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Gimme a call
Thursday. 9.20.07 5:30 pm
I am practicing piano tonight. Guess why? Because I am going back into the music world. *sigh* Except I won't be officially playing piano, but strings instead. I start bright and early tomorrow morning. >.> Let's see if I have any knack for this. Maybe I'll be having violin/viola/cello--whichever it is I play tomorrow-- AND piano lessons...

Hmm, who knows?

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Saturday. 9.15.07 8:26 pm
"The Principal" is an American movie! Starring James What's-his-name...you know that guy who has his own show, something-Jim? Jim = husband, Cheryl = wife, Andy = brother, Dana = sister, three kids... It's about this guy who's put as principal of a horrible school and basically turns the place around. DOn't worry, no gospel or 'we must LOVE one another'. ;D

Ring any bells?

@Praetorian: *grmble* Other country...dummy...

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I like.
Friday. 9.14.07 9:10 pm
Watching "The Principal". It's good. *grin*

Back on!

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Wednesday. 9.12.07 9:09 pm
I feel horrible. I think I'm coming down with something... Ugh, I feel cold and muscle-less. Weak. I think I shall...
Mah belly = little smilie. I am big smilie. Ka-boom! Owwie...0.0 Or about to...


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Dot's Recommendts #2
Friday. 9.7.07 11:06 pm
Remember when I told ya'll of Twilight? And a number of ya'll loved it? Made me so happy and giddy. XD Anyway, I have another one.

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson

A very good book. Please, please, check it out. Just finished it today. I was incredibly dismayed when my mother arrived at Barnes & Nobles and made me leave. She doesn't understand the power of books, the magic of words. If she really knew me, she'd know better than to disturb me when I was reading, working, etc., just like I don't like to be disturbed when I practice piano. Not that I practiced much back when I was taking lessons, but when I did, I got into it. ^-^ Heh. =P I have two pianos at home. And she didn't understand the DO NOT DISTURB ME for piano, either. >.>

I am very very thristy right now. *gasp* Water...orange juice...anything...*cough* I'm...struggling...to...breathe! *faint*


Best Review of the boom above that I read on Amazon: From Kirkus Reviews--

The Sachertorte romances by Ibbotson (Madensky Square, 1988, etc.) have resisted a firm categorization. The narration is too witty and waggish for the average lathering romance, and the plots too drenchingly sweet and contrived for a Fay Weldon-style satire or a Malcolm Macdonald chatty comedy. Here, the publishers have wisely allowed the author her own directive for her work: ``for the intelligent woman with the flu.'' Just so. Ibbotson's latest offering concerns the career of clever, enormously learned, and bouncy Ruth Berger, daughter of an eminent zoology professor and an excessively good mother whose house in Vienna also shelters an anthropologist aunt, alarmingly clumsy in all but her seminal work on obscure tribes, and a sad little uncle with a romantic past. Also, on the eve of WW II, another of the Bergers' summer visitors is Quinton Somerville, a young Englishman, a comer in paleontology, and the brilliant boy pianist Heini Radek. During the scholars' vacation in the mountains, Quin loves the Bergers, and the child Ruth adores just slightly older Heini. Eight years later, after the Nazis grab Vienna, Quin returns and, via a ``paper'' marriage to Ruth, rescues her so that she can join her family in a seedy section of London. The refugee colony makes do in tacky digs while Ruth, keeping secret the marriage to Quin, anxiously awaits the arrival of her fianc‚ Heini from Hungary. Meanwhile, she attends the college where Quin is the stellar lecturer, and with a group of students sees for the first time the Northumberland homestead where reigns Quin's fierce spinster aunt. Among Ruth's new acquaintances: dim-to-devoted schoolmates; dazed intelligentsia and an eccentric or two soldiering on; and, spearheading a sizable contingent plotting to wed Quin, a upper- caste student of terrifying perfection and the mien of a Roman senator. There will be misunderstandings, crossed paths--and, of course, happy endings. A bedtable joy.
-- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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PW-ed. May make no sense, deal with it.
Wednesday. 9.5.07 10:08 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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I thought I saw a puddy cat
Monday. 9.3.07 11:15 pm
Well, it seems I have a lot to tell you all. First of all, I was working at the Supreme Court during the summer. And I should continue into the fall. Two, school starts tomorrow. Three, I cut my hair.

Hehehe...I love it., ;) If only I had a picture for you guys...in fact, I haven't taken apicture of it at all! I should have, the day I got it. =/ Hmm...too bad. I washed my hair aboiut two hours ago so it's loveliness is all gone. How sad. Anyway, I've been wanting short hair for a while and i finally got it. My mother and I couldn't agree on whether to keep the bottom nice sand straight or layer it. The scissors did both. Well, more layer than straight. But it looks good. It actually fits me pretty well. Better than anything I've had, hair or otherwise. Really, Iw as quite surprised (happily) at the turnout. ;)

So...I kind of can't wait till tomorrow. I know I should sleep early since I have school tomorrow and thus, an early morning. So I should be getting offline soon. ^-^


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Past-Midnight snack.
Saturday. 8.25.07 5:23 am
I'm huuuuungwy! Yes, you read the time right. It is 5:23am. And no, I have not gone to sleep yet. And I'm starving. 0.0 I wan' food. ={

I should've gotten Shanghau dumplins when I had the chance. 11pm and the restaurant was still open. Oh, well. *siigh* I'll just starve myslef for a while...owwie.

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