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This is a call to all my past resignations. It's been too long
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Check back soon
Sunday. 12.10.06 7:17 pm
Who votes for strippers at this party on tommorrow night? Just need to know how many of are planning to attend. :P

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Wow, I leave and more money appears. O_O!
Saturday. 12.9.06 6:39 pm
Nutang, you guys are just getting stranger. I have done nothing in like four days and now the whole site is alive with money. wehhh! Anywho this week has been intresting. My dad and I were driving on the expressway and my brakes cut when we were decelerating. Try using the parking brake to deccelerate, not too fun. :) Also, went all over town to buy the perfect christmas presents, wish i would of found nutang in july when time was abundant so i could of knew you guys more. Happy Holidays nutang BTW. My grandpa died. This week was action packed. Oh, and I went to my friend's swim meet. I have a paper due on tuesday. My parents leave monday night. What else...hmmm. I dunno maybe tommorrow another myserious posting? Qui?

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PAtience is painful
Monday. 12.4.06 5:44 pm
mood: bored, and frustrated
listening to: the drone of the computer
watching: nothing. :(
While I await my nutang friends, my drivers education drive #6 the final one has now been rescheduled twice. I will be finding out the final date tommorrow. <_< The guy called in sick on me and now the weather is all snowy, which is great for looking but bad for driving. However, feel safe. I shall not hit your car by erhm accident yet. So what else are you guys up to? I like the interaction on here a lot. :D

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I am bored...
Sunday. 12.3.06 7:10 pm
I dunno how you guys hold the patience to get the money out of blogging. I mean it takes soooo long.

However, I have done some really cool stuff this week. My D.E. teacher was stupid so meh. And I put up my x-mas tree. I didn't want to because it was too much work but hey you gotta do what your parents want. I will update more when something interesting happens.

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My un-normal entry.
Friday. 12.1.06 6:25 pm
Yes, I am infrequently checking in here. Golly, my GF has broken up with me, my life is going insane.. AHHH nutang. :D Gotta check some pages. Glad to be back occassionally more. :)

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I am going to take a leave of absence.
Monday. 11.27.06 4:25 pm
Life is busy and shtuff. I will be taking a leave of absence for two weeks. I will miss all of you guys. See you soon when i get back. :(

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