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Thursday. 1.8.15 8:05 pm
After two weeks of being in a facility that has no single use bathrooms, I'm cautiously optimistic that I have gotten quite a few steps closer to being able to use public restrooms without having to wait until I feel like I'm dying before I can go. These last few days, at least, I haven't seemed to have much problem. I'll change it up and use the one upstairs, but even using the one downstairs has been working in my favor.

I still refuse to use the restrooms at Pike Place Market, but at least I should be able to use them at the store or gym or whatever. Let's hope that it keeps up and that shit doesn't happen to cause my mind to be shy about it anymore.

Tomorrow is my final day of training in the computer lab. We'll be role playing more, taking turns so that we each have time to answer fake calls. And then after the lunch break I'll be shadowing some more because they don't have my department there. The other lady in my class will be going to her phone training just slightly earlier than originally planned. Mine will start Monday.

There's going to be a potluck tomorrow. I'll be getting up early and making a stop at the bakery to bring some snackables. Someone else is bringing bagels and another person is bringing fruit, but we were talking about the bakery earlier in the week so I figured this would be a good excuse to kind of splurge a little and celebrate.

One more day before the fun starts ...

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Oh hello, nerves. Welcome back.
Wednesday. 1.7.15 8:41 pm
I only have two more days of computer lab training before I go back to my campus. As excited as I am to be going back to the place I'm most familiar, and having a much shorter commute ... and more options for lunch ... I'm getting nervous because it's the next step in the training process. I'll be handling live calls, setting up actual appointments. No more role playing. Next week starts the real deal. Then two weeks later I'll be left on my own, granted I 'graduate' from the training.

I know that I shouldn't be nervous about it, but it's a huge step. Going from just pretending and being able to stop and take as much time as I need isn't going to be a thing anymore. I mean, sure, I'll be able to take as much time as I need, but only within reason. There's still a human on the other end of the line and even if I state that I'm new, there's only so much patience people can handle. Not all patients are patient.

Also, they're not able to train me as much as if I wasn't in a specialty because they don't have the exact guidelines that are used where I'll be. So I have to just work with what I'm given and hope it's enough to give me a good start.

I'm going to kick ass at this job; there's no doubt about it. But that doesn't stop the nerves from happening.

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Sitting, waiting, wishing.
Monday. 1.5.15 5:57 pm
I've had this song stuck in my head all day. I haven't heard it in several months, at least, and yet around my first break this morning, it popped up. All throughout the training, all throughout the final breaks of the day, even during conversations with others, this song just kept interfering. How does this work? Why do certain songs, or memories or whatever, pop in to your head at seemingly random times? Especially when there is no recent reference to said thought.

And now it's stuck in all of your heads. You're welcome.

My brain hurts and perhaps this is its way of coping. There is just so much information involved in appointing and they're trying to cram it in to our heads in two weeks' time. Once they let us loose on the phones, we'll have two more weeks to get used to that process. No more role playing; it's all live calls making actual appointments. This gives us two weeks to get our timing and technique down. The girl that I shadowed on Friday said that it took her about a month to get most of it down, so I'm going to aim for that. I don't like not knowing how to do something or not being good at it once I learn.

I do know that I'll be glad to be back up at my campus. I'll get to focus on learning my actual specialty-related training and I'll be back in familiar territory. I'll have more to do for my hour long lunch rather than drive to Starbucks and spend $10 on a delicious, yet quite overpriced, sandwich and snack. I'll be more comfortable bringing in my own food because I'll be around people I know. Or, since I live close enough, I could just come home for lunch.

Here's to hoping this last week of computer lab training doesn't completely destroy my ability to retain information.

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Now? No. How about now?
Sunday. 1.4.15 6:35 pm
It's been a week and it still hasn't hit me yet that I have a new job. I mean, everything is different ... except that it's not. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm still going to be at the same facility. I'm not there yet, but I only have a week left before I am back at my campus. Perhaps when I receive my first paycheck and see the monetary difference? But even then, the first paycheck will be shorter because of some missing time from the first day and money deducted for a bus pass.

I thought that it would have hit me by now, but it hasn't. Even when I did laundry yesterday and the volume of my load was cut in half due to the lack of uniforms to wash, even though I had a full week's worth of outfits to wash. Honestly, it kind of feels like I'm just on vacation. I am being loaded up with all kinds of new information and practicing a lot of new things and yet, I just feel like I'm taking a break.

Maybe I should have taken a week off from work in order to properly transition myself in to the new role that I'm taking on. I'm glad I didn't because I need the final paycheck before I receive the first one from the new job, but ... I guess I'm just confused by why this doesn't really feel like anything has changed.

Perhaps it'll hit me sometime this week.

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One step at a time
Friday. 1.2.15 10:50 pm
My brain kind of hurts. As much as I like to pride myself in being fantastic at my job, I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm still very new at this and it's okay to not be as ridiculously skilled as the person I shadowed today. I just completed my first week of training and it was, technically, only 3 days of actual training. Day 1 was just welcome day, which just explained the history behind the company and how it came to be the company that it is today. We got in to actual job related training on Tuesday and Wednesday, but then yesterday was a holiday so the place was closed. And then today.

I still have next week to train in the computer lab and then I have 2 more weeks of mentored phone training. And yet, with all that knowledge of what's involved in getting myself prepared, I still want to be good at my job and messing up, for me, is unacceptable. I'll get there, I know I will. It's just gonna take a bit more than my patience is willing to take easily.

No plans for the weekend except laundry. I think the only reason I'm even going to leave my front door is to take out the trash and pay the rent ... which I forgot to do today. My car is parked in front of my place and I think I'd like to just keep it there until I have to leave for work Monday morning. For the first time in weeks, I actually have enough food in my fridge/freezer to get me through the weekend without needing to leave or order delivery.

So yes, I think this will be a good weekend to hermit it up.

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Well then.
Thursday. 1.1.15 1:40 pm
It's Thursday. As if none of you could read a calendar. It's the time of year when the sequential dates start back at the beginning. That's about the only two things this particular day signifies for me. Sure, I don't have to work today, which I would have been doing if I had still been in security. I'm incredibly grateful for that change of pace. I'm also getting paid for today, despite the fact that I'm not actually working, so that's awesome.

It's just the first Thursday of my new job, which I happen to have off due to the resetting of the sequential dates. It already feels like it's been weeks and I've only really been doing this 2 days. That's how much information has been shoved down our throats and we have yet to even start on how to work the multiple programs we'll be using for appointing, let alone actually taking calls. That comes the week after next.

I'm just going to play the blogging thing by ear this time around. A lot of shit happens and there are some days when I don't have access to a computer {where I can easily type up something here} or I'm just not in the mood to share or my mind is all chaotic and it'l be a bit before things can start to make enough sense to type something up. So no personal challenges, yet, this year.

I do have a few small goals for this year, however. I would like to get my passport, take motorcycle riding classes and get my license to do so and go sky diving. There's also the vacation that I'm taking mid-year, which is going to be amazing. So not really "resolutions" so to speak, but legit, reachable goals.

I'll also be 29 later this year. Is it weird that I'm already excited about it?

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