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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Cape Coral Centr, FL
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Curiosity killed the cat! But I... am not a cat.
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Monday. 5.10.10 3:11 pm
OK. The next few posts will be poems I wrote this weekend. Let me know, honestly, what you think, please. If it's terrible, tell me. That's how I'll get better. Thanks! (Also, all titles are made up spur of the moment, and are probably worse than the poems themselves. Don't let that discourage you from reading them. lol)

And the drums beat ever faster
(Boom boom-boom boom-boom)
And we all move ever onward
Marching toward our doom

And our hope carries us further
(Boom boom-boom boom-boom)
And a wish of love does spurn us
As the drums go on

Faster, faster, faster still
(Boom boom-boom boom-boom)
And we march toward sure heartbreak
Hoping for a change

And will we ever get our chance
(Boom boom-boom boom-boom)
For a love that defies the odds?
Will we all give up?

And the drums are never ending
(Boom boom-boom boom-boom)
And we all march ever onward
And we are forced to choose.

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I'm going to marry Lee Dewyze.
Tuesday. 4.6.10 11:47 pm
That's really all I need to say. I'm in love with him.

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First line for a book?
Friday. 3.19.10 12:00 pm
Love has the power to make you, sometimes simultaneously, the happiest and most miserable you've ever been.

Edit: I have expanded it to read:

Love has the power to make you, sometimes simultaneously, the happiest and most miserable you've ever been. Anyone who doubts this indisputable fact of life has obviously never been in love. Or, at least, has never had her heart broken.
Pining for lost love, or love not yet gained; wishing for someone, and not just anyone, to come and save you; loving and hating every moment of your existence; feeling your heart's attempts to escape its cage; and never knowing when you will shatter - this is the nature of love.
You cannot control love. Like a spoilt child, love will do as it wishes, and woe to anyone who gets in its way. Love will fight you, clawing and hacking its way to the surface, leaving you a bruised and bloodied, useless hunk of flesh, should you try to suppress it. This is the nature of love.
Laughing for no good reason; feeling whole and pure and safe; knowing you could survive anything; being perfectly understood; and perfectly understanding another - this is also the nature of love.
You cannot help but embrace love. Like a soft, cool breeze on a hot, summer's day, love moves through you, refreshing and revitalizing you. Love will fill you, nourishing and building upon your very best traits, if you let it. This is also the nature of love.
And, sometimes, you will feel both pleasure and pain, both joy and sorrow, both life and death, and you will be grateful for it. Indeed, you will long for it, yearning with your very soul for the misery it brings you. Love can make you despise and cherish everything around you. Of all the gifts and plagues bestowed upon man, love is both best and worst. And that is the true nature of love.

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Mumford and Sons
Monday. 3.15.10 12:47 pm
So, I got Mumford and Sons' CD, Sigh No More, for my birthday, and it is, in my opinion, one of the best CDs ever. I never expected to like music in the folk genre, but they're really good. Their lyrics are possibly my favorite ever. I particularly love the first verse of "White Blank Page:"

"Can you lie next to her and give her your heart?
Your heart, as well as your body?
And can you lie next to her and confess your love?
Your love, as well as your folly?
And can you kneel before the king and say I'm clean?
I'm clean.

Tell me now where was my fault
in loving you with my whole heart."

Plus, their beats are really catchy, and Little Lion Man is potentially one of the best songs ever.

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Friday. 3.12.10 12:34 pm
The weather report says it's supposed to be partly sunny today. It's been raining since 8 last night, and the water on the roads is above my ankles. Exactly what part of that is sunny?

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Edison doesn't like Pell Grants.
Thursday. 1.14.10 3:32 pm
Oh my god. I think I might cry.

I filled out all my Fafsa forms, and found out that I was eligible for a $4600 Pell Grant, 2/3 of which would cover all of my expenses for the entire year at Edison College. After submitting it to the school, there was a mistake filling out a worksheet that went with my fafsa. That one mistake took my Pell Grant COMPLETELY away, and now the school won't give it back to me. What the hell am I supposed to do? Seriously, I would love some advice.

I'm so freakin' stressed right now.

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