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*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
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3rd year anniversary
Friday. 5.6.10 11:05 am
Today marks 3 years from the day Fernando and I said 'I do' and I can't believe it. We have been together for 6 years. And known each other for 13 years. He is my best friend, the one that makes me feel warm and fuzzy and the father to my babies. I really can't believe what we have achieved in these 3 years together that I could not do alone. Raise a beautiful daughter, build a house, graduate together and now expecting a baby boy. It is all too perfect...and I'm thankful for everyday I have with him. We still have our challenges and struggles as a couple as every marriage does, but I can tell him anything and we talk so openly and have lots of laughs which makes life so much easier and we learn about each other. When we struggle we do it together and think of ways to overcome those hurdles...we can both lean on each other for endless support. I look forward to more years of fun times and growing old together :)

Some people follow the tradition of buying anniversary presents, but we are quite content just having a nice quiet night out for dinner. I read online that the 3rd wedding gift is usually leather...I guess you could go with tradition and be creative with the theme, but leather is expensive hehe. We did however go to a posh restaurant in South Perth called Palais where we indulged in gourmet Australian food, eg. lobster, angus beef and dessert that looked more like piece of art on a plate! It has been a while since we 'fine dined', as we usually dine at Nandos for special nights :) I am glad we did it because we had a chance to have 'adult' conversation, as my parents were babysitting Sofia. Grandparents are great, dunno what we would do without their help. That is another thing that keeps a marriage happy, the outer circle of family who support the couple.

It was a work night so we had to eat dinner and then go home and sleep. I'm sure it is the same for every couple with kids hehe...

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Margaret River HideAway
Friday. 5.7.10 10:34 pm

I planned this trip to Margaret River as an escape before the new baby arrives. It is some quiet time away from the city, surrounded by nature and tranquil scenes and fresh air. Fernando, Sofia and I took at least 5 days away from the hustle and bustle to relax. I wish I was back there again! This time I didn't miss going back to surburbia, I loved the country life...and even considered maybe one day buying my own bit of land there amongst the forests.

The trip to Margaret river was shortened with the new Forrest Hwy, our last trip it took us almost 5 hours but now it takes 3. My parents joined us for the first 2 nights then they had to return to the city for work. It was the road trip of all road trips, this time we borrowed F's parents Land Cruiser 4WD...it made such a difference to our comfortability because the last time we were crammed into our Mazda 2. Also we were a bit more adventurous in taking the gravel trails out to the bush, I don't think the hatchback could have taken that terrain. We came across the Cane Break Pools that was a still lake of fresh water, it was beautiful...the sign invited swimmers but it being so cold and the bottom was difficult to see, it was a bit scary actually!

We stayed at Margaret River Hideaway which was a farm stay. It is not your typical farmstay where you live in crappy cottages, but it was more like 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom units with modern interior, bar, barbeque and fireplace. I loved it! The nights were fairly chilly and the days were nice and sunny. We received a complimentary red wine but I was unable to drink... :( We did visit one winery, Xanadu which is well known in the region to sell great wine. So we purchased a bottle of Xanadu fortified wine and Semillion Blanc. Can't wait to crack them open, but it will be 1.5 years from now because of the breastfeeding that will follow! Sofia was enjoying herself immensely, she experienced a lot on the farm and braved the hungry sheep and chickens that followed her when she held food in her hand. She is definitely an outdoorsy girl...

I was sad to leave, I wanted a longer holiday! I didn't like returning to work after reaching the level of relaxation I did...it would just be undone again *sniff*. I ate a bit too much I think and now my belly has increased in size. My OB tells me my baby is going to reach 7 pounds! A big diff from Sofia's 5.7 pounds. Oh well I had prepared myself that second is gonna be a big one...plus boys are bigger? I felt really well on the road trip, I wasn't too tired and was able to walk quite a distance. I am surprised how well this pregnancy is going! I guess I wasn't as stressed out as last time when I had to plan a wedding and all lol.

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Lovin the smelly stuff
Sunday. 4.18.10 12:45 pm
Since being pregnant the second time round I have found myself drawn to organics and alternative therapies for delivery. Last time I had used the gas and felt really light headed and didn't have the strength to 'push', also I felt it had affected my ability to focus mentally on the task at hand and also caused me a lot of anxiety! I hope this time it will be much easier with the help of aromatherapy and meditation or visualisation.

I know it may sound a bit hippy and I should just say yes to the epidural or the drugs...but I really want to have a good experience before and after the birth. A lady at work has kindly put together an 'exhaustion' blend for me which I can use with an oil diffuser. It has grapefruit, mandarin and jasmine essential oils...and smells so yummy! Smells can be so relaxing, calming and in a way it zones you out and takes you to a clearer state of mind. Another blend is the 'delivery' blend which includes lavendar, geranium, neroli and clary sage. I have to stay away from certain oils as some can actually bring on premature labour!

