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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

new layout!
Wednesday. 8.13.03 1:47 am
took me forever to get the backround good...its good enuff..ive been doing this with my photoshop thingy forever..well ill keep this for awhile!..its kool..its nice and simple

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man i seriously need to change my layout
Saturday, 8/9/03 - 3:47 pm
ive had it so long ...it looked so kool..now it annoys me..haha...im so lovin my burberry hat..lol..but i cant find a picture to post up..lol..oh well..youlll have to suffer till school..lol..i need a new layout i hate my layout now..ive seen it so much it just annoys me..my kuzzins from canada just got here...im still in chicago..we are going out..somewhere...and then we going shoppin at marshall fields..2o% member discount..ate joyce is mad at me and my sister and dad..bekuz shes onlee seen us like once the whole time she was here..now my ate pott is mad too..well im going to go now..comment me..late

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Saturday, 8/9/03 - 2:45 am
nothing..lol..didnt go wisconisn dells..herd it was alright anyway..went michigan city..which is in INDIANA..lol..my burberry hat that was too small...i decided to keep bekuz the lady that works there sed that itll stretch..and it did..i talked to nicole today..she has the same name as my kuzzin so they wer getting confused lol..going shoppin tomorrow..2o% member discounts from my kuzzin..haha..so kool..imma go now..so tired...im out..later....

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ohh man
Tuesday, 8/5/03 - 10:15 pm
im sick..and it hurts..im coughin like whoa..i caught the "ill" from illinois..awhhww..we posed to go to a concert today ..but we're all sick..well me my mom and kk....we going wisconsin dells friday..yep im still in chitown..its a waterpark..added new writing to mah reading room..so yea..popz lat ahh

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Monday, 8/4/03 - 12:09 am
man im so sore..i went campin yesterday and got back today..owhh im so sore..it was fun tho i had a good time..we were at my aunts parents house..they own 75 acres right by lake pawpaw..in michigan..we drove 2 hours..we jet skied and rode on the jet boat and phantoon[?]..ahah...day before it was my uncles 50th bday party..everyone drank..onlee a few ppl didnt drink..i drank champagne onlee..nothing hard..first time drinkin for me..ahah..i was buzzin whew..ahha..i had like two and a half glases of champagne..first time my 'rents let me drink..it was all good..im sick now..coughin..and im hella dizzy like the house is moving..like im on a boat stil..ahah..damm...at the party they were hella drunk..i was just buzzin..hella buzzin...i was like WHEW..haah..im out..peace out playaz [pop]lat ahh foohlz...imma sleep..immam be hella knocked haha..

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chi town
Monday, 7/28/03 - 5:12 pm
im up in chicago fools..haha..im here wif my cousins..we gotta share the comp..ahaha...well im out,...drop some thoughts..imma change the layout soon..peace

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