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A little bit about me...

Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
School. Other
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I have...
Sunday. 8.3.08 12:07 am
Breaking Dawn...and I've already read 100 pages...and I'm going to go read some more.

Okay...that's all I wanted to say about that.

Continue my moving tomorrow...at a sloth-like pace. Didn't really do any moving today (even though we should have). We have access to a truck tomorrow, so the big furniture is going over there...then it's CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN once we get the stuff over to the place.

Okay...reading it is...and then sleeping...and then waking up.

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I hate lying...
Friday. 8.1.08 9:43 am
Last night, I wavered back and forth between calling in and not going to work...or just going and rushing around at home. I think I deliberated for about an hour before I decided that I was just going to call in.

I hate lying about it because I'm always at work, rain or shine, sick or not...I'm there. BUT...I really need today to go to Greg's doctor's appointment, get things situated with where I'm moving, possibly try to get some things moved over there today. I just can't afford to not get on the ball...so I just sucked it up and called in.

GRANTED...when I do go back to work after I'm done moving, I'm going to try and work as much overtime as possible. I need to the extra money, the overtime is ALWAYS available...so it shouldn't be an issue.

Um yeah...Breaking Dawn can be purchased at midnight tonight/tomorrow morning (however you want to view it). I was going to go to the release, but Greg's old enough that if we take him anywhere, he's going to stay up and be disturbed...and get bored...and run around like a mad child. Last year when Harry Potter came out, he was just old enough that we could dump him in the stroller, walk around, and he'd pass out. This is an entire year later and he's so much more independent...and so much more irritable. SO, taking him is out of the question. Brian would have had to stay home and watch Greg while I go to the book release by myself (which I don't really want to do).

Another problem is that last year, at Harry Potter, I was standing in line waiting for my book with my green bracelet on (the 3rd wave of people or something) and I see my boss go through the store (with her blue bracelet...1st wave of people)...I was so shocked that she was there. I had no clue she liked Harry Potter...and well, I have no clue if she likes the Twilight books. After calling in today, I really don't want to chance seeing her later on this evening. I would be mortified!

SO...I think I'll just stop by tomorrow morning and grab it.

Okay...I think that's long enough for now. I'll catch you later.

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Today was eh...
Monday. 7.28.08 11:49 pm
My grandpa died this morning at about 3am PST. My mom text messaged me to let me know that he passed and that he was now at peace. I wasn't that close to my grandpa, but it really sucks that he's gone. I know that he is probably in a better place now because toward the end, he was in extreme pain. For the past few years, he's been suffering from chronic pain and had a morphine patch as well as other pain pills that he was taking on top of that. I'm sure none of which completely relieved the pain, so I guess, in a way, I am glad that he has passed. At least he is no longer suffering.

I said my goodbye's to him a few weeks ago when I went to Seattle. It was sad to see him the way that he was and it wasn't exactly how I wanted to remember my grandpa, but it was what it was. When we were leaving, he told us "Come back and visit me soon." Sadly, I knew that that was not going to happen, but if he believed that...it was okay.

He is going to be cremated and my mom's family is going to spread him in the hills in Idaho (where he wanted). He was a farm guy...and he wanted to be left where he loved the most. He loved being in the hills and that's where he'll finally be. They're going to have a memorial set up for him in the Black Hills in South Dakota. That is always where he wanted a marker to be. That is much closer to me and I will go visit when everything is set up.

He's my first grandparent to pass and it really makes me wish that Greg's relationship with my family isn't like my relationship was with my grandpa. My grandpa lived in Idaho for as long as I could remember. We would drive 9 hours from Seattle at least once or twice a year to go visit him in the summer. All I can remember about these car trips is that they were long, boring, hot...all to go to this deserted town in the middle of nowhere Idaho. My grandpa's house had nothing. It was a dirt field...no shade, nothing to do...BORING for a young kid. Yet, there were things that we enjoyed doing there. He always let us run in the sprinkler, play in his garden, feed his horses, and get the chicken eggs. There was this one time where my brother and I were in the chicken house getting the eggs and there was this chicken sitting on her eggs and she WOULD NOT get off them for nothing. We'd try to reach in there and grab her eggs, but she'd just peck at us and Tim and I whined about it. My grandpa came in there and was like, "You just have to get in there and grab 'em" and two seconds later, he had eggs...no chicken pecks or nothing. Another time, we went fishing down by the river with my mom's half brother (I guess, my uncle...but we never saw him). My brother and I caught catfish and we were so happy that we caught a fish. We brought them up and my grandpa goes "You gonna gut 'em?" I remember thinking...that's soooo gross! He was mad at us for wanting to go fishing and not finish the job, but he prepped our fish anyway.


Anyway...I'm going to go to bed now. It's not late, but I'm just not in the mood to stay up any longer.

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My Twilight 2 cents...
Sunday. 7.27.08 11:28 pm
Okay...I'm starting to feel alone in this whole thing. I'm always seeing TONS and TONS of Edward fans...but never anyone for Jacob. Why is that? I have dreams at night about Jacob (okay, call me weird)...but they never really involve me. Just me...from above...watching him sleep. Is that creepy or what?

I don't necessarily think he's the best choice for Bella (he's too good for her), but he's the perfect guy (in my opinion)...

Damn...I'm getting so excited for this book to come out this weekend. Got my book reserved, going to the midnight release party, and then I'll try and read the book as fast as I possibly can. I'm, unfortunately, moving this weekend *crosses fingers* so I don't know what I'm going to have time.

