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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Hello Kitty
Monday. 2.13.06 5:26 am
I find "Target" suddenly got a lot of Hello Kitty electric equairments, dvd player, radio, head diseman, 'piano' CD player, 'handbag' radio, mini radio, clock, and mouse pad. I wish I have all of them, but I bought Hello Kitty radio yesterday, and I dvd player today.

And I went to Coles Supermarket this afternoon, after I played around with my hello kitty dvd player. I bought some rice, bread, corns and chcoclate, it was funny that they run out of plactic bags, so they gave me a big paper bag. Natalie said I should go down and buy again, so I can have another paper bag, but I have nothing to buy, and the paper bag aren't that good to use. I took picture with the paper bag, because I don't think I'll have another one, and this is my first time to see supermarket run out of bags.

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Strawberry Farm
Wesnerday. 1.18.06 11:17 pm
It was my first time to pick fresh strawberries, [fresh] is so different to those bought from Market. Although strawberries from market are red, but not sweet as fresh. Fresh strawberries are sweet, whatever their sizes and colours ... I like strawberry!

It wasn't easy to go, it took one hour bus, and one hour back. $2 entry fee, and $6 per Kg if you want to take away strawberries (no one knows if you just take them away, though. People who drive to the fram, could took the strawberries to their car directly after they picked, and they don't need to pay.) Well, Adelaide people are honest.

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Heighs Chocolate is really good!
Tuesday. 1.17.06 11:06 pm
We visited Heighs Chocolate Factory today, sure they aren't looks like the one in 'Chalie and Chocolate Factory', although no little men inside, their chocolate are all hand made, and taste very good. They learnt the method from the other family of Chocolate - Lindt. Lindt is my favourite, and now Heights too. I especially like the 85% and 99% dark chocolate from Lindt, they are the real taste of chocolate.

We took bus to city and changed another bus to Adelaide Zoo, and the Zoo is just behind my university. However Adelaide city is surrounded by Parks, and large parks, therefore bus is a good idea, I guess it will take half hours by foot.

The animal are cute, we saw penguin, I love to see penguin, especially after watched movie 'The Empire's Journary'. I couldn't take pic for Tigers and Lion, it was too hot (for every ceatures), so Lion was hiding somewhere, and Tiger was having its afternoon tea, not free to walk around.

I forgot the Quanta's studnet card has discount to Adelaide Zoo, but next time I can use my University student card.

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Glenelg Beach - the first point to access Australia
Sunday. 1.15.06 10:29 pm
We get up early this morning. Then we had brunch and bought out first DAY TRIP TICKETS on the bus, yeah! This day trip ticket allows you to go around adelaide for the whole day, and it is only $6.5. Well, it is cheap (especially compare to Sydney), because it is too hot, none of us want to walk from home to city. And a 2 sections ticket cost $2, and a tickets from city to Glenelg cost $3.5, if we can come back within 2 hours then we don't need to buy another ticket. We don't think we can, althoguh the weather was bad today.

The Glanelg tram is the old style, they do have a new air-conditioning tram, but every three tram and there is a new one. We like the old one! Oh, no no no, it should be I like the old one! We took the old one, as we don't want to wait long for the new tram, and my family don't mind to take the old one either.

We were surprised to the tram running fast, it is totally different to the old-slowly-tram as running HK, it took only half hour to glenelg. We passed a suburb called black forest, but there was nothing special, couldn't see any shops closed to tram stations, maybe located at other side.

The first thing we saw after we off the tram was the large ocean, and old buildings. There was not much people today, it must be the weather. We took some pictures before we walked close to the sea, and the sea is so pretty, and mighty. The city council done a good job, they builded up a bridge from the beach to sea, so you can 'walk on' the sea. At a moment, i felt so closed to south pole, I have never ever been this close to any pole.

Dad was always thought about the osysters that he tried in Sydney, so he was very concerned any osysters can eat in Glenelg. Sorry dad!!! This is not a fish market, even though it closed to the sea. However we find a shop sell fried osysters and other seafoods, we stayed there for long, because it tasted good, and there was raining outside, and we were hungry.

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find a place to live
Saturday. 1.14.06 10:06 pm
Mum was worried that I couldn't find a flat, because there are not much high-rise building in the city, and we don't know any other place in Adelaide. I heard that when she told Natalie this, when they thought I was sleeping, but I actually awake.

Dad suggested me (actually not suggested, they decided already) to ask school accommodation centre to book the hostel or something, and i said that I dislike to live in school hostel as I hate to share, even bathroom and kitchen. And I have all those stuffs keeping in the storage of Sydney, how could I move in hostel with them? And Dad said buy some other here first, and once i find accommodation, you can moved them over. Well, dad, I told you, luckily this is just a suggestion, if I really buy those things again because of living in school hostel, you definately will not happy and say I am wasting money.

Anyway when I look up on newspaper, there was apartment to rent in the city and it is a studio, so I quickly made call, and made appointment to inspection. And then I decided to rent that, because it located in city, I can take the free buses to school. There were some otehr apartments to rent on newspaper, one was located at [black forest], i was attracted by this surburd's name, and phoned to a woman. However, as i've find this studio, so i don't have chance to visit black forest.

We walked around the city, becasue it was 3pm and the weather was bad, we had no where to go. So we back home at night and I find removalist to move stuffs from Sydney to Adelaide, and we can start to plan all our journey.

Everyone is relaxed for finding a place to settle, finally!

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getting around
Friday. 1.13.06 10:01 pm
I wake up before noon, had the same chicken as yesterday night with bread and butter for bunch. We had a busy day, because we started to look for apartment. We went to city first, when were at Victoria square, Natalie said we should walk along to King William Street to city centre, there is where the Mall located. Wahahaha ¡K Yesterday, Natalie brought us to Chinatown and Central market, I thought that was the city centre, and I started to worry, since everyone said Adelaide is small, and would it be this small. Anyway, we visited the travel centre to see where we can find real estate, but they told us there were none, and we should go to the real estate located at the suburb that we want to live. So, I told them that I want to live in the city, but they kept telling me that I need to go to real estate located at that suburb. I wonder they are machine instead of real people, so they can only repeat the modal answer. Please!! Listen!!!


We went to international student centre at university to seek help of finding real estate, they refer us to go to accommodation centre. The staffs at accommodation centre gave us Yellow page to find by ourselves, I wrote down the address but not the phone no, because my experience in Sydney was go to the agency for the property list firectly. However, I found I should make call after walking the whole afternoon.

We back home for rest and then went to supermarket. I couldn¡¦t remember what we ate at night. Because this dairy is written two weeks after.

The bulidings and evironments of University are really nice!

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