I have also come across the new organics range on the bloom website (http://www.bloomcosmetics.com/PRODUCTS/Organics.aspx). They recently launched an essential oils range, so I am going to purchase a bergamot and geranium one...those are particularly nice. I think I got hooked onto Geranium when I first used the Aesop (http://www.aesop.net.au/odetofourpoets/body_care.html) Geranium Leaf body cleanser. It's fantastic in giving you that uplifting wake up shower in the morning! I find Sofia cuddling up close to me after my shower, just to have a sniff :)

Let's just hope the 'no drugs' technique works...lol! I have also been practising yoga throughout the pregnancy and will probably join a class at the YogaSpace (http://www.yogaspace.com.au) just to see me through. This time I won't be no fool. During Sofia's delivery I was young, naive, pretty easy going, didn't know what to expect...probably thought it was like pushing out a bouncy ball. But it's more like a hard watermelon! hehehe. This time I will be ready ;) Sorry to have scared anyone into going through with pregnancy with my descriptions. But you really don't know what it's like till you go through it!! :)

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going crazy with online shopping
Saturday. 4.10.10 8am
I am absolutely loving my online shopping lately...but my poor credit card is getting a bashing! I have recently come across these sites that heavily reduce branded gear. They sell everthing from kids clothes, shoes, accesories, bags, music players, homewares etc. It really beats going down to the shops and browsing around, fighting the crowds and lining up in queues. I used to enjoy window shopping in my early 20s, but now I just can't be bothered...if I need something I know I can get it online only with the touch of my fingertips.

The thing with these websites though you have to pay a shipping fee, which is always a bit extra that you don't want to pay. In the end, the item and shipping works out much less than 50% of the RRP. So I gotta be happy with that! I'm just such a elcheapo...so any dollar saved satisfies me. When I get friends to sign up under my name I get a voucher to spend...it helps a lot!

Here are my top 3 sites at the moment (check them out & add me):

http://www.Ozsale.com.au/registration.aspx?invitedby=von nation

My recent purchase was an Artex bag for Fernando. He has been applying for graphic design jobs lately and it would be good to look a bit nicer when attending the interviews with this bag. It is his first 'man-bag'...hopefully he likes it.

My new obsession is internet shopping and selling. I have to some way earn back my money to shop more :p What a vicious cycle...

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Doing more than I should...channeling supergirl
Sunday. 3.21.10 7:24 pm
The last week has been tough for me cuz I was still quite sick from my Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, which basically means my throat and nose was infected. Not sure how it happened but I could hardly put a sentence together without then getting a tickle in my throat and coughing my lungs out! I found myself cough-choking on the publc train and I think a few people stepped a foot away from me. Everyone is scared of catching something...even though I was already pass my contagious stage it didn't sound pleasant.

Poor F burnt his arm as well...on the rice cooker steam vent! It looks really hideous, so with him being injured and me being sick and run down the house has been a mess and Sofia has to put up with both of us complaining. Being sick has not stopped me from running around though, I have volunteered for a few too many things at work such as helping to set up Harmony Day luncheon, helping to collect for Radio Lollipop (charity) and also help set up for the office Sundowner on Friday. It is true, it is always the same people who volunteer. I think I better hold back though because I am getting slower at walking around and still need to recover from my infection.

My birthday will also be next week! It is pretty crazy but I am organising that too. I asked F to organise a dinner with my friends, but depending on how well I feel. I have dinner with my family on Monday and I ordered my favourite cake, marble mud from Michel's Pasterie. I will be turning 26! What a scary thought :p I feel as if my 20s are passing by really quickly...maybe cuz now I am expecting baby #2 it feels as it my life is rolling along. I look at Sofia and she is almost 3 years old, I have to enrol her into Kindy soon. GEEZ! Time flies fast, and I want to enjoy these years with my babies whilst I am young. It has got me thinking, should I apply for a promotion...the opportunity has come up again. But I have applied so many times and got knocked back because I never put my whole heart into it. I know I am cannot commit myself to the organisation for these few years...what's the point of them offering me a promo?

On Friday we had free dress for Harmony Day, we had to dress up in our cultural dress or someone elses. Me being the shape I am in at the moment, I couldn't fit into a cheong sam! So I decide to go frenchy, with just some old clothes I had and french braided my hair. I also had a bit of make up on and got a lot of comments at work. I don't usually wear make up to work so some people were shocked at the different look! I only wear makeup on special occasions, but yes I have one of those faces that looks better made up. Especially now, since I have the expectant mother, lethargic appearance. But some are sweet are polite, they say I have that glow! I don't like my appearance when I am pregnant, and I won't be the first woman to admit it. But F reassures me I look fine. What is 'fine' though? hmmm....

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baby is making me sick!
Monday. 3.15.10 8:23 pm
I feel really crap today, the whole weekend I lost my voice and coughed my lungs and eyeballs out. Because when you cough really really hard it does that! Lucky I had strong pelvic muscles cuz I could feel every cough might just make me wanna go to toilet! It sucks not being able to take any medicines, well I also choose not to. So I have to just drink that honey & lemon tea and suck on my strepsils and spray that vicks up my nose. Hope my sinusitis will go away... It was particularly bad at work on Friday when I was trying to talk and continued to get that itchy feeling down my throat. And then a cough so powerful it would choke me! :( The whole weekend I was feeling really down, and couldn't do much..

Oh well.. I just hope being sick doesn't affect the baby. And maybe it is my body trying to fight back and protect the baby. I don't usually get sick that often, I really was proud of my immunity...but I can see how looking after another human being can drain those immunity stores.

Tomorrow will be the first appointment with my obstetrician, so hopefully she will have a lot of good things to say when she checks me out. 20 weeks...I'm half way there!!! Although I am not showing an awful lot, it's funny when I tell people I am growing baby...and they ask me to eat more because they don't see much growing happening!I'll have to take a photo soon, so you can see where I am up to. :)

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