cute video too:

Okay...enough videos for the day.

YAY! Jeopardy is on...I love watching this show (because I'm a big SUPER nerd, but that's besides the point...

What else happened today (or I just found out about today)...my friend Alison had her baby sometime either today or yesterday! I'm so excited for her! I feel bad for her too because she has to have her gall bladder removed now, but at least her baby has come out! She had a little girl...now it's just my turn.

NOW, I'm gonna get myself a glass of chai, and sit down and read the Thornton community guide (see if there's any classes that might interest me at the Rec Center).

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