PLEASE let me know if I'm not the only Jacob fan out there. Then again, if I'm the only Jacob fan...more Jacob for me :)

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For your viewing pleasure...
Monday. 7.7.08 1:57 am
Greg...coloring and dancing (Drum Line was playing in the background). Yes, I know my carpet is nasty (you don't need to point it out)...we'll be steam cleaning it before we move (not that it'll help).

Also note that he already dances like a white person. He has no rhythm and he puts his arms up in the air for no apparent reason. Not sure if he's trying to imitate the drummers on TV or just being a little white boy with no rhythm.

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I hate packing!
Sunday. 7.6.08 4:42 pm
I'm packing to move...but my lease isn't up until the 9th of August. I want to make sure that we're good and ready to go by then. Since it's mostly just me packing, I want to make sure that I am all packed and ready to go by at least the 1st.

You don't realize how much shit you have until you start packing. I hate the fact that we're (I) am so disorganized. I hate the fact that Greg has to live in a giant disorganized mess. I'm promising Greg (and myself) that I will never let it get this way AGAIN. I can't really speak for Brian because he never does what I ask him, he's not really helping me pack, and he's basically all talk and now show. He says he'll do something...and then it never happens. At this point, I've completely given up. He can do whatever he wants...Greg and I will do our own thing...Brian can have his own, messed up crap space outside (if we get this new place). If he wants to be lazy and trash something, he can trash the utility shed full of his shit. I don't want to see it anymore. I'm so disgusted.

Anyway, back to cleaning...and packing.

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A Morning update...
Wednesday. 7.2.08 9:07 am
because we haven't seen one of these in a few years (haha).

I thought about coming to update in the morning for quite some time, but have never really gotten around to doing it. It's not that I wouldn't have time to do it, I was just lazy and all.

We're moving out of our apartment in the next month. I've been hoarding boxes from work to pack our stuff up in. Brian's dad said he would not help us in the future if we did not pack...so, I'm making sure we pack this time. Greg stayed over at Brian's parents last night, so we would have plenty of time without Greg to come and pack and clean-up. WELL...Brian conveniently went into work to where he'd get off at 7:30...get home at 8. That's a load of shit. Not only that, he didn't even drive to work...so I would have had to go pick him up! He claims that the Jetta doesn't work...but when I asked him last night if it was drivable, he said moderately. I think he said that because he knew that if he said you could drive it, I'd leave the good car and drive the Jetta. Honestly, if it still drives...I'll drive the damn thing until it breaks down on the side of the road. Anyway, I ended up having a friend of mine from work drive me home. We went and dropped the car off at Brian's work and she drove me home. When I got home, I immediately got to cleaning the living room, packing up all of Greg's toys (honestly, he probably only needs a few of them...but he has about a few hundred of them). I threw those in boxes. I cleaned up Greg's bookshelf and took it down, threw away all the garbage that Brian was too lazy to pick up since he was only not working for almost a month. Cleaned up around Apollo's cage and ran the vacuum. Now Greg will have a nice open area to run around in, clutter free, with 2 big rubber balls and his Little People car garage.

Mind you, about 2 hours has elapsed. I'm working my ass off, took 5 bags of trash out, packed about 5 boxes...it's looking great. Brian comes home, looks in the living room, immediately goes down and sits at his desk and states "Oh, I'll clean the kitchen." It gets to be about 10:30, Brian has still not gotten up to clean the kitchen. I asked him when he was going to take the garbage out, he said he'd do it last night or this morning (I jokingly say...or when I get home from work). I get up this morning, kitchen looks like a gigantic trash heap, hasn't even been touched, all the garbage bags are still there...the dishes are spilling out of the sink. Nothing got touched last night. He did, however, have time to go take a bath last night. He put the bin for Greg's lego's that I had put in the bath tub on my bath mat (I had put the lego bin in the bath tub because it had BBQ sauce on the bottom so I could wash it off)...so now my bath mat has BBQ sauce on it. Heaven forbid Brian lift a finger to clean something that belongs to me...

Game plan tonight...go pick up Greg, start packing up Greg's room with all his clothes, start stock-piling boxes in Greg's room since he doesn't play in there. It just irritates me when I go to work all day, get bitched at at work all day, come home slave all night, and he doesn't even help me. What a fucking slap in the face. I'm not his mommy...and I don't feel that I need to be his mommy. He needs to start taking responsibility for some of his stuff and GROW UP.

Ahh...finally said it.

In lighter news (I know, this is getting long), I'm leaving for Seattle next Wednesday night. I'll be there until the 14th and then I'm coming home. My grandfather's dying and this will probably be the last time I get to see him alive. I would rather go out and see him alive than go out for his funeral where he's already dead. Spend about 5 days out there and then come home and go back to the grind. Brian will have 5 days of me being gone to clean up and pack by himself. If he can't do that while I'm gone, I'm seriously considering why he's even there at all...(ugh, sorry...back on the old topic).

I'll catch you all later!

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Happy Birthday to me...
Thursday. 6.26.08 1:13 am
happy birthday to me...

happy birthday to meeeee.....................

happy birthday to me!!!

Okay...I'm doing nothing for my 24th birthday. I'm going to go to work, work some overtime (not because I want to, but because I have to)...and then come home and probably go to sleep.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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