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08/09/06 17:52
mood: mixed...
listening to: There is a Higher Throne
watching: nothing

Now that I'm on my daddy's lappy again and not having a tempramental internet on my hands, I can finally blog in peace =]

Hm... today the Japanese teacher got in touch with me... turns out I can't actually do Japanese A Level cos I don't have the basic Japanese GCSE, but I can take a Japanese GCSE instead...

At first I thought "Crap. How humiliating..." but now that I think about it, if I take the Japanese GCSE I'd have 11 GCSEs, and 5 AS's (Maths, Further Maths, German, Chinese, Theatre Studies) and if I decide to do a General Studies AS then I'll have 6, which works for me =] And hopefully, if I do really well they might even move me up half way through the year... hopefully.

I will work hard.

Haha, first time ever... never thought I'd say that. Anyways, if not, next year I'll do the AS, then I'll have 7 AS's... But that puts me in a bad position cos so far the only subjects I'd be wanting to take into A2 are Maths, German and Theatre Studies. I wanted to do the full Japanese A Level but I doubt that'd be possible...

And then it'd sound really daft, doing 7 AS's and only 3 of them as a full A Level... Bleh, we'll see... =/

I'm going through conflicting emotions here... We'll see what happens. The only thing I'm worried about taking Japanese GCSE is it'll probably mess up my schedule since that's probably only a 1 hr lesson, and I need 3 hrs to fill up... x_x

I will pray about it. =3 God will guide me through <3

That aside, thank you all for your comments <3333 =D I'll answer a few questions:

thaitanic: no... it's not one of those type of alarms, and to be honest, I'm glad it's not, because if it was then the theif would have had plenty of time to grab something valuable then get the heck outta my house before the alarm went off in my opinion. =3

Jinaiah: haha I think my whole entry's just answered your question ^_^

thisdisease: we have a prom/leaver's ball at the end of yr 11, then another one at the end of yr 13... I'm not sure about the rest ^_^;; but I'm glad we don't have that many dances though =3 I'm not that big a fan of them... plus I have to dress up x_x

Rip-Tide-Prophecy: okay yours wasn't a question, but I have to say you utterly cracked me up hahahaha XDDDD

Aside from that, I also have to apologise for not being very active on most people's NuTangs too... x_x I'm dead tired--really not in the mood to read much text and write a comment =/ That, and my laptop hates me and crashes every time I try to comment, so I got peeved off and gave up >_<

On the bright side, my new personal site will be hosted and launched tomorrow! ^_^ If you visit you'll notice a big similarity in the layout since I stole this one from that ;) Then hopefully I won't be too tired to catch up with everyone's blogs =3

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07/09/06 12:17
mood: pissed off >=O
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Rant alert. If you care not to read, turn back now. I will not be passwording this entry, cos it's not that bad a rant cos I calmed down a bit now, but giving you a chance to turn back and ignore my ranting... now! =]

Still here? Okay, here goes. Now, if you read my previous entry, you'd know the stupid lady in my house opened a door and set off the burglar alarm, right? Well, you'd think she'd learn from stinking *experience* not to open a door, yes?

Well I slept at 3 am this morning (my bad), and this morning, the bloody bugger went downstairs at effing 8:30 in the morning and opened a door because she thought "nothing was on the screen, so I thought it'd been turned off".


I specifically TOLD her not to open a door AGAIN!!!!!! AND SHE GOES AND DOES IT!!! X_X;;

And if she even used a tiny amount of brainpower, she'd realise that FFS! If a burglar alarm just goes and turns *itself* off when you're sleeping, it'd hardly be any good would it?!?!

And no, I don't think you can actually time a burglar alarm to turn itself off. Why else, yesterday, when I woke up, did I have to go downstairs and manually turn it off, then?! Bloody cow!!!

Oh, that on top, I just realised she never said sorry for a) keeping me awake, and b) waking me the eff early this morning. She just gave excuses on why she went and opened a door.

I'm so glad she's leaving today. I can't stand her being here anymore. It's like she insists on opening a door just to listen to the damned screeching of that alarm or something!!! FFS! If you love the sound that much, go listen to it in someone else's house! And as The-Muffin-Man put it, "it seems like you're looking after her, not the other way around". Damn right it does. x_X

Okay, she's not that bad really. We can chat, it's quite interesting, and I actually felt grateful last night that she had to wait 50 mins from a bus stop at *leamington* to get the bus to my house, but bloody hell, I'm *not* a morning person, and what she did this morning just made all my gratefulness vanish into thin air.

I mean, if she wanted me to wake up, she could have just nudged me awake, asked me to turn off the alarm in my drowsy state, and then at least I could go back to sleep easier afterwards!!!!!!! But NOOOOOOOOOOOO she has to go and wake me up SUDDENLY with the massive screeching coming from downstairs!!!

I find it hard enough, and nearly impossible to go to sleep after being woken up ANYWAYS!!! How the hell does she expect me to go back to sleep when I was woken up so damn suddenly?!?!?!

ARG!!! I'd rather she never came at all! Then maybe I'd have a little peace in this house alone!


