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Friday. 3.17.06 3:01 pm
such a warm day again today... i declare the weather NUTS! goodness...

lazyin ard at home... i seriously have no mood to do any work. but i hafta start on my safety assignment this wekend :( better focus... haiz....

mum's goin home tmr :'( *sobz sobz* gotta wake up at 4.30am to get to the airport on time. domestic flight is at 6.30. so gotta get to the aiport b4 5.30. noora's comin over to stay tonight so she can accompany me to the airport n back. might go to mac's for brekkie after mum goes off. heee... :P lalala... :P

i thinkn i might go n try to do some readin... force myself to do it. haiz... can someone motivate me please?!?!?! argh!!!

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a wet day
Thursday. 3.16.06 6:53 pm
yesterday was a cold day... n today a really wet one. wanted to drive to uni today.. went there n realised there was no freakin parkin lot! uni has seriously had an increase in student or either tt pple r apparently gettin richer n so they buy cars. had to go back n ask mum to send me instead. so troublesome!!

anyway... got to uni on time for my induction workshop for the prep work coz of the need to make up reagents n to use some of the machines... anyway all tt's done. BK help me to install the new norton anti-virus on my com :) thanks BK! n michael, the HLS IT guy, help me settle the prob with end note n microsoft word. so all's settled. thanks to michael too!

went for class n got wet. rain rain rain... oh well... heeee.... poor toes was cold! coz i decided to wear slippers... bad choice :S

i can't wait to start playin with the machines for honours... will talk to simon abt tt on mon. dun intend to head into uni tmr. goin to stay home n laze ard.... n start on the assignment i haven't started on yet. hope to finish all my 4 assignments by next week. then i can focus on the other stuff for uni. *fingers crossed*

lalala..... heeee..... ciaoz!

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got work done :)
Wednesday. 3.15.06 5:22 pm
glad to say i got some work done :) went into uni at 9 for my workshop which din take as long as predicted. was finished by 10ish. i so needed a coffee boost after tt... coz i was so so sleepy. think the person givin the workshop had such a gentle voice tt seems like a lullaby. plus it was kinda cold this mornin. think it is time to say hello to boots n covered shoes n bye bye to slippers...

then went to grab some lunch (more like snack) then looked for steve AGAIN abt my assignments. said the poster layout looked better now. now i juz have to wait for dr. lam to get back to me regardin the results for tt patient coz the results dun seem to fit the diagnostic criteria.. oh well...

touched up a bit on the poster. left a fairly big-ish space (to me at least) for the table of results. n did the ppt for the quality case. almost finished it. need to touch up a bit here n there on tt. n add some more stuff to the supporting document for tt.

have to start on the safety assignment by the end of this week so tt i can start playin with my machines :) actually i have to convince simon abt tt first.. hee... but dun think tt will b a prob. will do the touch up on the QC case tonight then let steve see it again tmr. then i'll b safe to say tt i would have competed 2 3/4 out of 4 assignments. then convince simon. yeah yeah! coz i got to start my literature review sometime soon. hm....in a good mood now coz i m on schedule. planned to do 1 assignment a week. yipee! *hops ard in joy*

but honestly i think i need help for the safety assignment. assignment criteria dun make much sense to me at the moment. look for steve again. heee... after i finish these 3 ppt n handed it in to him.

i'm lookin forward to sat coz i get to talk to my babe! :) but i'll b missin my mum terribly when she goes back then :(

oh well... got some induction program to go to tmr at 10.. so wakin up early again. *yawnz* goin to sleep after OC. heee....

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Tuesday. 3.14.06 5:09 pm
right... i hate this uni i tell u.... they finally sent the new fees invoice to me... at bloody 4pm.. and when it is due? TODAY!? stupid stupid stupid! ridiculous. had to rush down to the post office to pay the bill. luckily it was still open. but still... i went to uni this mornin n went by the student admin to check... n they said it still wasn't out... argh! i hate this stupid uni... they r just too slow with everything. too slow. everytime it is just "it will b soon, hopefully by the end of the week" pissed off...

oh well.. enough of the ranting. went to look for steve regarding the 2 assignments i m doin at the moment. the one for verbal presentation is done :) he said it looked really good. but i need some help regarding a diagram in it.. so e-mailed a fella in hobart abt it. n the poster.. he said things din have to b in full sentences n stuff. showed me how i could cut stuff down. i m stunned! i have more space now! yipee! left the table of results to put in now. it looks alright. but i might see him again when i've completed it to see what he thinks abt it. n the poster size is 100cm C 100 - 140cm! goodie! even moe space :D i'm smilin now... hehe... might do some work on the quality case tonight.

got some help from a flow cytoemtrist for hobart regarding my presentation. he's really helpful :) managed to vaguely understand the whole thing. he'll b comin down in week 10 of semester. so might set a time to meet with him to understand it even more. in the mean time i'll just bombard him with questions thru e-mail. heee...

went to look for simon as well. asked him when i could start playin ard with my machines.. he said when he is sure i'm on top of things in terms of my assignments. so since i've finished one. n almost completed another.. n then 2 more. started a little bit on the 3rd one as well. so mayb next week perhaps :) we'll see, we'll see... -grinz-

i'm tired now.. got to go into uni at 9 for a workshop tmr *yawnz* which means wakin up at 7.15. so gonna sleep early. after i watch CSI and medical incredicle... hehe :P so tt will b ard 11pm. yup yup!

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public holiday
Monday, March 13, 2006
a public holiday today! n a nice day too. finally behavin like autumn... cool, windy but still sunny. but it's too early to say. it is unpredictable. noora's bro said it is snowing in china! wat kinda spring is tt??

gonna get some journal readings done today. hopefully i would *ponders* i keep gettin woken up early coz of the hot hot australian sun streamin thru the curtains. not good. i need my beauty sleep thank u.

got to look for steve/dale tmr.. i so need help for my presentation stuff... i can't fit all the info i have to onto a 100cmX100cm poster. too little space. first of all font size has to b like 40. wtf! sianz. no teachin tmr. so tt's good :) oh hope my fees invoice comes in tmr too.

sianz.... back to the books...

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another hot day
Friday. 3.10.06 3:35 pm
it's another hot day... n it's gearin up for a hot weekend... oh well... i'm goin to hibernate in the house n get some work done. such a good girl tt i m. hahaha!! ya right... *rolls eyes*

oh well... finally got all my keys. YIPEE!!!! *jumps for joy* but... no fees invoice yet. went in to see the studen admin just now... they said mayb it's coz of the fire in hobart tt's y there's a delay in the generation of the fees invoice. so we'll see.. it better b out by the middle of next week.

monday is a public hol... no diff for me... more work n readings to b done. tuesday is good :) i dun have to teach. coz of the change in the schedule as monday is a public hol n the monday prac gp can't do their prac if there is no change in the schedule. so shufle shuffle. simon said it isn't necessary for me to go to the class coz it is more of a web-based thing. yeah! get to sleep in. hehe...

mum's goin back next sat... :( haiz... back to being alone in the house... too quiet. no one to talk rubbish to at all times of the day... oh well.. get used to it marissa!

hmm... better get back to work... b4 dinner n movie tonight. the lizzie mcguire movie is on. so better get some work done b4 tt. :)

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