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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Oh man...
Friday, 7/25/03 - 5:04 am
I had all this stuff I was going to post, but now I can't remember any of it. Tomorrow, I have to go to a "family picnic" hosted by the company my dad works for. So I can stuff my face with burgers and hot dogs and potato salad and ice cream and pop and lemonade and veggie platters and fruit platters (THAT'S RIGHT, THE WHOLE PLATTER GUYS!) and cake and whatever the hell else they have. So I can feel bloated and disgusting aaaaaaall day. That is, if I can even get up in time to go, since it's at 11 in the morning, and I don't usually get up till like, 1. We'll see I guess. Anyway, it's 4 am right now, so I'd better get my ass into bed. Man, gripe gripe gripe. That's all I do. See, that's griping right there! I need to quit with all the negativity.

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Dinah had kittens!
Thursday, 7/24/03 - 2:36 am
Dinah, my sister Danni's cat, had kittens. This is the cutest one. Also, I'll never have to work at Afterthoughts again! No more piercing ears, or putting up with irate customers, or just plain stupid Alabamians for that matter. I'm soooo happy. I was unable to get shitty because of my lack of funds. But it doesn't matter, because I'll be gone soon, all my worries left behind. Not really, the hardest part is coming up. SCHOOL. Luckily, I took some dumbass classes at Calhoun Community College so I won't have to take them at UAB. Hurrah. Anyway, I have to go now, The Craft is on and I haven't really seen it since the 7th grade. I think I'm gonna watch it. I'll be around.

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New shoes!
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 2:31 pm
The Pumas are my birthday shoes, and the Nikes are my "I'm sorry I cheated on you Emily, will you ever forgive me, I know how much you love shoes" shoes.

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Since I can't go to the Forums for some reason...
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 2:21 pm
I decided to put my lookalike entries on my page. Skeletor and Kevin Bacon. How original!

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I want...
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 1:56 pm
A size 4 pair of Levi's low cut, boot cut jeans Phil. Give them to me.

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Tuesday, 7/22/03 - 7:39 pm
I'm about to go get some new pants. I hope you're jealous, because they're quite cool, these pants I'm about to purchase.

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