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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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People stay off of things that are expensive!
Sunday, March 5, 2006
I am sick of telling ppl to stay off things that cost a lot to replace like my PS2 or my laptop! I don't mind my old computer b/c it's old but stay off my laptop and PS2 especially! My laptop is irreplacable! I think my cousin sent a virus onto my computer. I unplugged my PS2 so that no one can break it. And it is also simple to stay outta my room! My cousin didn't knock before entering while my other 2 younger cousin kept trying to open my door when it is closed for a reason! And he's currently crying outside my room in the basement. My dad gave me and my sister the basement and everyone is invading my space! The only reason I moved to the basement is so I can be independent and to get some privacy when my relatives moves in! I can't get any privacy in my room! JUST KEEP OUT OF MY ROOM!!! Unless u got permission, then stay out! I want peace and quiet! I need to think but now I can't. Especially my 8 year old cousin who drives me insane!!!! He keeps trying to get into my room. I never went into his room b/c I want to let them have some space and privacy. I want the same thing! Peace, quiet, space and privacy!!!! HOW HARD IS THAT?! I hate when my baby cousin is too stubborn!!! Even though babies tend to be stubborn a lot, but he refuses to leave my territory!!!

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Saturday, March 4, 2006
I finally got my paycheck for Dairy Queen but I aint working there no more! I got my old job at the theatres back. The manager told me to call her in the summer time but I'm not. I purposly deleted her number to prevent calling her. I aint working there no more after how she critized me in a bad way. My old boss was there and I asked him if I can get my job back and he said yes and I start again next week! I'm finally back to my old job. I just gotta give him a call.

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Friday, March 3, 2006
I am trying to download AIM onto my laptop and it's taking forever!! This is why I hate dial-up! It only downloaded 9%! JEEZ! This is soo boring and more boring. Not much happened this week except for try-outs for spring season. I have returned as the manager for the guys team again and this time I'm also manager for Co-ed so no stealing my spot. I called it! My nails is preventing me from typing well. I'm surprised that for once Susan never talked to me for days! That's a new record! I just got this laptop on Wednesday and I only touched it twice and I love it!! I still got like 85% left til it finish downloading. As I heard, many ppl who tried out for Co-ed volleyball, quit after the first day b/c of Greene's torture. All I have to say is deal with it. Season goes by quick! And it is very quick. Mr. Greene's way of coaching aint bad. His workouts are very useful in the future. I don't see why Lex is complaining about his workout. I mean Lex was on the JV team and Greene was the coach. Sheesh! Don't fuss over it! JV players been through this and we've complanined and was the same way as the co-ed team is in now. We gotten used to it so, for JV players, it shouldn't be such a big surprise! Greene will torture u ppl more if u constantly complain. I ran an extra suicide backward and that is "not as bad as 4 suicide"? Which is worst, running an extra suicide (forgot how many it was) backward or running 4 suicides forward? This is why being the manager is the best! I get to watch them suffer. Here's my tip: "U got urself into this, u get urself out". U don't walk out in the middle of a big war. U gotta fight it til the end. Quitting is like walking out in the middle of a big war. I am freezing right now!!! Right now I have like 70% left. I never gave up, even though I came close to quitting, but I kept on going b/c I wanted to finish what I started. So no complaining co-ed! I am gonna find something else to do before I go nuts talking about how stupid it is to complain when u signed up for it in the first place.

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All ALONE in the basement
Sunday, February 26, 2006
yes I'm all alone in my new room. Since my relatives came yesterday, I feel all left out. That's why I'm upset now. I get lonely all the time. Parents better not complain that I'm throwing an attitude at them. I should let them figure things out themselves. No one bothered to care about me so I figured to teach them a lesson, I'm gonna not come home one night and not answer my phone. Although I have to think about warning the poilice first and alerting some ppl but ppl know that I don't have the guts to do that. See all they're doing is yaking while I purposely hog the phone line. It's freezing in the basement. Earlier, I was showing signs of trying to get attention by none other than throw an attitude problem. I refused to eat, I didn't want to drink anything and I didn't care about anything. If parents weren't so busy with leaving me out, then they shoulda known. I'm all alone and no one cares. I'm so unloved by everyone.

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This world stinks!
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
This world stinks! I am very stressed out from school, work and home. U obviously already know my issue at work. I just forgot to do my math homework and I attempted my math homework yesterday and I come back the next day with the teacher bitching at me! When I got home, I got bitched at b/c I came home late and then I get yelled at b/c Mom told me to put my boxes under the bed and now dad yells at me! I'm already in enough stress, I don't need anymore! I see how this world think I'm a useless piece of crap. I'm not saying this to get attention. I don't know what am I gonna do with the rest of life. I just need to think about it for a long time and see where this path is taking me. I don't know who am I or what am I doing here. I dunno what to do. Life just stinks and sucks! I'm hungry by the way even though I ate like a slice of a chocolate mousse pie. very good! And plus it was the cheapest thing I can afford at White Flint Mall. Now I want some Key Lime Pie. I'm gonna go out and buy a slice for $2.95. ummm...pie!! O well if u wanna talk to me just leave a messege and I'll be right back after I get pie. And u ppl who cause all these stress, just leave me alone with my pie!

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Boring weekend
Monday, February 20, 2006
I didn't get to work this weekend b/c the manager at my new and current job called me slow!!!! She said that she didn't have a schedule for me!!! Why don't she just tell me that she don't want me to work there or at least fire me b/c I'm slow! I'm naturally slow and I just came out from a slow enviroment and she said that she's been training me for 3 weeks and I don't understand anything. Correction: I've only been there for three days not 3 weeks. There's a huge difference between 3 weeks and 3 days. I worked only one day a week for 3 weeks which equals to three days!!!!!! That is not 3 weeks!!! Anywaz, Jessi's birthday is 2morrow and I'm gonna find someday this week to get her present at Bulid A Bear. I'm gonna quit that stupid job at Dairy Queen b/c it sucks!! I know I'm slow and I need time to practice b/c I've only been there for 3 days! I need to practice and time! I repeat, I need to practice and time!!! Anywaz, I'm enjoying the time in my new room! It's much bigger and it's the basement. I'm gonna take that time to relax.

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