Okay, end of rant (yes it's light, for a non-morning person like myself ranting about someone waking her up, it's very light), thank you for reading. But now that I feel like the dead, there's not much of a chance I'm gonna make that bento I wanted to make for today. FFS. My mum wants me to cook a meal for myself and eat healthily. Well, I can't bloody well do it if I can't even bloody think straight. Crap's sake. x_X

Also, if I don't comment on your NuTang, it's probs cos I feel like a zombie and you wrote a long entry that my brain refuses to comprehend this morning... Maybe it'll get better later x_x

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[When Life Gives Me Lemons...]
06/09/06 17:14
mood: tired
listening to: Sa Rang Hae Yo - Lin Jun Jie
watching: nothing

...I give it right back and ask for strawberries instead =3

Yes, there is a slight significance here. =3 You'll see later.

Anyways, today was induction day in school (day when you "get used" to the school, they plan a bunch of activities so that you feel like you belong blah blah) and it was crazy boring x_x

Eh, if I'd have known it'd be that boring, I would have gone on the holiday thing with my parents. They'll be back tomorrow, but yeah. I also found out that I don't start school straight away, I start on Monday.

More reason I should have gone with my parents... =Sigh=, but oh well, I don't mind, they're back here tomorrow anyways =3 And besides, today we had to sort out final details on classes, and I needed to have a taxi sorted out to get me to my consortium school cos Japanese and German are at Woodlands.

I'm still awaiting a call from the dude in charge of Japanese to see if I can still do it though, cos I didn't do Japanese GCSE and apparently a girl tried to do it last year and she hadn't done Japanese GCSE either and she couldn't catch up =3 I wonder if she was Chinese, and got an A in another language after just learning it for one year too...

So anyways, yeah, since it's just me at home, my parents asked a lady from Church to come to look after me for a bit cos two people in a house is much safer than one person in a pretty large, detached, 4-bedroomed house. Especially since our car got stolen before x_x

Urg I feel pretty much like the dead. Last night, I set on the alarm, I asked the lady not to open a door downstairs cos it sets off the alarm. BUT. I was *just* about to fall asleep, when the freaking alarm went off. Say hello to the Lemons.

Yes, she went and opened a door. ¬_¬; She was afraid she'd want a drink during the night so went downstairs to get her cup x_x;

Who gets up to have a drink in the middle of the night anyways??? x_X

And since earlier, she wanted to watch a programme on TV I stayed up for a little longer than I would have done cos I needed to set the alarm after her, so yeah, I ended up losing sleep. =Sigh=.

Ah well, at least that won't happen today cos I have no school tomorrow, so no need to get up so early =] Yay! See? Strawberries ^_^

Plus I wanted to stay up that *little bit* longer anyways to read some more H/D fanfiction XD

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Thank you all ^_^ <3



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05/09/06 18:57
mood: don't know... =3
listening to: Emu ~For My Dear~ - Gackt
watching: nothing

Okies... I just realised that I've been on NuTang for this long, and you guys still don't know what I look like ^^;;

Well, the chances of me getting a flickstr account are none, so I guess my gallery will be dead, but I've already uploaded photos to my photobucket account. So, if any of you are curious of what I look like... Well... here goes...

I'm on the right... ^^;; The other person in the photo is my best friend Ani =] Hopefully she won't kill me for putting this photo up cos she thinks she looks weird. I think she's being paranoid ¬_¬

So, since there is still a slight chance of her wanting to skin me alive, I will post up a good pic of her (in her opinion. I think they're both nice), well, the one she likes more haha.

Bear in mind, I *don't* usually wear make up, and I don't usually take photos either, but hey. Lol. That day was a special occasion =] It was a joint bday celebration between Ani, Chels, and supposed to be Elizabeth too (cos their bday's are a day after each other, from 19th-21st hehe) but her phone ran out of batt and wasn't able to contact us at the last second x_x.

It was also a couple of days before I left to move to Coventry for good. Ah, one of my last days in Southampton... So it was also a kind of "leaving" thing for me, and also a joint bday thing with me too, since mine was only a couple of weeks later, but I wouldn't be there by then... heh.

So, now that you know what I look like... uhm... er... o_o;; ^_^;;

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[My Lappy...]
05/09/06 14:18
mood: annoyed ¬_¬
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

...has oh-so-pleasantly decided it hates me ¬_¬;;

Well, my interent does, at least. URRRRG! When I tried to surf blogs on blogexplosions this morning my internet crashed... wtf? x_x I'm pissed off at that site now. GRRRRRR.

See, what is continuously happening, is that every time I try to comment on a person's blog, my internet browser very convieniently decides it will crash and close, consequently resulting in me getting very frustrated, having tried to comment for the millionth time.

It was stinking *fine* before I went on blogexplosions as well! >_<

So if I haven't commented on your blog, I have still read it! I love you and all, my lappy just doesn't love me today -_-;

In fact, I'll be mightily surprised if this entry goes through. Hopefully it does. =Sigh= I've had to save comments and stuff in a word document in hopes my internet will decide to work for me later.

The strange thing is, I can still surf pages (to an extent), but... ah I don't get it. Whyyyy, lappy, must you treat me like so? Wasn't I a good owner? (...no, I didn't mean to tread on you this morning o_O;;...)

=Sigh= Yes, I've tried restarting it quite a few times. It still won't work for me. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, but today, I'm not sure if you'll be able to receive any more comments from Kuri...

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04/09/06 22:13
listening to: I should go put some music on... >_>
watching: nothing

OMW OMW OMW OMW!!! I JUST MADE $1!!!!!!! YES!!!!!

I'm so happy!!! I love you allllllll!!! Thank you SO, SO MUCH!!! <3333333

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