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Germs in the hotel room
Sunday. 11.26.06 1:55 pm
This is hardly a surprise, but is nonetheless still disturbing.

According to CNN.com, a recent study measured the amount of germs left behind after guests with "lab-confirmed rhinovirus colds" checked out of hotel rooms.

Doctors swooped in after the guests departed and found the nasty virus alive and well on hotel pens, TV remotes, light switches, faucets, telephones, coffee makers, alarm clocks and shower curtains.

Totally nasty! Eventhough the maid changes your sheets your room is still contaminated!

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Sunday. 11.26.06 10:29 am
Instead of doing my homework this weekend I watched a whole bunch of videos. I am so behind now!! I am just not motivated to do my homework. Maybe I should just quit graduate school.

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Sunday. 11.26.06 10:07 am
Hey GWAR fans.. guess what? They are finally making action figures of the band members!!

Article below...

Four brand new GWAR action figures, developed by Shocker Toys, are currently available for pre-order via BigBadToyStore.com. Each toy is 7 inches tall and is available for $15.99 apiece or $44.99 for a set of three.

GWAR is a satirical thrash metal/punk band formed in 1985-1986 by a group of artists and musicians at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. The band is perhaps best known for their elaborate sci-fi/horror film-inspired costumes, raunchy lyrics, and graphic stage performances.

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What is Black Friday
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:56 pm
Black friday is such an odd name. My son asked me today, "mommy, what is black friday." I told him that it was the day after thanksgiving and he was not satisfied with that answer. So I looked it up.

The term refers to accounting books going from being in the "red" to being in the "black". The day after thanksgiving marks the first day of the holiday season. People begin shopping and stores begin to offer bargins. In other words, the stores finally start making a profit.

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Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:35 am
This is another case of retaliation against a whistle blower. Ex-employee Bogdan Dzakovic, a member of the elite squad for security systems at the airport states that he warned the FAA of potential security breaches in their system. He said that his team was able to sneak in bombs and submachine gunsright past the screeners. When he reported these findings to the FAA they told him to cover it up.

Once 9/11 hit numerous FAA officials were stating,"How could we have known this was going to happen?" They did know. They were even warned of the holes in their security.

As a result for whistle blowing, Dzakovic was demoted to a desk job where he does remedial tasks such as, hole-punching, updating agency phonebooks and twiddling his thumbs. He cant really complain though. They did not give him a pay cut so he gets paid $100,000 for doing his entry-level job.

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Black Friday
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:20 am
It was awesome to see so many people waiting in the dark fog for stores to open. It seems so crazy for some but for these people, this is that one SPECIAL day of the year. To miss it would mean death.

My son works at Target and their store opened at 6am. When we got there the line went all the way around the store and into the parking lot. The parking lot was full. You saw people in their sweat suits and jackets standing in the dark and the fog was pretty heavy as well. Over in the mall parking lot, you could see parked cars way out into the areas where nobody parks. I could not BELIEVE how full the lot was at 5:45am.

I did not get to participate this year because I am so broke ass but next year I plan to be there!!!

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I like the way you think..
Friday. 11.24.06 12:27 am
Nintendo is coming out with a couple new features for the DS. With the new Tony Hawk game there is a feature where you can "taunt" the other player. You click the taunt button and record your voice to be sent to the challenging player. This is good if you are playing via wifi and want to "egg" on our competition.

A second feature is this...

Nintendo (Nintendo Europe, at least) has confirmed the cleverly-named "Nintendo MP3 Player" for a December 8th launch, coinciding nicely with the Wii launch that day. The SD card-based player is fairly well self-contained, mainly leeching off of the DS for controls and power -- it even has its own headphone port -- but that means it can also work with the less-powerful Game Boy Advance/Advance SP/Micro lineup, which is always a plus. Sound can at least be routed through the DS' headphones and speakers. No word on price, so we'll stick with that €30 figure, and apparently Nintendo isn't including any SD card in the box, but we're sure you'll be able to find one somewhere to match with the nifty player. Keep reading to spy pics of the incredibly odd interface Nintendo has cooked up for this thing.

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Paris Hilton pukes on stage
Wednesday. 11.22.06 5:23 pm
Paris Hilton was listening to Jay-Z sing at a night club in Las Vegas while she was swigging Grey Goose - straight. After his spot was over, she got up on stage and ordered the owner of the house to put her record in so that she could lip sink to it. As the music began to play, Paris puked on stage and then left.

Ha ha ha!!

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